corkscrew stairs

Funny thing happened when I went to see The Maze Runner again today. I ended up having to catch the very last, late showing because of reasons and it was in IMAX, so I sat up at the top / back on the second level.  

Well, by the time myself and everybody else sitting on the second level staggered out of the movie at the end, emotionally overwrought, most of us managed to forget that we climbed up a crap ton of stairs to actually get to those seats.  There’s a second level exit, that I think was supposed to be closed, but somebody had opened. So a bunch of us file out that way, and find ourselves in this weird looking, abandoned, twisting hallway maze of an upper lobby. 

It’s worth mentioning that it’s almost 1:00 am by this point and we’re pretty much the last movie getting out, so the theater is dead quiet and generally deserted. The upper level elevators aren’t working, and most of the people wandered back into the theater to go down and out the way we came in, but a core group of about 8 of us were apparently too stubborn to retrace our steps and felt sure that there had to be some way to get back down to the lower lobby from up here. 

So, eight complete strangers and I are wandering around in little groups, exploring hallways and opening doors that don’t seem to go anywhere and there are a lot of maze jokes going around now. Finally we come upon the, you guessed it, EXIT door, and we all file through that.  

Okay, BUT here’s the deal, it turns out to lead to a very narrow corkscrew of stairs that looks like it probably leads directly to another outside exit door at the bottom that lets out the rear of the theater rather than getting us back to the lobby and the front of the theater where the parking lot is. I should also mention it’s raining outside. Nobody wants to go out the back and have to walk around the whole theater in the rain, so we turn to go back, BUT…

The door we came through has shut behind us and it … won’t … open. Probably because the exit leads straight outside, the doors were one-way only, I guess so people couldn’t sneak into the theater.  Okay, fine, so we start down the stairs and THEN (oh yes, it does get better) THEN the LIGHTS GO OUT.  I don’t know why, maybe because it was so late, or maybe something else, but out they go. It’s not pitch black, there’s emergency lights by the exit at the bottom that cast a dim glow up the stairs, so we can see a bit, but still… 

There I am, trapped in this darkened stairway with a bunch of strangers. Everybody kind of freezes for a minute, but nobody’s actually scared, most of us break out laughing because at this point it’s just too funny. One of the girls in front of me tells people to shout out if they see any Grievers.  Then one of the guys behind us starts scraping on the wall and making clicking noises and everybody starts yelling at him to cut it out, lol.  

It was only one more flight of stairs down to the exit, so it really wasn’t a big deal, but the whole thing was just hilarious, especially as a follow up to that movie of all things.