My crappy phone photo doesn’t do these cuties justice, but here’s my corlista Pokémon collection! She’s such a sweetheart to request things from, and her little crochet are so adooooorable. Seriously, the cutest Pokémon patterns I’ve seen, and she ships them all with their little Pokédex cards which add a wonderful touch.

At the very least, you owe it to yourself to go oogle the cuteness on her etsy shop. I will hopefully be growing my little collection even more in the future! I think my next order will be a Chikorita, Sylveon, and Munchlax or Furret–or both, oh gosh.


What do you guys think of this being the grand prize for my next big giveaway? They are made to order so you would be able to pick your favorite villager (or I suppose a favorite Pokemon if you like those more) and I would buy it/have it shipped to you? I think I’m buying myself one because look at these freaking cuties.

I’ll either do one of these, a normal plushie, or like 3ds acnl keychain charm thingies and then have 2-4 other winners for acnl stickers or something small like that.

Ideas/suggestions/opinions?? Leave below or message me please!! This is for you guys so I want your opinions ^_^

Btw the etsy shop these are from is called Corlista by Savannah Mitchell!