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Because, today, I restart college, I thought it was cute to introduce you to my morning routine and give you some advice about it. Many of these things I’ve made since I was very small, just like anyone else, but others have only been added for a couple of years, so … let’s start!

1. Wake up at 6:30AM

I know it might sound very strange, but I’m a morning person, or at least, since I remember, I’ve always been since I was little, so I’m not struggling to get up, indeed, I often wake up even before my alarm sounds.

☀Tips: If you’re not a morning person but would like to become I have some tips for you:

- Go to bed early: if you want to get up early you also have to go to bed at a decent time, otherwise in the morning you will feel really too tired to do anything. There are a lot of apps or sites that figure out what time you have to go to bed so you can wake up refreshed the next morning: one of these is Sleepytime. But even if you don’t want to use one of these apps, remember that the human body needs at least seven hours of sleep to be active.

- Use an alarm clock or more than one: Yes, I know, set your alarm is the most obvious thing in the world but it is useful.I recommend you to point more than one alarm clock for an hour before you get up and, maybe, every ten minutes in that time so you will not be able to sleep again!

- Put feet on the ground now! If, as soon as you wake up, you will immediately put your feet on the floor, you can do nothing but get up and your body will not take advantage of it to sleep again, especially if in contact with the cold floor!

2. Shower at 6:35AM

That’s why I do not think there’s a better explanation than this: I just like to shower in the morning especially now that it’s autumn, hot water makes miracles!

☀Tip: If you’re not a morning person you’d better take a shower with cold water, or warm, this will awaken your senses! 

3. Breakfast at 6:45AM

I’m not particularly creative in the morning, I’m not a genius in the kitchen and alternating moments of healthy food with other calories, but despite that, I’m trying to eat well, believe me!I usually have breakfast with:

- Milk and cereals ( usually corn flakes).

- Fruit yogurt (usually peach, strawberry or blueberry) and biscuits or oats and pieces of banana.

- Red fruit tea and cereal biscuits.

- Chamomile, a teaspoon of honey and three rusks.

- Carrot cake, Banana Bread or Muffin.

- Bread with Nutella!

- And of course C-O-F-F-E-E (this is the only constant)!

4. Dressing up at 7:00AM

I usually prepare my clothes the night before so I do not have to go crazy in the morning to figure out what to wear: I usually wear Jeans and a shirt.


- Prepare your clothes and bag the night before so in the morning you will not have to go crazy to find something to wear!

- Wear what you want but if you go to school or in a serious place informed about the dress code!

5. Skincare Routine at 7:05AM

One thing I started doing a couple of years ago was taking care of my skin. Let’s say it’s also a way to take a moment for myself in the morning (along with the coffee LOL).

☀Tip: I think it’s important to find a way to take care of themselves, even early in the morning, this will help your brain to relax, also remember that the health, physical or mental, comes first.

6. Make up at 7:15AM

As for makeup, never put anything excessive, especially if I have to go to college, even at times I happened to not wear makeup at all! Usually, however, I always wear mascara, concealer to cover the dark circles, and a bit of blush since, especially in winter, I have pale skin.

7. Leave home at 7:30AM

I usually take the bus to get to university, since it is a bit ‘far from my house.

161109 BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.3 in Fukuoka - Quiz Game

1. Q: What makes Jungkook think he has really grown up? (500 points)

Taehyung: Carrier billing
Namjoon: Body
Yoongi: Age
Jimin: Driver lisence

Hint: Something changed about it

Jimin: Physically growing up
Jimin: Mentally growing up

2. Q: If Jungkook were an ARMY, whose fan would he be? Why? (5,000 points)

Jimin: It has to be me right?
Yoongi: J~~~~Hooopeee~~
Taehyung: Can I answer it? It’s V.
Jimin: It’s Rapmon-hyung, because he’s smart. 

Namjoon said he would be Jungkook’s fan too.

3. Q: The most embarrassing moment of Jungkook this year? (50,000 points)

Yoongi: Falling down while riding a scooter in front of our house?

Hint: During live performance

Yoongi: Drooling while perfoming live?
Taehyung: Having stomachache while perfoming live
Hoseok: Pants ripped
Jimin: Dropping his mic

Hint: During live perfomance, something happened and the two got something

Jimin: This one surely is V
Seokjin: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, I blew hand kisses to ARMYs
Taehyung: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, Jin-hyung…
Jimin: Laughing when seeing Jin-hyung’s dance?
Yoongi: Jin-hyung really can’t dance!
Seokjin: Before the pre-recording, while positioning, I touched Jungkook’s butt
Jimin: Jungkook farted when Jin-hyung touch his butt?
Taehyung: Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook during the pre-recording? 

Correct answer: During the performance, Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook and both got scolded

Seokjin: Ah… Yeah
MC: You don’t remember it at all.
Jimin, Taehyung: I do remember.
MC: How was the situation like?
Jimin: I scolded them.
MC: Jimin-ssi scolded them? For messing around?
Jimin: They kept hitting each other… I told them to stop..
MC: That’s really cool.

4. Q: What’s the first thing Jungkook do after waking up in the morning? (60,000 points)

Hoseok: Hope! Going to the bathroom
Jimin: Opening the fridge
Seokjin: Drinking water
Jimin: Getting off the bed
Yoongi: Honestly…
Namjoon: (Doing the) laundry
Hoseok: (making stretching sound)
Taehyung: Corn Frost (cereal)
Hoseok: Thinking about ARMY?
Seokjin: Drinking milk
Jimin: It’s a thing he really does.
MC: What is it?
Jimin: Opening the fridge. It’s true. I see him do that everyday.
Yoongi: First thing after waking up, going back to sleep.

Correct answer: Finding something to eat

(giving out the Jungkook Master award)

Taehyung: I present this certificate to Jimin for his vast knowledge of Jungkook.
MC: Jimin-ssi, please tell us how you feel.
Jimin: Jungkook-ssi, please look after me in the future as well.
MC: Jungkook-ssi, Jimin-ssi won 1st place.
Jungkook: Jimin-hyung really knows me well. And I want to say thank you to our ARMYs for answering many questions too.

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Hey so since school is starting up again and a lot of people I know are going to college for the first time, I wanted to compile some advice/info I’ve learned from my first year. There are a lot of tips about general things but I haven’t seen much about how college can really deal a blow to confidence, social skills, and mental health. Some of the stuff is under the cut since this got long. 

  • Loneliness is pretty common in college. It doesn’t seem like that because everyone keeps a facade up for social media to make it look like they’re constantly having a good time with friends. It’s easy to think that maybe you’re missing out on something, or something’s wrong with you if you aren’t having a blast and going out on weekends with a big group of happy friends–after all, that’s what all your facebook friends are doing right? In reality, what you see on social media is just the highlights of people’s lives; you’re not seeing any of their lows or stressful times. You aren’t alone if you feel lonely or stressed because you aren’t living a perfect social life.
  • Chances are, you’re not going to find a close group of friends immediately. In fact, it might take a while to establish a solid friendgroup–don’t expect that you’re going to find a ride or die/tight-knit “squad” right off the bat.
  • Sometimes you won’t even form a friend group by the end of freshman year and that’s ok. It’s hard to make friends when you’re placed in an unfamiliar situation surrounded by people who are suddenly very different from you (esp. if you don’t stay local or school demographics are very different from high school); but don’t lose hope. There’s at least one or two people at your college/uni who will get along really well with you and become good, if not close friends. For some it may not take long to find them, but for me it took 4.5 months before I found someone other than my roommate I could really feel comfortable with and whose company I enjoyed.
  • As tempting as it might sound to spend the entire weekend chilling in your dorm/room, it can be really helpful to go out, even to a cafe, library, or any place with people. I’m an introvert who enjoys her own company but I started feeling like shit after a few weeks of not getting enough exposure to other people. You need social interaction at some point to survive.
  • If you find yourself thinking “I have no real friends” (which to be honest, might happen at some point), think about any people you’ve met who have been genuinely warm and welcoming to you. Even if it’s a professor, that cashier at the cafeteria, a library worker, your major advisor, the lady working in the career center. Reach out to them and ask if they want to grab lunch or coffee together. It’s so, so tempting to wallow in self-pity and quit trying to befriend people but you can’t give up. If someone’s reached out to you before and you declined their invitation, now’s the time to take them up on that offer. There are people who/will care about you, but like any relationship, you have to try too. When I was feeling my peak suicidal (and spent a day crying in my room reading reddit threads about how lonely someone was in college), I messaged a hallmate asking to eat lunch together the next day. Lunch was a little awkward since it was a big group at a circular table, but that’s how I met my closest friend on campus (we send pics and videos of cats to each other on discord regularly).

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Eating Habits
  • Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the first house; Jupiter in Aries; Aries on the second house cusp: Prefers warm or hot food. Might like spicy food. A special preference for meat, especially mutton. May enjoy leeks and onions, or flavour their food with mustard and chilli.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the second house; Jupiter in Taurus; Taurus on the second house cusp: Is likely to eat large meals. Prefers warm food. Likes meat, especially beef. May enjoy apples, pears, berries, sweetcorn, cereal, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, or beans.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the third house; Jupiter in Gemini; Gemini on the second house cusp: Likes eating small snacks throughout the day. Drinks a lot of water. Enjoys dried fruits, peas, broad beans, and the like. May enjoy the taste of citrus. Is prone to eating issues or disorders.
  • Jupiter trine the Moon; Jupiter in the fourth house; Jupiter in Cancer; Cancer on the second house cusp: Likes food to be safe or familiar. Often enjoys sweet food. May really love milk. Probably enjoys eating fish, but not meat, and a lot of watery fruit and vegetables.
  • Jupiter trine the Sun; Jupiter in the fifth house; Jupiter in Leo; Leo on the second house cusp: Likes fun or childish food. Is adventurous with food. May love the taste of honey. Enjoys rice, cereal, meat (especially red meat), grapes, and iron-rich food. Probably really likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the sixth house; Jupiter in Virgo; Virgo on the second house cusp: Usually not a big eater, but healthy. Drinks a lot of water. Is prone to eating issues or disorders. Enjoys vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and celery. Fussy eater.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the seventh house; Jupiter in Libra; Libra on the second house cusp: Likes their food to be attractive and well-prepared. Might like very sweet food and puddings. Enjoys berries, apples, pears, grapes, beans, corn, and cereal. Likes subtle, elegant spices.
  • Jupiter trine Pluto; Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the eighth house; Jupiter in Scorpio; Scorpio on the second house cusp: May dislike sweet food. Either very healthy or very unhealthy. Enjoys red meat, garlic, and strong tastes.
  • Jupiter in the ninth house; Jupiter in Sagittarius; Sagittarius on the second house cusp: Can eat in excess. Often prone to drinking problems. Likes meat, especially game. May enjoy grape-fruits, raisins, and onion or leek based foodstuffs. Probably likes soup.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter in the tenth house; Jupiter in Capricorn; Capricorn on the second house cusp: Usually a healthy and regulated eater. Often enjoys meat, potatoes, and stock foods which are hearty yet not unhealthy. Is likely to need a lot of starch in their diet.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter trine Uranus; Jupiter in the eleventh house; Jupiter in Aquarius; Aquarius on the second house cusp: Likes unusual food. May enjoy apples, limes, and peppers. Often enjoys preserved fruit; likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Neptune; Jupiter in the twelfth house; Jupiter in Pisces; Pisces on the second house cusp: Likes light, soft, and airy foods. May have a sweet tooth. Not a big eater, but not prone to eating disorders. Might enjoy the tastes of melon, lettuce, cucumber, or pumpkin.
Lords as Breakfast Cereal

So i’m no expert at cereal but i’m ceREALLY excited to do this

under cut bc it’s going to be a long post. 

Nobunaga: Honey Smacks. The most listed to unhealthy cereal with the most sugar. Obviously it’s nobu’s cup of tea. without sugar what is life

Mitsuhide: Kashi® Heart to Heart® Honey Toasted Oat Breakfast Cereal… long af name, looking beautiful, taste… beautiful??

Yukimura: genki watt smile; Fruit Loops no doubt. Sweet af but in many douses… dangerous ;)

Saizo: cereal killer *knife stabbing cereal packet* yeah that’s all I got

Kojuro: Corn Pops; seem healthy but can actually cause heartattacks *according to the “The 28 worst breakfast cereal, ranked” information list* aka looks can be deceiving 

Masamune: Special K Red Berries, seems like your daily ordinary cereal but then bam, berries!! Sweet surprise

Ieyasu: Honey Bunches of Oats. Looking kinda extraordinary??, but is actually the right amount of crunch, flavor, and the nutrition you need to nourish every smile.

Hideyoshi: Snackimals: first things first, adorable. Secondly: vanilla blast cereal. Sweet as vanilla and… blast for,,, his secret side???? Lmao I don’t know

Inuchiyo: Peace Cereal Wild Berry: healthy and good bc if u ripped like that then u gotta eat good food goddamn

Mitsunari: Corn Flakes. The neutral cereal, but with lots of potential to become even greater!! Teamwork Mitsu! 

Kenshin: Honey Cheerios, good ol’ cereal since 1979 smth… bUT WITH HONEY. Can it get better honey honey?

Shingen: Frosted Flakes. One serving is enough bc sugarrr man -not that it’s in his vocabulary- also according to the packet = “Good Source of Vitamin D” I’m dying

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while discussing a possible london catastrophe scenario wherein one direction are rescued in a helicopter that only has room for one other item, one direction confer nonverbally for a while before:

louis: one item?  one box—one box of cereal.  you never know how long you’re going to be in the helicopter for.
andy: what is the—the cereal of choice for one direction?
harry: [turning to louis] corn flakes is always a standard.
louis: it’s a standard, but it’s not a favorite. [hamish and andy laugh] i’m a big cereal lover!
niall: ‘cause everyone likes corn flakes.

there are many excellent elements to this video.  first, in a scenario in which the entire city of london is engulfed in flame, louis’ main concern is having a box of cereal for the helicopter ride to safety, a decision he is willing to make for all of one direction.  second, one direction have had enough discussions about cereal to find which cereal is most agreeable to all of them.  third, louis defends his strong opinion on corn flakes by saying, “i’m a big cereal lover,” as in, “i’ve thought a lot about this. i think about cereal eight hours out of every day.”  he also makes sure to put corn flakes in their place by letting them know that while they are one direction’s cereal of choice, they are no one’s favorite.  louis will carry cereal to safety, though; it is all he needs by his side.  very beautiful.

#3/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

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“No, no, it’s my treat.”

ft. LittleBrother!Yoo Seonho

From here

“Aaaah, I’m full…” you looked in horror at your little brother who patted his stomach, he just finished eating his you-can’t-tracked-how-many-th slice of pizza.

“Is beggar live in your stomach or what?” you sighed as you gave your credit card to the waiter, “Should’ve bring you to that Italian all you can eat buffet or something…” you muttered.

“Noona was the one who promised to buy me anything if I aced the English test!!!” he pouted, “And we’ve been barely spend some sibling quality time these daaaaays… Can’t I spend my time with Noona?” he clung onto your arms and pouted again.

“Okay okay,” you sighed. Having little brother 9 years younger sure can be exhausting sometimes, it just feels like yesterday you saw Seonho at his primary school but now he’s already taller than you and got an appetite like a snorlax.

“Noona noona let’s eat frozen yogurt!!” Seonho pulled you inside the parlor before you can say anything and quickly ordered for two large frozen yogurt, as he’s busy choosing the topping, you mentally calculated how much have you’ve spend today only for Seonho’s food.

When the yogurt is done, you took out your wallet only to be beaten by your brother, who already gave the money to the cashier.

“What? No, I’ll pay for…”

“No, no, it’s my treat.”

He shushed you and you two sat down, “What’s with that? I’ve supposed to pay for that,” you sighed, “Noona, you already treated me, so at least I payed the dessert,” he grinned, “Oh, and I picked all your favorite topping!”

You looked at the yogurt and found strawberries, honey corn cereal and grapes as your topping. All of your favorite.

“Nawwww, Seonho…” you tapped his cheeks happily, “So after this, can we go buy some hamburger? I want cheese burger…” he grinned, took a bit of the yogurt while wiggling his eyebrows at you.

You groaned.


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