Madonna Polaroids by Richard Corman, 1983.

In June 1983, 24 year old Madonna was rising on the club charts with singles Everybody and Burning Up. Photographer Richard Corman captured pre-fame Madonna at home one month before the release of her debut album. At the time she was living on East 4th Street between Avenue A and B.

Happy birthday to Roger Corman! 91 years young today! A true horror LEGEND! We have him to thank for such classics as, Death Race 2000, The Dunwich Horror, The Terror,  The Masque of the Red Death, The Raven, Tales of Terror, Premature Burial, Pit and the Pendulum, The Little Shop of Horrors, House of Usher, The Wasp Woman, A Bucket of Blood, The Undead, Piranha, and SO many more. This man’s resume is LONG. And he’s still working!