My crappy phone photo doesn’t do these cuties justice, but here’s my corlista Pokémon collection! She’s such a sweetheart to request things from, and her little crochet are so adooooorable. Seriously, the cutest Pokémon patterns I’ve seen, and she ships them all with their little Pokédex cards which add a wonderful touch.

At the very least, you owe it to yourself to go oogle the cuteness on her etsy shop. I will hopefully be growing my little collection even more in the future! I think my next order will be a Chikorita, Sylveon, and Munchlax or Furret–or both, oh gosh.


So this is a Squirtle I crocheted. 

Isn’t he cute? I like to throw him at people and yell “TACKLE”

I bought the pattern from corlista (that’s her name on Etsy and tumblr) and all right to the pattern go to her I take zero credit


To commemorate officially being back on schedule (woohoo!), I’m relisting most of my made-to-order items in my shop ( If there’s something you don’t see there yet, you can send me a message (via Etsy), and I’ll create a custom listing for you. Production time on made-to-order items is 8-12 weeks, and slots are limited as I only allow 60 items in my queue at a given time.

P.S. - I have a couple of items on hand, ready for immediate shipment! They’re labeled “Ready to Ship” in the title.


I impulsively crocheted this Animal Crossing Bell Bag yesterday. It’s a fully functional drawstring bag and would serve as a great cosplay prop (I’m imagining Animal Crossing cosplayers pulling their money out of this bag for purchases… YES!). It’s available in my Etsy shop now, ready for immediate shipment on a made-to-order basis.

EDIT - Pattern is now available, too!


Just finished up this tiny Apatosaurus. He was made from this pattern by Justyna Kacprzak. It’s a no-sew pattern, so it’s pretty ingenious in its design in spite of its simple appearance.

He’s now available in my shop, made-to-order in your choice of color here:

I’ll be making the rest of the set soon! :)


A few people shouted out “Panda” in response to which Blob Animals should be next… So without further ado, I present: Blob Panda!

Feel free to continue suggesting the next Blob Animal designs. I’m keeping a list of things-to-come!

Available on a made-to-order basis from my Etsy shop. Pattern is forthcoming.

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Freshly listed in the shop: Lapras, Magikarp, Rayquaza, Turtwig, Pumpkaboo (pictured Shiny)!

All are available on a made-to-order basis with an estimated production time of 8-12 weeks, and more are always in the works. I also have open slots for custom work; just send me a note to discuss the details if interested! :)

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Hey kittens. I’ve just renewed several expired listings in my Etsy shop, so hop on over and take a look! Items include several Chibi Pokedex Project amigurumi, a large Cleffa amigurumi (ready-to-ship), my Alebrije fox Pazu amigurumi (ready-to-ship), and more!

Also, I still have ONE Magikarp Hat available for purchase in my shop ($250, choice of shiny/regular colors, made-to-order). This is the last one I’ll be selling for the foreseeable future.

AND, I have a limited number (8 at the time of this post) of open slots for custom/made-to-order items. Please shoot me a message via Etsy if you have an idea for something!

Thanks meow-mixes!

♥ Savannah