Binge distraction one: Playing with this watercolor set from a cruise, like… 5 years ago? I’ve never used tube water colors, so I don’t know if this set sucks, is just too old, or if I just don’t like watercolors much, hahaha. I experimented a bunch with water and ended up covering the entire table with water… yay for painting outside! It’s a gorgeous and hot day today, so I pulled out this little table down to our uncovered deck so I could sit in the sun. My dog was chilling with me as well! 

He did eventually get too hot and went inside, but came out to check on me every once in a while. 

Now I’m sitting on the covered portion of the deck. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for their support. Being able to post and be held accountable is really the only thing stopping me right now. I don’t want to have to say that I gave in. I am thinking of heating up 2 of my gluten free corn dogs for a late lunch and I think that will at least satisfy the “fried foods” craving, even though I just cook them in the oven. I might also take a nap. I’m going to see Spring Awakening tonight with my brother and I’m super excited because I’ve never actually seen it on stage. I will update again before I go to sleep. Thanks to everyone for just being here! 

Harry Styles, who plays another young private in the film, says that he took strength from observing Nolan lead by example. 'The biggest thing I learned from making this movie is that Chris doesn’t sit down. Any time there was a break it was because he knew everyone else needed one. He would always be the first person on set and the last to leave. He’s not sat in some warm tent watching everything on a monitor, he’s really out there doing it, mucking in with everyone.‘
—  Little White Lies: The Dunkirk Issue