Witch Bottle DIY - Protection Against All Harm

The Witches Bottle or Witch Bottle is a powerful protection spell, has English origins and was mostly used in the UK and the USA.
These spell bottles were originally created to destroy the power of an evil witch thought to have cast a spell against the bottle’s creator. They were often made of ceramic and were filled with hair, nails and urine. They were also considered as magical guardians of the home.
Today Witches Bottles are used with many purposes, to protect a home from negative energy, to assure a long and prosper relationship between two lovers, to protect a home pet… Some are buried or hidden outside, others are placed or hanged in windows or in other prominent spots.
It is believed that a Protection Witches Bottle will attract to its inside all the negative energy, potential spells casted on you and bad luck, tears it all apart, destroys it forever, keeping your home and those who live there safe.

You will need:

  • A small glass jar with a metal lid or cork
  • A black candle
  • Rosemary
  • 3 Iron Nails (works best when rusty)
  • 3 Pins (or needles)
  • Red wine

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2 weeks ago I had one of my hot followers send me a Maroon pair of these Corka speedos.
They fit really well, and feel amazing.
If anyone else wants to send me some stuff, message me, I will let you know where to send to ; happy to wear and send back.
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Przepraszam Cie mamo, ze jestem tak beznadziejna, przepraszam, ze Cie tylko zawodze, przepraszam, ze caly czas swiecisz za mnie oczami, przepraszam, ze placze nocami, przepraszam, ze nie mozesz byc ze mnie dumna, przepraszam, ze nie jestem jak twoja druga corka, przepraszam, ze mam preblemy w szkole, przepraszam Cie z calego serca moze kiedys bede miala odwage odejsc i juz bedziesz miala mnie z glowy :(
Danny and Oti - Samba

This dance can either go really wrong or right - hopefully from the ITT footage, it should be a corka (not Gorka)

Starting with samba rolls is really smart as it shows off the technique straight away - sorry I got distracted by Danny baring that torso… and the beat dropped like crazy! This really is a full on samba even with the odd tempo of the music because Oti has worked to Danny’s strengths like his hips and musicality and made sure that she out all of the recognisable rumba content! I mean it oozed style and it was pretty fly for a white guy ;)

It was fast, furious, hot and spicy!

Twoi przyjaciele cie nie rozumieja. Nie sa godni zaufania. W przeszlosci, kiedy pytalas sie: “czy wygladam grubo?”, odpowiadali: “oczywiscie, ze nie” i wiedzialas, ze klamia. Tylko ja mowie ci prawde. Twoi rodzice, nawet sie tym nie zajmujmy. Wiesz, ze cie kochaja, ze o ciebie dbaja, ale robia to, bo sa Twoimi rodzicami i maja obowiazek to robic. Powiem ci teraz sekret: gdzies tam gleboko w duszy sa bardzo toba zawiedzeni. Ich corka, ta z wielkim potencjalem stala sie gruba, leniwa dziewczyna. Ale ja to wszystko zmienie.