Episode 8: Attack of the fursona

A prolong interaction between Hajime and Berg. Just feeding my soul. Joe eating a Big bag of shut the fuck up dick corn flacks. With a side of this is mostly your fault and I told you so.

Hajime cracks into Tusbasa a little this episode, really asking if she was around Gel all the time. Which is a clear lie, hell even later in the episode. It shows Gel being alone, Tusbasa leaving from different area without him. She not watching him, she too busy on saying she is to actually be doing it.

Then she has the balls to say Gel chan is my sweet little brother. When Hajime say she not really looking at him. She blinded by the fake little cute boy from before. An hell some of the shit she says is not brother and sister friendly.

She is so fucking blind it unbelievable, that its clear these monster. Or kuu, are really dangerous. When they act really weird when approaching, people with different emotions.

When they touch on normal civilians, they begin to melt/feel warm, reminding me way to much of a drug- a sedative really. . Rui was taken out without a problem. Which is kinda annoying but, really Rui was under an lot of stress and was probably looking for a escape.

But! Again its like a drug it wasn’t normal the way Rui was surround. How she was just kinda dozing off. With X yelling for him to get up, snap out of it. Which is really sad, and to top it off with rui saying “ I became an ape after all. ”

Even more scary is how it finally happen. They are taking the people who are different and they are eating them. Suck a big dick Joe you dumbass. The kuu now saying we became one. An all these hint at something bad would have happen if you continued to be different. An bam it happen.

Next i wanna foucs on Berg for a bit, because he played an important part, this ep. He begins this game with Hajime chan, which this is not uncommon. This is what he did with her during the last few eps of season one.

This game he begins is getting Hajime to figure out, what is Gel chan really is/doing/to jj riddle which really all connects to gel. He gives a really big hint.

“Its something I like a lot but, Gelgel freak likes it a thousand times more.”

Hajime chan of course at the ends answers; the beast is not Gel. Its these new things ‘Kuu.“

But she didn’t answer Berg riddle, "It is something I like/favorite but this gel gel freak like a thousand times more.” An breaking down Berg character what does he like.

Well season one, it was kissing/stealing other identity’s, manipulation, Hajime chan, violence, mind games, control. Being a all around ass. But i can’t pinpoint the number one thing. It could very well be anything.