2 eggs and grits - 240

3 turkey bacon slices – 90

3 thick cut bacon slices – 200

1 biscuit – 150

1 corn muffin - 210

1 grilled pork chop – 250

2 fillets lemon pepper grilled rainbow trout - 330

Grilled catfish fillet, add on – 130

2 grilled catfish, entrée - 260

Fried catfish fillet, add on – 230

Apple and cinnamon oatmeal – 360

Cheerios with skim milk – 210

Fried apples – 160

Home fries – 340

Apple slices – 70

Seasonal fruit – 50

2 scrambled egg beaters – 60

Yogurt and granola – 190

Chicken and dumplings – 450

Grilled chicken tenderloins, entrée – 230

Fried chicken tenderloins, entrée – 360

Sugar cured ham – 180

Hickory smoked country ham – 270

House salad, no dressing – 260

Grilled chicken and veggie salad, no dressing – 330

Buttermilk oven fried chicken breast – 290

Pecan crusted catfish – 260

Baked sweet potato with cinnamon sugar – 190

Brown rice pilaf – 170

Macaroni and cheese, side – 300

Mashed potatoes – 200

Side salad, no dressing – 10

Seasonal veggies – 30

Baby carrots – 80

Chicken noodle – 110, 230

Anything for You

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 580
Warnings: Cuteness

Pleeeeease, Daddy?” You heard your four year old whine to your husband. You were in the kitchen, currently working on dinner, so you had no idea what she was trying to con him into. Whatever it was, chances were, he’d give in. He was a sucker for those big green eyes looking up at him. Sam was coming back from a hunt, so you thought a nice home made meal was perfect. You were making pot roast, home made mashed potatoes, biscuits, and corn.

“Can’t you ask Mommy?” Dean half whined back, making you chuckle. “Oh! Or wait for Uncle Sammy.” That made his voice perk up. You could picture the scene in your head, Evangeline standing there, pouting, giving Dean those puppy eyes, and Dean trying so hard not to give in. “Fine, Eva!” He sighed. Bingo!

After that, all you could hear was music. Since she was born, Dean insisted that she listen to ‘the good stuff’. Of course that meant you were outnumbered. She had her father’s taste in music.

Half an hour later, you walked into the living room, trying so hard not to laugh. Now you saw what she was trying to get him to do. There sat your big, bad hunter husband, with pink nails, a tiara, glitter on his face, at a tea party. He looked up at you, shaking his head. “Not. A. Word.”

Eva looked over her shoulder at you, grinning. “Doesn’t Daddy look pretty?” She beamed.

You knelt next to her. “He does, but he’s missing something.” There was a twinkle in your eyes, which made him glare at you. “Shouldn’t he be wearing a little eyeshadow?” You grinned.

“No. Nope. I draw the line there.” He shook his head.

Hearing the bunker door open, he froze. Your grin grew. Standing, you walked out of the living room and stopped Sam. “When you go in there, tell Eva what an awesome job she did. And play along. I’ll give you twenty bucks to let her play with your hair. Save Dean, please?”

Sam raised his eyebrow at you before dropping his bag on the floor. “Uh, sure? You don’t have to pay me, though…” He shrugged.

You stood on your tip toes, pecking his cheek. “Dinner will be ready in an hour.” You told him before walking away. Once back in the living room door, you stuck your head in. “Eva? I’m going to steal Daddy for a little bit, okay? But Uncle Sammy said you could play with your hair!” Eva squealed, getting up and running to her uncle.

Dean scrambled up, thankful to be out of that situation. Eva stopped him on the way out by grabbing his hand. He looked down at her and saw a face of pure love. “Thank you, Daddy. I had fun.”

He grinned. “Anything for you, princess.”

Sam soon took all of Eva’s attention. You wrapped your arms around Dean’s neck, smiling. “Wanna go work on getting you that son?” The two of you had decided to try for a second baby only a couple months before, and kept it a secret from Sam and Eva. You wanted to surprise them.

“Eh, I wouldn’t mind another little girl.” He admitted, making you raise your eyebrows. “Pink really isn’t my color, but I’d do anything to see that smile.”

You chuckled. “Remind yourself of that in about twelve years, babe.” His face fell as he realized that was when she’d be about sixteen.

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Originally posted by deanwinchesterdaily

Summary: Those three little words are right on the tip of the reader’s tongue … 
Word Count: 1420
Warnings: Brief language. 
Note: One of two Valentine’s Day installments. 

Your name: submit What is this?

So, there’s a thing I have to do on Sunday. Don’t be mad.

You glared at your phone upon reading the text from your boyfriend. The last two months of your life had been a whirlwind – one you rode out happily – but since the two of you had already had your first fight, you were hoping this wasn’t something that was going to cause another one.

Uh-Oh. What’s going on, Sparky?

You had no sooner sent the text message than your phone rang; Dean’s name scrolled across the screen. You couldn’t help your smile as you slid your thumb across the screen to answer the call.

“This must be pretty bad if you’re calling to explain yourself,” you teased.

Dean chuckled. “It really isn’t too bad, but I don’t want you to be disappointed. Especially since it’s our first Valentine’s Day.”

“I like that I have you for Valentine’s Day this year, but if it isn’t a big deal, that’s okay, too,” you admitted. “You know me. Christmas, Fourth of July, and my birthday. Those are a big deal.”

“Which is why – yep.” You could just see him kicking himself; in the interest of not pressuring you, Dean had been ridiculously careful about not using the L word with you again. Even after you assured him it didn’t bother you as long as he was okay with you not saying it back until you were ready, he held back from saying it. “Anyway, the deal is, Mom had a really hard time the first Valentine’s Day that Dad was gone. Since then, Sammy and I have always made sure that she isn’t alone on the day. This year, Sam has already planned this weekend for Jess – next year they’ll have the baby so they may not be able to get away, and it’s my year to be with her …”

“Dean,” you chuckled, “I promise, it’s okay. Spend the day with your mom. We hang out a lot and go on dates pretty often. I will not be upset in the least.”

“Actually, I was thinking maybe you could spend the day with us. I’ll take you to an early breakfast, then we’ll be at Mom’s by lunchtime, and just hang out for the day.”

You smiled to yourself. “That would be amazing. Are you sure she’s okay with me being there?”

“Are you kidding me? It was her idea to have you over with us.”

“Oh, so you didn’t want me there?” you teased.

“Here we go,” Dean groaned.

“I’m kidding! Why don’t you stay with me Saturday night and make me chocolate chip pancakes in the morning, instead of taking me out to breakfast?”

“If that’s what you want, pretty girl.”

“And I’ll make you supper on Saturday night.”

“Perfect. You’re amazing, Y/N. Thank you for being so understanding about this.”

“As long as I’m with you, I’m good,” you assured him. “So you go to bed. I’ll call you in the morning when I’m off.”

Dean bid you good night, and you returned the sentiment before disconnecting the call. Ethan was giving you a stern look, brow raised. You rolled your eyes.


“You need to tell him we put in for the transfer.”

“I will tell him.”


You sighed. “Saturday night, when he’s over for dinner. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, E.”

“You’re changing job, hours, pay.”

“All for the better.”

Ethan sighed. “The point is, you need to keep him in the loop.”

“The point is, maybe … Maybe I’m a little worried about what Dean will think about me considering him when I make plans like this.”

Ethan rolled his eyes. “For fuck’s sake, Y/N. The man is in love with you. I’ve talked with him about you, seen him around you – trust me. He’s already got the rest of his life planned with you in consideration.”

You hoped that was true.


Saturday night found you frying up some chicken, checking on the mashed potatoes and gravy that were nearly finished, and pre-heating the oven for some biscuits. The corn and green beans wouldn’t take long to heat up – you’d gone the lazy, canned way for those – and waiting for Dean to get out of the shower.

After he had worked some morning hours at the garage, you met him at your grandpa’s land (it was going to take a while for you to get used to calling it yours) and the two of you started some work on the TransAm. After several hours of that, you headed back to your place, showered and started dinner, while Dean went to get his things from his place and headed your way.

“Couldn’t wait to get back over here,” he’d grinned after letting you know he still needed to shower.

You’d smiled and kissed him, still trying to figure out how Fate had landed you with such an amazing man. When he came out of the shower, smelling entirely enticing and looking as handsome as ever, you decided you had certainly gotten the better end of this deal.

“Hey, pretty girl,” Dean sighed against your neck, wrapping one hand around your waist. “This smells delicious.”

“Good. Do you mind putting those potatoes and the plate of chicken on the table, sweetie? I’ll warm up the vegetables and we’ll be ready to eat.”

Dean obliged you, helping you set the table and getting the two cans from the top shelf when you had trouble reaching. Before long, the two of you were seated to a nice, homemade meal.

“So,” you began once you’d both had a chance to dig into your food. “Ethan and Amy are pregnant.”

“That’s great,” Dean congratulated around a mouthful of chicken. “Ethan excited about that?”

“I think so. He wants to transfer to this county. It’s twelve-hour shifts, so he would have more time with Amy and the baby – it’s better for a family life.”

Dean frowned. “So would you get a new partner?”

“Well –” You took a deep breath. “—I wanted to talk to you about that. I needed to put in for the transfer with Ethan so we could keep partnering, but I thought, you know, if you and I … I’m not assuming … but eventually, whether it’s with you or with someone else …”

You had no idea how to get your point across without just coming out and saying it. Dean smirked, amused at seeing you squirm, but assured you that he knew what you meant.

“And I’m kind of glad you’re looking into it,” he admitted. “It’s selfish, but the twenty-four hour shift schedule was a little intense.”

“You’re telling me,” you laughed. “So you’d really be okay with it? The calls are not usually so intense, which I’m kind of bummed about, in a weird way, but it’s actually better pay and benefits since our county is bigger.”

Dean nodded. “Sounds like a good plan to me, then.”


He smiled. “You worry too much about what I’m going to think, Y/N. I’m telling you, I’m in this for the long haul. Now, do you feel well enough about that to talk about the car some more?”

You laughed. “Yes, please. Let’s talk about the car.”

The two of you talked over plans for the TransAm for the next while, packed up dinner, and decided on a movie to watch. You went for the bedroom to change into sweats first, catching sight of the cute little teddy bear setting against the pillows. You changed into your comfortable pants, hugged the teddy bear to your chest with one hand and held an envelope behind your back with the other, and went smiling back out to the couch.

“I love it,” you grinned. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Dean smiled, coming over to kiss you.

“These are for you.” You handed him the envelope and watched as his eyes grew wide.

“Tickets for Opening Day?”

You nodded. “Royals against the Mets. Right behind the dugout.”

“You’re the best, seriously.” He pulled you against his chest and kissed you sweetly. “I know I’m not supposed to say it but … Damn, pretty girl. I love you.”

You laughed and kissed him again. Taking a deep breath, you thought maybe you were ready to say the words … But the ringing of Dean’s phone interrupted your thoughts.

“Sammy, hey. How’s the trip?” Dean’s easy countenance turned to concern – and maybe fear? – in an instant. “Which hospital? All right, we’re on the way.”

Pinky Swear

anonymous asked:

hey, i’m a mettaton ex (undertale) who was wondering if i could have some savoury and not too sweet recipes? i have sensory issues that make it harder for me to eat slimy textured stuff, so pasta/bread based stuff would be cool thanks! i hope this isn’t too specific,,,

It’s not too specific at all! Let’s see now

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Corn Dog Muffins

Apple Scones

White Cheese Chicken Lasagna

Stuffed Shells

Broccoli and Tortellini Salad

I apologize if any of this doesn’t work for you, but I hope you enjoy! ~Shadow

anonymous asked:

What inmates eat in prison/jail? Is it the same food every day? How does it work?

The kinds of food inmates get in prison and jail vary quite a bit, but overall it ranges from acceptable to god awful. The meals that inmates get from the cafeteria tend to rotate through a selection of the same things from week to week.

Breakfast can be powdered eggs, a couple of “sausage” patties (sometimes made from meat byproduct and/or starch filling) and sometimes a little bit of fruit. Sometimes they can get oatmeal. Lunch and dinner are heavy with starches and breads. Maybe 2-3 ounces of meat or meat byproduct, a cup of vegetables like green beans, baby carrots and peas, (canned) a cup of salad with dressing and a dinner roll, biscuit or corn bread. Some places serve canned pork and beans with minute rice, dinner rolls, biscuits or cornbread a lot, which have a lot of sugar. Corn dogs (without the stick) are pretty popular. I’ve heard of tuna fish sandwiches being available sometimes. Peanut butter & jelly and bologna sandwiches are a major staple.

In general, inmates don’t get a lot of actual meat from the cafeteria, aside from hot dogs. A lot of places serve loaf meals, which are made from soy or tofu products, meat byproducts, flour, pureed apple and carrot, and lots of starchy filler. If an inmate eats their meals solely from the prison cafeteria, they are probably not really getting a whole lot of nutrition or calories. If they have their own money, or get money from friends or relatives, they can buy food from the commissary. Top Ramen, beef jerky, cereal, powdered coffee, chips, candy and so on.

Inmates who need a special diet to accommodate the practice of their religion are able to request kosher or halal meals, which are fresher and healthier than standard issue prison trays. Prisons have been struggling with how best to provide special meals, because they cost twice as much, and cause resentment between inmates. Some prisons require an inmate to provide some sort of proof that they require a special diet for their religion, and others don’t, and make them available to anyone who requests them. In Florida, prisons attempted to stop serving special diet meals altogether because of the cost and the animosity it was causing, but the Supreme Court decided it was unconstitutional to require religious inmates to eat meals that were against their religion. Inmates who are vegetarians are given special meals, or can sometimes get more of the vegetarian items from the cafeteria instead of the items with meat, but it’s not easy (or very tasty) to be a vegetarian in prison if you can’t buy your own food.

In a lockdown situation, inmates get a sack lunch and dinner in their cells, which usually consists of (yep, you guessed it) peanut butter & jelly sandwiches or bologna sandwiches. “sack lunch” can also just be a tray with cold food that is passed to the inmates through the hatch in their cell door.

In a lot of prison cafeteria kitchens, the food is prepared by inmates. It is a paid job for them (.50c - $1.50 an hour) and is a privilege that can be taken away if they get an infraction. However, a lot of prisons have begun hiring private contractors like Aramark to provide food service to their prisons, which was done in an attempt to save money for the corrections system but ended up being a huge disaster. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against Aramark and against individual prisons for serving expired, rotten food, cutting portions to such a degree that inmates were actually starving, and for grossly unsanitary kitchen practices. Some states actually terminated their contracts with Aramark and went back to the old system of using inmate labor.

Thanks for the question!

the signs as canned goods
  • Aries: el pato
  • Taurus: beans
  • Gemini: tomato paste
  • Cancer: tomato soup but also chicken noodle
  • Leo: crab meat
  • Virgo: corn
  • Libra: biscuit dough
  • Scorpio: vienna sausages
  • Sagittarius: jalapenos
  • Capricorn: chicken broth
  • Aquarius: spaghettios
  • Pisces: sardines

kendricklanar-deactivated201510  asked:

hey dear, you have any recipes for biscuits (preferably wheat) and gravy? or anything of that nature. thanks so much!! :)

Here’s a vegan biscuit and gravy round up. Below are other biscuit and gravy recipes that I’ve posted in the past; some together, some separately and some miscellaniously. Enjoy!

biscuits & gravy:




Holy sweet potatoes on a corn bread biscuit !

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9000?! nine thousand. I’ll say it louder for the people in the back … 

9-0-0-0 FOLLOWERS !!!!

I cannot even comprehend it. Every time I reach a mile stone I say how thankful I am. I tell you what each of you mean to me. Yes. I am just some nerd with a fan blog. But you make me feel more than that. I now have a purpose on this fandom. I have to make a difference. I have to be there to support everyone. I have to be there for people who need me. 

Mark has said that he wishes he could be there for everyone, but can’t. He asked us to share his burden and thats what I am doing. 

I hope you continue to like and support the blog, each other and Mark.

Thank you Mark for allowing me the chance to build a safe place many people call home away from your channel.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

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heyy could u do an imagine of 5sos and you live on a farm and you go motorbike riding by yourself and u have an accident and they go looking for you? i know its a weird request sorry. xx

I come from a town of 900 and my boyfriend lives on a farm so I totally understand this one yo! I’m just gonna do one for Michael though cuz he has the least solo prefs :( and I’ve never been motorbiking so I’m gonna do four-wheeling instead if that’s cool (ps this was also a lot longer than I expected but sorry if it’s shit, i just wrote based off what i’ve heard my boyfriend talk about)

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