So, I guess I’m like a corn witch now?

Last weekend, we were lost in a (large) corn maze with the nibling for like an hour. Wasn’t so surprising, we had been letting little kids choose our turns, and going in circles. But I was very ready to leave, and I could tell we were one dropped apple slice from a total meltdown. So I thought of @seananmcguire and her routewitches, and I closed my eyes and started letting my intuition guide our choices, and it was like there was a grey line in my head. And we were out in like 2 minutes.

Then, later that day, I kept finding ears of corn in my bag. Which, again, little kids pick things up, and then get tired of carrying them, and put them in the bag of their auntie. But it happened three times.

THEN. We came back from the evacuation, and there were two cans of corn in front of the back gate one evening when we were cleaning.

So. What does one do to be a cornwitch?