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Lunch at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Mint, Taro, and Red Bean will be back in stock online tomorrow (Feb. 21st 2015) in limited quantities. More will be restocked later if they sell out. Candy Corn only has a few available, it will be gone within moments. Bat & Reindeer have very limited quantities, we expect these to be gone by end day!

That being said, please read the following regarding future limited edition releases.

We cannot thank those of you enough who follow us, collect from us, and appreciate our designs so much that you seek out our creations when released. We created small batches, because we wanted to create a “limited” feel, and didn’t want to come off as greedy by creating them in the thousands.

That being said, Candy Corn, Bat, and Reindeer will all be re-released at Halloween 2015, and Winter (Nov/Dec) 2015 along with the new Halloween and Winter variants for this year. Bumblebee will also have additional pieces released around end Summer 2015.

Variants re-released will remain limited. We have made the decision to up all limited edition variants, to double the quantities, meaning they’ll continue to be limited but not as much. Bat, Candy Corn, Reindeer, and BumbleBee are all behind according to those new quantity standards, and will be caught up accordingly before being officially retired/discontinued.

Once these limited editions sell out tomorrow, do not anticipate them being available again until the dates specified above. BumbleBee in March & again in late Summer, Bat & Candy Corn around Halloween, Reindeer around next Winter.

Thank you for your continued support, and hopefully those of you seeking to add to your collection are able to soon!

Reblog! Like! Comment! Pass it on! Please read in full so you’re aware of the changes, stipulations, and the help we need from you in deciding on our final variant!

2nd Chance Vampire Bat, Candy Corn, and Reindeer Meowchi start Pre-Orders in 2 weeks! Due to popular demand, and a very fast sell out, we are bringing back Vampire Bat, Candy Corn, and Reindeer Meowchi for a “Last Chance” Pre-Order Event. Now, if you already have one you may be saying… well that isn’t fair, I purchased an original! And we’re listening. The 2nd chance batch will vary greatly from the original batch run!

Vampire Bat will be a deep purple, not black. It will not have an art ear tag.

Candy Corn we’ve yet decided on the changes, help us decide! It will not have an art ear tag. What could we do differently to set this Candy Corn apart from the original batch?

Reindeer will be Cream with Deep Grey antlers/features. It will not have an art ear tag.

This we feel will benefit all those who have already purchased one by keeping their original black Vampire Bats just as limited as they are now, but it also allows those who missed out on the Vampire Bats an opportunity to get one of the exact same pattern and design, just with a different color! (Same goes for the Candy Corn and Reindeer!)

Pre-Orders will begin immediately following Colossalcon on Monday, June 8th and will run with an UNLIMITED AMOUNT of Pre-Orders available until the following Monday, June 15th. At this time the patterns for Vampire Bat, Candy Corn, and Reindeer will officially be retired and will never be offered as patterns this size Meowchi again!

Help us decide our final design for the Candy Corn variant by posting below! Pre-Orders will run from June 8th – June 15th, production is scheduled until mid July, and shipments are estimated to begin shipping sometime around early September! These will NOT be the only variants you see this year for Halloween, those will be available closer to mid October.

If you have any questions, feel free ask in a ‘ask me’ post along with your opinions on Candy Corn!