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Shameless self promotion, for which I apologize. I tagged you lovely people because I just re-read the Blue Sword by Robin McKinley and I desperately needed somebody to fangirl with. 

SO, anyway, I apologize for my paltry skills but I’ve finally managed to produce some character sketches that I don’t entirely hate. (These were mostly just sketches that didn’t deserve to be colored, but here they are). I’ve found so little fan-art out there that I basically made up these guys on my own, and they’re still not quite right, so I was hoping to bounce some ideas off you. 

 Please feel free to ignore this, but I’d love to hear from you.

He reached the wall of the house and laid a hand on it. Depending on what sort of a mood the *kelar* was in, he could occasionally walk through walls, without knocking them down first, or at least see through them. And then again, sometimes he couldn’t. It would be tiresome if he had to break in like the common burglar he felt, and wander from room to room looking at faces on pillows.
—  Corlath about to abduct Harry in The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley