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Vintage Anchor Bay DVD ads.

Soooooooo many different editions of THE EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2, HALLOWEEN, and ARMY OF DARKNESS! And yet, I found my myself opening my wallet for each and every one of them!

Field Corn 2017 01 HDR B&W – Midland, North Carolina, August 26, 2017

As the Koch brothers
and the Super PAC’s
buy up the remaining
Republican votes
to bankroll/steamroll
the Graham-Cassidy End of Health Care Forever Bill,
we have to wonder why.
What is in it for them?
Republican ideology
is grounded upon twin bedrock principles:
lowering taxes
and reducing the size of government.
Read: ending social programs
and expanding wealth, power and privilege.
Ayn Rand doesn’t have much to say
about caring for the poor, the sick,
the working class,
and people of color.
Her society is for the heroes
who earn their way
with their diligence and purpose,
and wealth is their reward.
Republicans do not care
if people die without health care
and other government “services.”
It is a small price to pay–
and highly necessary
for low taxes and increased wealth.
Republicans have no interest
in people who are not rich,
who cannot pay their own way,
who need governmental assistance–
the very population
affordable/universal health care
It is a sign of their lack
of discipline and devotion to duty.
Republicans believe
they have earned their way,
as must everyone,
and they care about no one who doesn’t.
They are creating their idea of utopian wonderland
with a form of genocide
unique in its subtlety
and thorough in its implementation:
Cut them off!
Let them die!
They are only a generation away
from glory beyond imagining.
The kink in the hose
is their lack of imagination,
and their utter absence
of the qualities that make life
worth living.
It comes down to thirty pieces of silver
(adjusted for inflation)
as the price for their soul,
and their refusal
to grasp the importance
of things money cannot buy.


ドンタコスひとくちDELI // Don Taco’s Hitokuchi Deli Snacks
Hitokuchi (一口 or ひとくち) means bite-sized (lit. ‘one mouth’). I’m glad to see more corn chips in Japan these days, but where you lose me is the semi-solid ……flavor paste…… that they apply in stripes. 

It’s like a super-concentrated, fake-cheesy cousin of the waxy, greasy feeling you have in your mouth after a bowl of Captain Crunch. I hate it. Get it out of here.

Also: you wouldn’t know from the packaging, but these are pizza-flavored! Yup. “Quattro Cheese Pizza” and “Meat Pizza.” But it’s just as well that there are no images of pizza, because both just taste like ez-cheez and depression.