cork tops


I have:

- So many crystals… so many…. large and small, both tumbled and raw (ex. labradorite, citrine, amethyst, pink tourmaline, fairy/spirit quartz, moonstone, pyrite, dessert rose, aragonite, blue kyanite, blue calcite, orange calcite, quartz, rose quartz and many many more)

- Little cactus shaped candles

- Seeds (flowers, peppers and strawberry plant)

- Yarn in various colors and thicknesses

- Succulents / cacti (like a ton)

- Japanese stationery sets

What I can make / get:

- Dreamcatchers (we can talk about colors / design / size ect)

- Various crafty things (stuff with clay or sewing)

- Bottles / jars (any sizes with cork tops or screw on lids)

- Nature from MA

Looking for:

- Anything I can use to display my ridiculous amount of crystals ***

- Crystal grids (cloth or wood)

- A dried bee ethically sourced! ***

- Honeycomb

- Local nature from where you live (especially acorns omg I love acorns)

- Sage spray

- Dried rose buds / lavender

- Tumbled crystals with runes (preferably rose quartz)

- Nature / Plant / Animal tarot deck (used or new is fine)

- Moon stuff (not jewelry please)

- If you don’t have any of this specific stuff but you want to trade just send me a list of what witchy stuff you have! I’m flexible :)

Listed by: WitchyWhoosh (Anna)

Spell for comfort:
- In a small jar that you can carry around with you if needed, add a pinch of rosemary
- add some sea salt for protection (mine happened to be infused with lavender)
- put in a cotton ball and add a few drops of a comforting essential oil (I highly recommend chamomile)
- while adding the drops say

“Bring me comfort and bring me peace
Bring me solace from stress and grief
A blanket of protection keeps me warm
Safe from every kind of storm”

- sprinkle some lavender on top
- cork it but don’t seal it with wax; when you need extra comfort you can open it and give it a sniff


Added a platform to 145L RUB for Vince. 

The platform is a sheet of 3mm thick polypropylene (45 x 32 cm). I soldered holes along the long edge and cable tied them onto one side of the tub.  Then soldered two holes on each of the short sides and attached some loops of plastic coated garden wire.  These loop around the support struts on the tub and can’t come unhooked when the tub lid is clipped on. I did a weight test with just under 3kg and no issues (Vince nearly weighs 1kg).

The cable ties being on one side mean I can easily pull the platform back for cleaning ect.  I then put all the substrate and bits and pieces back in. (There is a humid hide under those rocks).  I have put a non slip mat on the platform for traction on the smooth plastic, It’s just tucked in round the edges so can be easily removed if it gets dirty. We’ll see how that holds up. 

Chucked a couple of pieces of  lightweight cork-bark on top and there ya have it. Makes more use of the space in that tub and Vince was straight on it when I put him back in…Pics of that to follow. He is still sitting there in the time its taken me to write this post up it’s pretty cute.        

So, apparently I’m part of a thieves’ guild now.

They’re talking about training?? Teaching me skills?? And something about equipment.

Glove, weird throwing knives, and a dagger were given to me, along with a buttload of weird colored drinks in glass jars with a CORK in the top of each bottle. Also a bag for said buttload of weird drinks in glass jars and other misc. crap.

‘Give me ten minutes and I’ll give you a demonstration of some basic beginner skills!’

……..okay. I mean, I’m already pretty alright, but. Okay.

Okay, but what about genie!Cas?

Dean finds a weird glass bottle while working a case, and he knows it’s magical, so he takes it back to the bunker with him. The bottle is jewel coloured and corked at the top, and further inspect of the cork by Sam reveals that the jar is warded and something powerful resides inside.

Whoever opens the bottle and breaks the cork seal will be master of the power within. 

Dean decides to open the bottle, figuring that it will give them an advantage over the usual monsters they fight.

He’s not prepared for the flash of bright light or the man who appears, half-naked, in a cloud of smoke when the bottle is opened.

The guy is gorgeous, with ethereal blue eyes and messy dark hair.

He drapes himself around Dean and smiles at him.

“Master,” he says, his voice deep and rich. “I am Castiel and I am yours to command.”  

A Different Feeling

Cas’s grace was the final ingredient for the spell to cure the Mark, turning him into a human again. But Dean’s finally realized what it is he wants out of life, and he’s going to make sure Cas knows it.

“That’s it?” Dean asked, warily looking at the small vile in Sam’s hand. It was no bigger than his pinky finger, and glowed a vague blue in the low lighting of his bedroom. There was a cork in the top, and as Sam sat down on the bed beside him, Dean was sure he saw a kind of white shadow inside it, moving and shifting like smoke. “What was the final ingredient?” His voice was hoarse, tired, and he was fighting the exhaustion that constantly threatened to overwhelm him – resulting in pale, sweaty skin, bloodshot eyes, and shaky breathing.

He didn’t know how long he could really keep fighting this curse.

“Something rare, naturally,” Sam offered him a small smile. “I’ll tell you about it after. First, let’s see if this is even going to work.” He’d taken Dean’s arm, the sleeve already rolled up to reveal the Mark. Careful not to drop the vile, he uncorked it and plugged the top with his thumb before lowering it to the scar.

It was a spell of sorts, one they’d gotten after thoroughly threatening Metatron. The rare ingredients they’d haggled through Rowena and Crowley, who’d wanted a fair share of the bunker’s stores. It’s been a considerable loss, but if this worked, Sam knew it will have been worth it. He just hoped he’d put the spell together right. Sure, Sam had dabbled in witchcraft, but he was no master by any means.

The only snag they’d come across was the last ingredient of the spell, which Cas had told Sam he’d translate from enochian once they had everything else ready. He’d come through on his word, and now it was the moment of truth.

“Ready?” Sam asked, catching his older brother’s tired green eyes.

“I guess so,” Dean replied, a kind of fighting hope apparent in his expression. Because he wanted this to work, but had given up already and was afraid to be optimistic.

Taking a deep breath, Sam steadied his own hands before slightly tipping the vile. Removing his thumb, he hovered it just above the Mark on Dean’s arm, careful to make sure the first thing the liquid touched was that damnable scar.

It sunk into the crevices of the Mark, seeming drawn to its outline before the glowing blue settled. They watched it, breath held tight and eyes intent. At first, nothing happened – it just sat. Which was disconcerting and disappointing to both. They’d expected something flashy, something painful. Anything but this calm coolness Dean could feel sinking slowly into his arm.

Like an icepack without the freezer burn.

But then, right before their eyes, the concoction suddenly seeped away. Like water eaten up by dried, desperate dirt, it simply vanished, a vague outline of the mark left for only a second before that too disappeared.

With little in the way of pomp and circumstance, Dean’s arm was smooth again.

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Mini Witch Bottles

Making mini witch bottle is also one of my favorites. Most stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby have tiny little bottles with cork tops about an inch and a half tall. The ones I get are usually clear, but I have some green ones I want to use. Those stores also have strings of beads made out of gem stone chips. Those can get pricey, but I find them well worth it since they are what I like to fill my mini witch bottles with.

Say for instance we were going to make a bottle to try and gain employment and therefore wealth. I put a layer of citrine chips on the bottom, a layer of green aventurine chips in the middle, and another layer of citrine as the top layer, put a few drops of frankincense oil in there, charged the whole mess with my intention, and then glued the cork in place so it couldn’t be opened again. I let my bottle/amulet charge in direct sunlight right after making it.

To promote health I’ve used black onyx (to banish baneful influences) on the bottom of a mini witch bottle, followed by garnet (for menstrual health), then amethyst (for mental and psychic health), then turquoise (for physical health), and lastly rose quartz (for emotional health); then all of that is drowned in purified salt water. This bottle was for a close friend of mine. She treated mostly as a good luck charm, but she did tell me later that she did feel stronger and happier, her menstrual cycle evened out, and (most importantly at the time) her nightmares dramatically decreased. She now keeps it on her bedpost all the time.

My basic process is:

1) Pick your stones/ingredients.

2) Decide what order you want them in or if you’re just going to mix them all up.

3) Decide on your oil or water mix.

4) Put everything in the bottle, with the oil or water as the last thing.

5) Charge the open bottle with your intention – you can visualize this step as pouring your intention/energy into the bottle like water (it won’t displace anything).

6) Ring the inner lip of the bottle’s opening with glue and cork the bottle. Maybe dab a bit of the oil you put on the inside on top of the cork as a sort of seal.

7) Let it sit to charge in either sunlight or moonlight (whichever is more appropriate).


Full Face Snorkeling Mask - By Tribord

This full-face snorkeling mask has a dual air-flow system that eliminates all the condensation from the mask. How about water entering the mask via the snorkel, you might wonder? Well, with the Easybreath, this is virtually impossible since the mask has a mechanism that acts as a cork and plugs the top of the snorkel.