This is my Dilophosaurus character I made up a few weeks back. I used Great Cormorant for her coloring, plumage, and some ideas I tossed around.

Like the fact that Dilophosaurus were fish eating dinosaurs(but probably also preyed on small dinosaurs, etc) that they would have some sort of throat pouch like most sea birds that fish generally do. As well as studies suggesting that Dilophosaurus was also a feathered dinosaur.

also added the egg tooth on the tip. 

The feathers on her back are not accurate at all, but since she’s my character, i do what I want. They would have more of the fluffy feathers you see on her neck.

She is still nameless.

anyway. this was mostly to kick into attempting colored pencil after so many years. I think the last time I used them was….uhhh….hmm….

can’t recall. probably middle school???? i have no clue….will have to check my box of arts.

so….it’s not my best….It could be a lot better. I learned alot from doing this….so next time I won’t have to have the help of acrylic paint to enhance parts of lighting that i fucked up.

done on mixed media paper with colored pencil, water color, and acrylic