cork wreath

Finally returned home after being gone for over a month. 
How i have missed the smell of rain on the cedar trees…….. 

All purchases made from before the shop closed will be shipped out tomorrow morning with a variety of things, some will have extra jewelry, handmade cedar wreaths, altered cork photo displays, vintage photos, cedar bundles, guinea feathers or all of the above. 
Each package will have a different variety of gifts so no one will be alike. 

While we were away i purchased a 5 foot anatomical resin skeleton replica which will get photographed as soon as the weather clears!!! 
Also on our crazy month adventure… bryan and i acquired rattle snake skin, feathers, bird feet, bird wings/head and about 9 rodents all are being cured and salted to use for jewelry and curiosities <3 

Now to hang out with the skeleton, write out thank you cards, stamp packages and sip coffee <3 

hope you all have been well : )