✧ . 🌾 Summer Crossquarter Solitary Rituals 🌾 *✧

The Summer Crossquarter is also referred to as Midsummer and in some pagan circles Lammas and or Lughnasadth.
Midsummer is only next week! It is the zenith of Summer (almost metaphorically like a full moon of the season) where it’s at it’s height and it’s hottest but after will begin the steady transition into fall and shorter cooler days. This is also the middle of the year where we start to enter the darker half of the remaining year and we acknowledge what we’ve gained so far (reaping what we sowed) yet seeing what it might take to reach our goals which lies ahead. It’s time to finish projects and enjoy the first harvest of the harvest season! Enjoy the wonderful concert of crickets, the height of summer and the wheat and corn feast. I have a personal correspondences post that might help explain why I chose certain things! (Also here is my personal tag!)

A lot of us witches practice alone and have our own solitary rituals for each sabbat that we observe (or the ones we’ve created just for ourselves that we observe alone!) Like any solitary eclectic witch I do things my own different way but some of these things might line up with others practices.

When I am alone and casting spells a lot of it is visualization/intent so my solitary rituals are more like activities I like to do then specifically casting a spell. If I am doing a spell with an activity based on it a lot would be listening to music to get in the mood and focusing on a candle while visualizing for a period of time! Eves are also important to my celebration as I like to stay up until midnight and cast a spell then!

Midsummer Eve

Monday July 31st 2017

  • Go to a farmers market and support the summer harvest there. If you have a bee farmers tent, support them and buy beeswax carved candles for your ritual and some honey. The farmers market at this time of year will have delicious and many ripe things along with glorious summer flowers.

  • If you have a garden or work with a community garden, give your garden some offerings. Offer it water, crushed eggshells, and your gratitude. If you take things for your feast remember to thank it.

  • Enjoy some snacks while doing crafts like popcorn, wheat crackers, sunflower seeds, fruit gummies, peach rings, potato chips, fries, corn on the cob. 

  • Decorate your Altar and coat it in sunflowers, wheat, things that are bee related, maybe even potato related, corn husks, wheat structures and corn dolls, lazy eyed susans, ivy and beeswax candles. Use the colors that remind you of midsummer and the harvest! I also like to add gold coins or even chocolate coins that are coated in gold foil that symbolizes prosperity and the rewards that come with hard work.

  • As a mixologist I love to make my own infusions and liqueurs and I also think alcohol drunk with intent can be very magical. This time of the year as everything is in season and herbs are at their peak I love to do an infusion with mint and gin or vodka, basil and vodka (most things with vodka cause vodka is like the ‘water’ of alcohol since its pure with no flavor. It’s like the clear quartz of spirits lol), rosemary and vodka, jasmine flowers and vodka and summer fruits with vodka too. I usually let them sit in large mason jars and when I shake them up I shake it with my intent. I take shots when getting into a headspace for magic or when I go to a circle with friends I make special drinks with them. If you work with entities it can make a wonderful offering. If you want to turn any of them into a liqueur (a sweeter smooth alcohol) just make simple syrup and you can add the same ingredients into the syrup to make it flavored to enhance the flavor of the infusion once you mix it in there. 

  • If possible if you have a nice park somewhere or an area that’s safe that you can go to, go camping! Spend a night under the stars and sing with the fireflies. For me to do a midnight spell under the stars would be glorious but I am also lucky to have a massive backyard with a massive lawn space and little fear of anyone bothering me there (other than racoons lol). I also have a sunroom I can sleep in.

Midnight Spell:

  • Focus on what you would like to complete and goals to accomplish. This sabbat is great to set goals and help break through obstacles.

  • If you prefer a more physical activity based ritual than a visualization one you can do a practice by making a vision board of what you want to accomplish. Place it down on the floor like a grid and light a candle in the center to focus energy and intention to what you want (also energetically charging it) before hanging it in front of your bed. 

  • Basil is also in season and basil is an herb of prosperity. You can eat basil in a spell to symbolize the wealth you will gain or make an oil spell with it by infusing it in a carrier oil to bring prosperity into your life when you apply it on you. (Oregano as well!) 

Midsummer (lughnsasadth) Day

(Wednesday June 21st 2017)

  • Go on a journey! If possible take a trip to the woods! Hiking and just spending time outside where it’s sunny is nice too. The beach during this time of the year (August to mid September) is IDEAL because throughout summer the heat has warmed up the water so the water is a lot warmer. 

  • Bake Bread! If wheat is not your thing then corn bread or corn muffins are lovely! There is also zucchini bread as zucchinis are also in season and zucchini bread is delicious! If bread isn’t your thing at all no matter it’s contents then you can always enjoy a baked potato! 

  • make a bee fountain because there’s always time and wonderful magic in making a bee fountain. 

  • Do an enjoyable physical activity like hiking, bike riding, rock climbing, swimming, archery, fishing or kayaking. Lugh was a god of friendly sport and competition and this sabbat can be enjoyed by engaging in fun sport. If none of this sounds appealing to you (highly understandable) there are other ways to enjoy the summer outdoors passively without much physical effort. 


  • Celebratory Dinner
    Cook a dinner with foods of the summer harvest! Eat corn, wheat, potatoes, berries, melons, peach ciders, bread bowls, pastas, popcorn. For the ‘meat’ selection I love to eat fish as it resembles wealth in many cultures and catching a reward.  and enjoy any beer, cider or fruit juice that corresponds with midsummer as well. 

  • Make a plate for any entities you like to work with.

  • Also practice feeling gratitude for the things you have accomplished and acknowledge the rewards of your hard work.

anonymous asked:

I've had a bento box for two or three years and haven't used it because it's always been easier to fill a lunch bag, but now I want to cut down on using plastic bags. What are you favorite, more simple things to fill yours with?

If you want non-southeastern Asian foods, which I assume will be easier for you, then the following:

  • Cut up fresh fruit. A little thing of peanut butter (or any other nut butter) also goes wonderfully with this. You could also do this with fresh veggies like broccoli, carrots or celery. 
  • Rice. Here is a handful different furikake (rice seasoning, essentially) you can make at home fairly easy. For the green tea one, just remove the shrimp and fish to veganize it. [1][2][3][4][5][6]
  • If you have a Mr. Bento or any other thermal bento, vegan chili’s and this adzuki bean and brown rice porridge are wonderful. With the chili some vegan corn muffins or bread are a nice addition. 
  • Spicy tofu (seitan works too). Brown some tofu in a pan and then let it marinate in a hot sauce of your choice for however long you feel like. This also works well with duck sauce, teriyaki sauce, peanut sauce and anything that has a strong flavor. 

The following are (mostly) Japanese bento items. Most people should be able to use them because they don’t have any hard-to-get “foreign” items. 

There is tons more but there is no way I could fit it all on here. Essentially, anything with a strong flavor will go very well in a bento box. If you have access to a microwave (and your bento is microwave safe) you could put foods that need to be heated up in the bento as well. 

Just Bento has a lot of great bento tips. I use it all the time, as well as vegweb and some things I’ve come up with on my own. 

Colin’s First Birthday Party


Colin is almost TWO.

I can’t wrap my brain around this. I distinctly remember my daughter’s second birthday - every detail! And she’s almost eleven. I just can’t believe how fast time is passing.

I realized the other day that I never posted about his first birthday party, so I’m taking the time to do so now. Almost a year late. Sorry about that. 

I fully admit that I’m a crazy party planner. I *love* throwing a good party and watching it all come together. This one was outrageously fun to plan.

So now, the details.

I love to decorate for Halloween regardless. It’s my favorite holiday. I started out with a few touches around the house as soon as October 1st hit.

And then during the day of the party, I transformed it further.

The above photo shows our main nonalcoholic drink, Monster Mash. It was basically ginger ale and red fruit punch with some green grapes serving as “eyeballs.”

We also had a Make-Your-Own-Chili bar with two crockpots full of delicious beef chili along with a plethora of toppings to choose from. We had mini corn bread muffins, jalapeños, Fritos, onions, cheese, and more. It was a hit.

We had a few more food stations, which I’ll give close-ups of in a minute. Above the island, we hung these adorable sparkly lanterns in Halloween colors.

Mexican spiderweb dip and chips. YUM.

Peanut butter and jelly as well as cheese sandwiches in the shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, cats, and bats. Veggies with ranch dip in a hollowed pumpkin, and mummy english muffin pizzas with black olives for eyes. 

Close up, with my photobombing ballerina dog in the corner.

The main table. A birthday book for all the guests to sign complete with a pinata, an “Adopt A Monster” bucket with plush monsters inside for favors, and of course - the cakes. We had a main cake for guests and a monster smash cake for Colin.

Close-up of the cakes. I made them both myself. :)

More details.

More details.

Colin’s “About Me” first birthday board. It added a nice touch, and everyone loved reading it. 

And of course, the birthday boy enjoying his cake. :)

Can’t wait for his second birthday party. :) The planning has already begun.