cork tops


Little protection spell for someone you love

•small rose quartz
•vial with cork top
•rose petals
•red/pink/white candle

add everything into the vial whilst thinking about the person you want to protect


seal top with wax or burn the candle next to the vial, focus your intent and blow the candle out when finished

Mini Protection Vial

For @apollog-y.

This is an all-around protection spell, but it can be modified with intent to specific situations. It can be applied to yourself, another person, or an entire household.


  • a tiny vial with a cork
  • sea salt
  • black pepper / peppercorns
  • onion powder
  • basil
  • crumbled bay leaves
  • cinnamon
  • rosemary
  • two tealights (optional)
  • a taglock (optional)

Prep for spellwork in any way you wish or normally do.

If you would like, cleanse the vial, but it isn’t necessary.

If you are using the candles, light them now. 

Layer equal amounts of each ingredient in the vial, in the following order: sea salt, black pepper / peppercorns, cinnamon, onion powder, crumbled bay leaves, basil, rosemary.

As you add each ingredient, focus on your intent, and what you wish the herb to do for you. Do your best to feel the energy of each herb. Feel free to channel your own energy into the herbs to amplify them, continuing to focus on your desire to be safe.

If you wish to be protected from a certain scenario / person / etc., keep that in mind as you are channeling.

Out loud, or in your head, request the assistance of the herb’s energy to keep you protected. 

If you are doing the spell for a house, specify that you would like the entire area protected. If you are doing this spell for a friend, specify them by name and request the energies be directed toward them.

If you wish to use a taglock (either for yourself or for a friend), place it in the vial at the end, after all the other ingredients have been layered.

Close the vial.

If you used the candles, wait until enough wax has melted and pooled, and dip the cork / top of the vial into the wax, to seal it. You can find a tutorial for this by @witchy-woman [here].

Carry it on your person when you wish to feel its energies upon you.

If the spell is for a household, keep it in a central room if you can; otherwise, anywhere the vial will be kept safely is fine. If you are performing this spell for a friend, give the vial to them if you can.

Don’t Burn Down Your House: Safety Tips for Witches

It’s easy (and fun, I know!) to go charging head-first into spellwork and the Craft, but I feel like I’ve scorched enough carpets and spilled wax on enough altar cloths that I should warn you (fair heed!) about a couple ways to maximize your craft while minimizing damage.

1. Be careful with open flames - Things can catch on fire, even if the flame isn’t touching them! Putting candles in holders, fireproof buckets, cauldrons, and mugs are all good ways to keep your candles burning safely indoors without having to babysit them.

2. Wax comes off when you freeze it (so don’t try to re-melt it by applying heat, or you’ll just make a big mess). Try popping your wax-stained stuff in the freezer.

3. Cork tops can catch fire, so be careful when sealing cork-topped spell bottles with a candle. Always put it out before it can set the cork alight (and if you’re trying to scorch the top, babysit the candle so you know to blow it out when i’t’s done).

4. Treat every spell you do like it’s going to work. As a basic witchy precaution, always plan and assume any spell you’re going to cast will work as intended. Don’t cast any spells you don’t want the outcome of, and consider very carefully whether the spell’s results are your own desired results. Consider a spell’s ramifications, and always keep a way to reverse “permanent” spells on-hand (aka, don’t chuck away a binding bottle, since you might want to un-bind the subject one day).

5. Ground and center, eat and drink - After hefty spellwork or ritual, it’s good to eat or drink something nourishing to replenish your energy (physically and mentally). It can be tempting to stay in that lightheaded, witchy place, but you will (I can assure you) start to get a headache, or a psychic migraine, or any other label you want to put on “magical brain drain”. Take care of yourself!

6. Essential oils and herbs aren’t all “safe”. Do your research before using any oils or herbs on yourself - especially if you’re ingesting them! For example, many old recipes for Flying Ointment require ingredients that are actual poison, even when simply rubbed on the body. DEFINITELY don’t use oils or herbs on pets or animals (there are a few plants that are the exception - parsley, catnip or catmint for cats, for instance. Again, thorough research is the key!)

7. Write down what you did. If you’re trying out a new spell, ritual, craft, or other device, keeping a record of what you’ve done is essential to managing your Craft! You’ll learn from your work, and be able to keep track of which spells you’ve cast and its effects.

This is my anointing/dressing oil for candles* in my money and business spells, reinforcing my intent. The best part, it’s super cheap and only as complicated as you make it.


  • Basil
  • Ginger
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon Stick(s)
  • Carrier Oil(I use olive oil)*


  • A Bottle/Jar(no cork tops!)
  • Citrine*
  • Incense/Smoke(I use cinnamon)*
  • Music that talks about money/makes you feel rich*

Light your incense, cleanse your space, put on some music!
Cleanse your tools and set out all of your materials.
Add basil, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon stick(s) to the container.
Feel the properties of the ingredients in your fingers.
Match them with your intent.

Next, add the carrier oil and fill the container till there’s just enough room to let you shake it up.
Seal the bottle and dance.*
Shake the bottle as you dance your energy into the oil.
Set the bottle down after some time, place the citrine on top of it, then continue dancing over the bottle until you feel you can stop.

Occasionally shake the bottles at least once a day for a week and it’s ready.

((*Notes: Grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and I mean technically any oil if you’re not planning on wearing it will work.
*Citrine is optional
*Incense are optional/used for cleansing
*If you are unable to use music or dance then meditate instead.))


Finally getting around to posting my giveaway to celebrate 1000+ followers!

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An incense burner/holder
A cork top glass jar candle (it smells great)

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The Perfect Wife

 “Thomas your uncle isn’t a psychopath,” Tom’s mother replied, pushing him aside to grab her suitcase.

   “Why can’t I just stay home alone?” Thomas whined, his mother giving him an evil glare.

   “We’ve already discussed this too many times Tom.”

   “Please mom, I promise I’ll behave myself!”

   “No way! We’re not getting into this again, especially after what happened last time!”

   “The party was a one time thing! Come on mom!”

   “No Thomas, that’s enough. Now come on it time to get going.”


   Thomas was being forced to stay with his Uncle Sherman for the weekend while his parents went away to celebrate their anniversary on a cruise line somewhere along the east coast. Sherman was the closest relative, living only an hour away from Thomas’s house. Due to Tom’s many episodes in the past, his mother was forcing him to stay with his uncle to ensure nothing would happen to their house while away.

   They rode off at around noon-time. Thomas doze off staring out the car window; he really didn’t want to stay with his uncle. None the less, they arrived at Sherman’s house within an hour’s time. Sherman lived alone in a rather large house that could’ve been mistaken as a mansion if it were any bigger. Tom’s parents bid him goodbye, and left him alone in front of the massive house. Thomas slowly made his way up onto the front porch and approached the door which was pieced together using beautiful stained glass. Thomas hesitated to knock, not wanting to possibly damage the glass he instead struck the doorbell. After a minute of waiting no one appeared to be coming to open it. Thomas tried to see into the house, but he could barely make out anything with the windows blurring his perception.

   Tom was about to head off down the road, when the door burst open abruptly, and out stepped a thin, toned, and slick-haired younger man probably in his early 30s.

   “Hey Tommy!” Sherman shouted, making his way down the porch to give Tom an awkward hug. “How have you been doing?”

   “Umm… good?” Tom hesitated to reply.

   “Good to hear! Sorry about taking so long to get down, I was in the bathroom finishing up cleaning. This huge house gets pretty dusty from time to time.”


   “Well anyways I guess I’ll go ahead and show you around!”

   Sherman lead Tom upstairs to the guest room where he would be sleeping, and lead him around the house to show him where things were. Sherman seemed to take pride in showing off his house to Tom who despised the fact he was there at all. After finishing their tour, Sherman lead Tom downstairs to the kitchen.

   “Feel free to help yourself to anything you want kiddo!” Sherman exclaimed, opening the cabinets to reveal a cornucopia of boxes, bags, and jars of snacks, pastries, and whatever else you could’ve imagined. “Sorry that I can’t have anyone prepare you anything. Sadly, my maid Reese has had to go take care of some family affairs, and won’t be back for a while.”

   “Are you the only one taking care of the house then?” Tom replied, trying to stay invested in the conversation.”

   “Yes, but it’s a pain considering I have to attend to work for most of the day. I’ve been trying to find a replacement, but no one has turned up for the ad, and I was considering paying a decent amount as well.”

   “How much?”

   “Probably around $25 an hour.”

   Thomas’s eyes widened, $25 per hour?! That was a steal, especially considering all you had to do was dust up the house since no one else was around to make any sort of mess.

   “Hey,” Thomas perked up, “Perhaps I can help you out.”

   “Really Tommy my boy!” Sherman eyes glistened.

   “Yeah, what the heck. Might as well make some money while I’m here.”

   “Haha! This is great! Thanks a ton Tommy!”

   Sherman grasped Thomas by his hand, and frantically shook it.

   “You’re a life saver my boy!” Sherman said, leading Tom out into the parlor. “Ok, so all you have to do is go around and do the usual chores such as doing the laundry, cleaning dishes, sweeping, and you get the idea. Feel free to take your time. All I ask is that you get it done by the end of the day. You can go ahead and use Reese’s cleaning supplies which can be found upstairs in her room, in her closet.”

   “Sounds good,” Tom said.

   “Great! Ok, I need to run off to a meeting, so I’ll be back a little bit later. Feel free to make yourself at home! And help yourself to anything you like! Thanks again!”

   Sherman slammed the door shut behind him. The slamming echoed throughout the house, which enhanced the feeling of its largeness and emptiness. Tom gazed around, and figured he’d get started cleaning considering he didn’t have much else to do. He went upstairs into Reese’s room and found what appeared to be her closet. He tried to open it, but the door wouldn’t budge. Thomas yanked on it hard a few good times, and it eventually popped open with a ton of cleaning supplies falling over on top of him.

   After bringing himself back up off the floor, Thomas began to dig through the pile of supplies. He pulled out some yellow rubber gloves, a pink wash cloth, some hair bands, some high heel boots, a lacy black bra, some panties, incredibly short shorts, and a checkered crop top. It looked like Reese had mixed up her clothes with the supplies. Tom went back into the pile one more time, and pulled out some more cleaning supplies as well as something else. He held up a glass flask in his hand that appeared to still be halfway full of liquor. Thomas was tempted by this, he had never gotten a chance to taste any sort of alcohol before. Then he remembered his Uncle’s words that echoed inside his head: “And help yourself to anything you like!” Thomas got a devious grin on his face. Well his Uncle did say he could help himself to whatever he liked.

   Thomas popped the cork off the top of the flask, and gurgled down a few sips of the liquor. It was incredibly strong tasting, and stung Tom’s throat a little before he got used to it. It was sweet yet tangy, and held a heavy aftertaste of that sweetness. Tom fell in love with the liquor and continued to guzzle down more and more non-stop. Tom bumped the flask on the bottom a couple of times to get those few last drops before he rested the bottle of the floor. He could feel himself growing dizzy as his vision began to blur in and out. Tom could hear himself giggling, as he stood up and stumbled across the floor picking up the yellow gloves and pink cloth. He stumbled out into the hallway, and made his downstairs into the kitchen. Upon reaching the kitchen Tom stopped in his tracks and bent over as vomit burst out of his mouth all over the floor.

   “Whoopsy daisy,” Tom mumbled to himself, as he walked over to the sink to soak the wash cloth.

   He struggled to hold himself up while dampening the cloth, and ended up falling into the sink getting his shirt completely soaked. Tom turned off the water, and yanked off his shirt. Now what was he going to do? Tom figured he’d just suck it up and clean the puke off the floor as he was. He could take a shower afterwards anyways.

   Thomas flopped over onto the floor awkwardly positioning himself on his arms and legs. He took the cloth and slowly began to wipe back and forth trying to clean as much of the puke as he could.

   As Thomas did this he couldn’t help but feel his weight beginning to shift, or at least he thought it was. He shook it off a moment later though, it was probably just from the liquor. However, this was not the case as Tom hadn’t noticed he’d shrunk down a foot in size. His arms and legs were beginning to shorten as well, and was followed by the shrinkage of his hands and feet. Being too drunk to notice though, Thomas just continued to wipe away at the floor.

   You would think that he would’ve picked up on the changes as his hair grew out flowing down to his shoulders, but even this didn’t catch Tom’s attention. He appeared to be in somewhat of a trance as he cleaned the floor. Changes continued to manifest all over Tom’s body as he continued to wipe down the floor. Soft snaps and cracks popped off up and down Tom’s body starting with his face. Tom squinted trying to ignore the pain, once again he convinced himself it was just the alcohol tricking him. However, this was evidently not the case, as many of his facial features had shrunk down. With a cute nose, plump tender lips, a smooth jawline, rosy cheeks, and two beautiful round eyes, Tom had the face of a beautiful trophy wife that gave off a gaze shouting “bimbo”!

   Not only did his face completely alter, but his long hair had appeared to magically lift itself up, tying itself into a big gold bow. This was the least of Tom’s worries, while he was still trapped in his cleaning trance. His body’s entire framework had begun to drastically shift as well. Tom’s body wiggled back and forth as major snaps went off like a firecracker. His shoulders rounded off with his back-snapping inwards forcing him to awkwardly push his butt out into the air. Tom’s stomach snapped inwards as well, as his entire body fluctuated. All his muscle seemed to magically vanish from his body while new fat pushed Tom’s upper chest and hips out giving him a slender figure eight figure. His pants and boxers were barely hanging on as he swung his hips back and forth as he continued to clean.

   Once again Tom’s body shrunk even more, but instead it was only his torso that shrunk down. His legs on the other hand had stretched out a few more inches making them incredibly long and thin. Tom’s pants and boxes fell around his knees, now leaving himself exposed on the kitchen floor.

   What was next? Well that irritating body hair had to go, and so it did. All of it appeared to evaporate from Tom’s body without any rhyme or reason. Even tom’s stubble had vanished as well leaving him with beautifully smooth skin. Not only this, but it began to glow as it turned from a pale tone to a vibrant peachy tone.

   “What the fuck?” Tom yelled, finally snapping out of his trance.

               He immediately stopped wiping the floor, and stood up straight with his dick flopping back and forth. He looked down at his horrendously misshapen body, and began to panic. He had no idea what had happened, and what to do. It was too late at this point for him to do anything though. As he continued to scream in hysteria his voice only began to grow higher and higher in pitch until he was left a sweet and tender southern accent.

               “What in tarnation? Tom spoke, grasping his neck. “What in the hay is going on here?”

               Tom wrapped his delicate hands around his smooth waist, as he felt something begin to stir up in his thighs and hips.

               “Oh, sweet mama…” Tom cooed, as he felt his thighs begin to push out.

               Tom’s thighs swelled up like water balloons, as they jiggled outward. This only continued up to Tom’s hips pushed out even further, Tom quickly grasped his bottom as he felt it bubble out. It was soft as a pillow. Tom’s attention was quickly brought back up to his chest as he realized his nipples were enlarging. He poked one with his little slender fingers and shuddered at how sensitive they were.

               Tom immediately grabbed his chest a moment later when he felt it begin to push out. He tried to hold it back, but the pressure built up too much for him to hold back. Two breasts shot out of his chest, causing Tom to fall backwards onto his bottom. Tom’s eyes widened feeling the final change begin to occur.

               He watched himself in disbelief as his manhood began to slowly shrivel up and curl into his body. For a moment his groin was bare, but she shrieked a moment later when she felt her inwards begin to move around forcing her to stretch her body around as well. Suddenly her groin ripped open forming into a moist pussy that oozed with sexual juices.

               Tom breathed heavily in and out for a few minutes before she could come to terms with her new body. She stood up and studied her new figure. She walked over into the bathroom looking up and down her sexy body in awe.

               “Damn, I got some sweet little bunnies, don’t I?” Tom said, squeezing her two little breasts.

               She began to moan as she encircled her nipples with her fingers. Tom snapped out of it though, she needed to find a way to get back to her normal self. She tried to think about what to she could do, and then she remembered the liquor. Tom booked it upstairs into Reese’s room, and grabbed the flask, but there was nothing left in it. She panicked, and began to dig through the large pile of cleaning supplies to find anything she could use, but all was loss.

               Tom fell onto her knees and sniffled. She didn’t want this, why did this happen? How did this happen? She pondered how she would go on. What would her parents think? What would– SLAM! The front door came flying open. Tom nearly shrieked, but kept her cool. She quickly got up, and scrambled around the room for a place to hide. There weren’t any good hiding spots though.

               “Tommy?” Sherman yelled, from downstairs.

               Tom panicked, there was no way she could let Sherman see her like this. And to top it all off if he found out about the liquor she’d be in deeper trouble. Her parents were incredibly strict about drinking, and even one sip could’ve led to them disowning Tom. She ran around the room, but then spotted something interesting. It was a picture of Reese on the side of the bed with her friends, but looking closer Tom realized she looked exactly like her. That liquor had turned Tom into Reese!

               Tom didn’t know how to coop with this, but she had to think fast as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Tom then had a brainstorm. She ran over and picked up Reese’s clothes. She slipped on the panties, bra, shorts, crop top, and boots. If she could pretend to be Reese for long enough she could get out of the house, and find some other way to change back on her own to avoid any trouble with her family.

               The door came flying open and Sherman stepped inside staring down Tom.

               “Reese?” Sherman said. “I thought you had to head out to your father’s funeral?”

               “Umm,” Tom stuttered, trying to think, “Well you see… I umm… forgot my… err…”

               “Is there something you aren’t telling me Reese?”

               “Umm… ugh… fine. I just wanted to… come back home… it was too much for me?”

               “Reese, are you feeling ok?”

               “Well umm…. wait, yeah I’m not feeling well… that’s why I came home!”

               “I see, well I assume you’ll be heading home soon?”

               “Yes, I need to be on my way. So, I’ll just be going.”

               Tom sped across the room about to make her way out into the hallway when Sherman replied.

               “Wait, how about you just stay here!” Sherman exclaimed. “I mean I really wouldn’t want you to be alone while your father just passed away. You should really stay Reese. Besides I believe it’s been a while since we last enjoyed each other’s company.”

               “Umm… well I really need to go,” Tom stuttered, but Sherman grabbed her and dragged her back into the room.

               “No, I won’t let you Reese! I insist you stay here with me tonight. I can’t help but feel awful leaving you alone at a time like this. It’s too awful to think about you being alone.”

               “Please no.”

               Sherman had clearly already made up his mind as he decided he would make soup for the both as he left the room and made his way down to the kitchen. Tom needed to get out of there and fast. She ran for the door, but was stopped by it slamming her in the face as Sherman came back in knocking Tom onto the floor.

               “Oh dear!” Sherman said, dropping a blanket rushing to help Tom onto Reese’s bed. “You really must sit down Reese.”

               “No…” Tom muttered, but she was too weak to move.

               “There, there Reese,” Sherman said, patting Tom on the head with her body propped up against his while sitting on the bed. “It’s been a while since we last got to sit down together alone and just talk.”

               “Ugh… I just…”

               “No, please Reese rest your head.”


               Tom let her hand down trying to hold herself up, but it fell right on Sherman’s crotch where she could feel Sherman’s dick. Not realizing what it was she squeezed it softly. Tom could feel blood rush to her head as she grew drowsy due to the door hitting her. It was almost like she was getting drunk again. She could hear muttering, but couldn’t make out what Sherman was saying. She muttered herself without thinking about what she was saying. Suddenly she felt herself fall over onto the bed.

               Tom looked up to see Sherman stripping himself of his clothing revealing his rather tight and muscly body. She tried to move, but to no avail. Besides Sherman looked kind of sexy. Tom’s mind grew ever woozier until she was unable to think at all. All she saw was a sexy man in front of her. She rubbed her head sitting up where Sherman grasped her crop top and unbuttoned it to reveal her lacy bra which nicely cupped her little breasts.

               “Love me Reese!” Sherman exclaimed.

               “Mmm… Yes!” Tom replied, completely out of it.

               Tom undid her bra to reveal her breasts, as Sherman lunged at her. Both brought their lips together beginning to make-out passionately on the bed. Tom could feel herself grow wet down below as they smacked their mouths together. Sherman gently stroked Tom’s breasts which only added onto the immense pleasure she was experiencing. She couldn’t hold it in any longer as she felt a burst of juices flood into her panties. Sherman picked up on this yanking down Tom’s shorts and panties to reveal her juicy sticky pussy which was wide open ready to be taken advantage of.

               “Fill me,” Tom mumbled, in erotic raunchy tone.

               She instinctively grabbed Sherman’s cock which she brought down to her pussy, and gave Sherman a wink. Sherman took pride in ramming his cock up into Tom, as Tom began to shriek of pleasure. Each time Sherman pumped his cock inside Tom, Tom felt an explosion of pleasure shock her entire body as she let out a long moan.

               Sweat and cum flew around the couple as they continued to make passionate love throughout the night, until they both eventually passed out. Tom woke up fearing Sherman move around her in the morning.

               “Rise and shine, sleeping beauty,” Sherman teased, caressing Tom’s slit.

               Tom couldn’t recall where she was and who she was, all she could remember is that she loved Sherman, and… oh yeah! She was his beloved trophy wife Reese!

               “Hey baby,” Reese said, pulling Sherman down for a long-wet kiss. “Mmm… you’re too good to me baby.”

               “Well you’re all worth it doll.”

               “How about you take a shower, and I’ll go get you some breakfast once I’m finished cleaning up in here big boy.”

               “Sounds good my little bunny-boo.”

               Sherman left the room leaving Reese alone to herself. She smiled looking down at herself which was covered in loads of cum. She bent over using her flexibility to her advantage as she began to lick cum off from her stomach, and then her thighs.

               Reese had quite a bit of cleaning up to do.


Denim with torn seams were in style back in the 2000′s, Even patched denim, and having flare jeans or pants were a must. Also asymmetrical skirts and dresses were quite popular.Along with sporting skirts and even dresses over a pair of jeans.  Lots of bangles and hoop earrings. Layered shirts, tube tops, Halter Tops, Wedge cork heel shoes and ballet flats, Shoes or pumps with pointed toes, Anything with sequins or circular tiny studs.

Music Series: Found You by Kane Brown

When I first listened to this song, my first thought was, “Eh…it’s not bad, but I don’t necessarily love it.” Although I do really like some country music, it is a slippery slope. My taste in country music is fine-tuned inside my brain. Country music and I have a history, and it is not always a good one. It’s like a bad marriage…I try to remember the good times, but just can’t forget the bad…

But…that being said, as I listened to the lyrics, I realized an imagine was instantly forming in my head. So, putting my thoughts aside about the song itself for the sake of art and creativity, here is your imagine. Thank you to the Anon who requested it. I love hearing new music, regardless of whether I end up loving it or not. As a writer, I try to expose myself and explore all music, so thanks.

This is “Found You” by Kane Brown, which you can find HERE on Spotify. Enjoy! xo

p.s. Anyone know how to make the screen print of the requests not turn blurry as they post? I like including them to make the post stand out, but as soon as it loads, it blurs. Thanks!



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Safe Place

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (Human) x Isaac Lahey
Words: 956
Warnings: mentions of abuse, sad isaac :( and that’s it.
Request? yes or no
A/N: so i had some feels and Isaac was on my mind. i’m sorry it’s so sad. well not to sad just enough to make you feel i guess? idk hope you all like it. 

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Happiness Can’t Be Arranged, Chapter 4

For @glindalovesshoes​ who requested Regina caring for Roland when he’s sick; and for the anon who requested Regina overhearing Robin defending her to his father.

Previous chapters can be found HERE.

Thanks to @mearcats for looking it over and finding all my ridiculous errors :)

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Hogwarts Is My Home p2 - Wolfstar

A/N: Sorry it took so long to update, school is a bitch when you’re doing every hard subject. Enjoy!

Part One

Sirius hit Potter with the pillow once more before he heard the bathroom door close. He looked around for the fourth member of their room but did not find him.

“Hey Pettigrew, was that Lupin?” he asked Pettigrew.

“Call me Peter. And yeah,” Peter replied.

“Yeah, no need for formalities between friends right? Just James for me,” James hit Sirius again causing a brief battle to commence.


It finally ended only when the shower in the other room turned on.

Sirius threw his pillow behind him where it belonged and jumped down to sit on the bed, “Is he alright though?”

Peter and James looked at each other.

“He seemed fine to me,” James said copying Sirius, sitting on his own bed, “A little weird sure but there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“That’s not what I mean. He didn’t look like he was going to eat at the feast until I filled up his plate. Also, when he mentioned his mum he kinda, I dunno, closed off I guess? You were the first to meet him, Pete. You think anything was up?” Sirius and James both directed their attention to the mousey boy.

“I- uh. His Muggle clothes were pretty daggy. Second-hand and oversized, like his robes. He kinda zoned out for a bit too when I asked what house he might be in.”

Sirius thought for a bit and James looked over at him, his gaze almost calculating.

“Could have been something to do with his mum again. Maybe something happened to her?” James offered, adjusting his glasses. The other two nodded.

“He also didn’t have any money that I could tell. When the trolley came round it was obvious he wanted something, he lit up at the mention of chocolate,” Peter gave a small chuckle along with the others, “He couldn’t get any though. I gave him a chocolate frog, he ate it so fast.”

“Well he likes chocolate then,” Sirius laughed.

“Who doesn’t?!” Peter exclaimed and flushed when the other two laughed in a light-hearted, friendly way.

A few minutes of laughing and friendly banter about Peter’s size, James stopped, remembering something that Sirius mentioned.

“Wait, he only ate when you served him the food? What? That’s kinda a stuck up thing to do, you’re not a House Elf.”

The other two stopped laughing too.

“It didn’t seem that way. He looked nervous to take the food and only reluctantly ate it after I got it for him, almost as if he was going to get into trouble for eating it or something.”


The bathroom door shut, causing all the boys to jump. They hadn’t heard the shower shut off.

They all stared at Lupin as he put away his robes, now wearing his long-sleeved, oversized, light brown pyjamas.

“What?” Lupin asked them, with a look of amusement on his face but had a glimmer of fear in his eyes, “Have I got something on my face?”

James and Peter turned away and gathered up their own shower supplies to get in.

“No. You just startled us is all,” Sirius told him. Remus seemed to relax a bit but still stared at the other two warily.

Sirius went to go and get his pyjamas too, not bothering to have a shower, he’d do that in the morning, he was too tired now.

Lupin fiddled with the latch on his trunk before it sprung open and the tawny haired boy shrunk back with a small yelp, clutching his left hand to his chest.

“You okay Lupin?” asked Sirius as the other two had departed from the room moments before.

Lupin looked terrified, “Y-yes. I’m f-f-fine. Don’t w-worry about it.”

Sirius looked down at Lupin’s hand to glimpse an inflamed, angry red burn mark just below the boy’s palm. He crossed the room in under three steps and seized his hand in his own.

“What happened!?” Sirius looked at Lupin with a mix of worry and confusion.

The shorter boy tore his hand from Sirius’s grasp with a surprising amount of strength, “Just something I had in my trunk was hot. It’s fine.”

“That is not fine! You’ve got to go to the hospital wing!”

“Its fine,” Remus said softly digging in his trunk with his uninjured hand, as though he was looking for something.

“What are you doing?” asked Sirius, lowering the raised volume in his voice as he crouched down next to Lupin.

“Just – trying – to – Ahh! Got it!”

Lupin pulled out a small, green bottle with a cork in the top and no label, with a smile. He popped the cork and rubbed a dab of the substance on the burn, which immediately deflated and looked a bit better. Sirius looked at him with confusion, hoping Lupin would explain. Thankfully, he did.

“It’s just an old healing potion, an ointment my dad sells in a small time shop in our town,” Lupin shrugged.

“Yes, but why do you have it?”

“I’m clumsy,” said Lupin a-matter-of-factly.

Sirius couldn’t help but let out a small, exasperated snort, “Well that makes it normal then does it?”

Lupin tensed and grabbed a book out of his trunk before closing in with much more ease than it took to open and retreated behind the curtains on his bed, muttering a small “Goodnight” to Sirius.

Sirius, who was rather confused at the sudden finality of the conversation, got up and went to his own bed.

Not much later James came sauntering out of the bathroom in scarlet pyjamas with Golden Snitch’s on chuckling.

“You know Pete sings in the shower. I recon he forgot I was there.”

Earlier confusion forgotten, Sirius laughed along with his friend.


When Sirius awoke the next morning, Lupin was not in the room, nor the bathroom, much to the pureblood’s disappointment. He had wanted to question him about what happened the night before, and see if the burn was any better.

“Morin’,” groaned Peter from two beds across from Sirius’s own.

“Hey Pete, you know where Lupin is?” Sirius asked, gesturing to the empty bed.

Peter’s eyebrows furrowed as he glanced behind him at Lupin’s bed, “No. Maybe he’s downstairs.”


A loud yawn sounded from the bed between Peter’s and Sirius’s.

James’s curtains split open to reveal an overly messy mop of dark hair, “Morning lads.” He looked around, “Where’s Lupin?”

“We were just wondering that,” Sirius informed him.

James huffed, apparently still to groggy to care at the time being.

“You two know when breakfast is?” asked Peter.

Sirius laughed and James threw a pillow at the confused Peter.

“Oh screw off Pete! I’m not even properly awake yet!”

Once the three boys had dressed they headed down to the common room in search of their missing roommate.

“Hey Evans!” James yelled, looking much more awake now, “Seen Lupin?”

Lily Evans looked up from the book that was resting in her lap. Neither Sirius nor James recognised the title but Peter did from his dad’s book collection back home. The title read, ‘The Hobbit’.

“Lupin? No, I haven’t seen him. Isn’t he in your room?”

“Yeah but he wasn’t there when we woke up so we thought he’d be here. Obviously not,” said Sirius, voice trailing off slightly at the end.

A pretty, brunette girl sitting with a group of other first year girls yelled over to the boys, mainly James and Sirius, “Who cares about your lost puppy, come sit with us!”

Sirius scowled. Lupin was no puppy. Sure he was weird and seemed shy, but a puppy? They didn’t see his strength when he got out of Sirius’s hold. James also looked a bit uncomfortable, glancing sideways at Sirius, noticing his expression. Peter just looked confused.

“Fisher! Can’t you see I’m talking to them?” snapped Evans.

“Okay. Jeez. Sorry Evans.”

Evans shook her head as the girls went back to chatting, “You should check the Great Hall. He might be having breakfast already.”

“Thanks,” said all three of the boys before the left the room, James looking back at the red head with a look Sirius could only describe as longing.

“She’s gorgeous,” proclaimed James when they approached the open doors of the Great Hall.

Sirius elbowed him lightly with a smirk, “Told you, you fancy her.”

“Do not.”

“Yes you do.”

“Lads,” interrupted Peter.

James and Sirius looked up to see Lupin sitting as far away from everyone at the Gryffindor table as possible, carefully picking out a second egg from the food racks, his plate had already been half filled with food.

Sirius plopped down next to him while James sat on the other side, Peter next to James.

“Morning Lupin. Wondered where you’d gotten to,” Sirius said, smiling that they had found him.

Lupin smiled and slightly flinched as he dropped the egg on the racks, still trapped. Sirius noticed that his left hand was bandaged.

“Is that from yesterday?” Sirius gestured to the hand.

Lupin froze and stared at the bandaged hand, “Y-yes.”

“What happened yesterday?” asked James, suddenly interested in the conversation.

“Nothing,” Lupin exclaimed instantly.

The boys went silent and Lupin went back to carefully trying to get the egg out, almost as if he didn’t want to touch the racks…

After seeing him struggle a bit more Sirius intervened, “Need a hand there mate?”

Lupin looked at him, “I’m alright. Th-thanks though.”

Sirius shook his head and got the egg for him. To his surprise, Lupin looked annoyed.

“I said I was alright,” he flushed, “You didn’t need to do that.”

Sirius felt a tug in his lower stomach that he couldn’t explain.

“So, why’d you disappear so early?” he asked, changing the subject.

“I wanted to get into the library before class this morning.”


Lupin ducked his head and shoveled some egg into his mouth to avoid the question, blushing?

Sirius noticed this and waited for his mouth to be clear so he could answer.

Lupin, realising the question would not be dropped this time, swallowed and sighed, “I’ve already read my textbooks. I wanted some extra reading.”

James’s mouth hung open, “You’ve already read them? All of them? Completely? Cover to cover?”

Lupin gave a shy, but proud, smile, “All of them. Cover to cover.”

“Blimey. I haven’t even opened any of mine!”

“Really?” Lupin looked stunted, “I pretty much read them all when I first got them.”

“Is that what you do with your time them? Read?” asked Peter, sounding genuinely confused.

“Well it’s not like there’s much else I can do…” he muttered, eating more of his eggs.

James heard him, “What do you mean ‘not much else’ you can do?”

Lupin flushed, “There isn’t much around where I live and we haven’t got much money for anything but the essentials. My mum had heaps of books before-,” his eyes widened and he stopped talking, getting up and leaving James, Sirius and Peter very confused.

Sirius watched him go and James spoke up, “Before what?”

They all looked at each other.


Sirius didn’t see much of Lupin over the course of the day. He, James and Peter would sit near the back while Lupin sat closer to the front. At first, Sirius thought he was avoiding them so no one would ask questions about why he had left early only after eating no even two eggs for breakfast as he would always be the first to leave the class. He later realised that seemed to just want to get to class before anyone else to talk to the teachers as he saw Lupin talking to Professor Slughorn when he and the others turned the corner.

“Ahh, yes, Mr Lupin, I am very aware of your…. Condition. But you needn’t worry of course, no, I’m sure you’ll be able to get the notes you miss off some of your friends.”

Lupin looked down, “I don’t have any friends though sir….”

Sirius felt a twinge of guilt in his chest and looked at James who had also overheard the conversation. Peter was too busy gawping at a pretty Hufflepuff girl passing to notice.

‘Why does Lupin think he doesn’t have any friends? Maybe it’s because we continue to call him Lupin when we use each other’s first names,’ thought Sirius, ‘Also what, condition?’

He made a mental note to inform Lupin that they were his friends later that night.

Potions sped by until they finally had their last class of the day, Transfiguration.

Lupin didn’t seem to disappear off to talk to McGonagall though, much to the other three’s surprise.

The class started but Sirius found he wasn’t paying attention, but starting over at Lupin, trying to figure him out. Lupin shivered and looked over his shoulder with a confused and annoyed look at Sirius who stiffened and listened to McGonagall for the rest of the lesson.

After class, Lupin packed his books up was about to leave before, “Mr Lupin! I would like to speak to you please.”

Lupin froze and turned back to McGonagall who gave him a polite smile.

The classroom cleared, along with James, Peter and Sirius, who hovered outside the door listen in. Luckily for Lupin though, Professor McGonagall cast a silencing charm on the room so the boys didn’t hear a thing.


Lupin entered the Great Hall when everyone was already at their tables, or with friends, eating. Sirius waved him over to where he and the others were seated, but Lupin ignored them and sat on the end of the table.

“What’s up with Lupin?” asked Peter.

“I have no idea,” replied James.

Sirius stared at the mop of tawny hair with a rejected expression.

After mostly eating what was left on his plate, Sirius said goodbye to the others to go and sit with Lupin.

He plopped down next to him and was ignored, “Hi-ya Lupin.”

Lupin looked up at him for a second with an expression Sirius didn’t recognise and then went back to his food. Sirius noticed there wasn’t much on his plate even though he had practically just walked in. It was probably because he didn’t serve himself a lot again, thought Sirius.

“Is that all you’re eating?”

Lupin stiffened, “I’m not that hungry.”

“You said that first day.”

“I know. But I’m not.”

“You didn’t even finish your eggs this morning.”

Lupin didn’t reply.

“Hey, look. I’m sorry. We, me, James and Pete, we overheard you talking to Slughorn.”

Lupin stiffened but didn’t say anything.

“I just came over here to just tell you that… you do have friends, Remus,” the shorter boy looked up, surprised, at the use of his first name, “You are our friend, mine, James’s and Peter’s.”

Remus smiled shyly, still looking unsure, “Really?”

Sirius felt his heart break a bit at the expression of such longing and hopefulness at the offer of acceptance on the smaller boy’s face, “Of course.”

“Thanks, Bla-Sirius.”

Butterflies fluttered around in his stomach at the sound of his name spoken by Remus.

People started leaving the Great Hall and Remus frowned, looked down at his watch.

“I have to go. I’m sorry.”

Sirius was confused, “What? Go where?”

“I… uh… have to…” Remus set down his cutlery, “It’s not important. I’ll see you late Sirius.”

He got up and left with a wave before Sirius could reply.

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🌟🔮 MᴄHᴀɴᴢᴏ Wᴇᴇᴋ Dᴀʏ 2: Cᴀɴᴏɴ Dɪᴠᴇʀɢᴇɴᴄᴇ/AU🔮🌟
Been busy for the past few days so I need to catch up ahhh. For the second day I decided to go for a Witch AU just cause I just love anything that has to do with Witchcraft. Here’s a quick Witch Hanzo doodle to compliment a small drabble I conjured up. Might make this into a proper full length thing, who knows. Enjoy!

❧ Love Spells

For the past month, Hanzo been weighing down different options and course of actions he could take to ask Jesse out. It was the last semester and soon they would part ways for the Summer break. His first year at the Overwatch Academy of Witchcraft had passed by like a breeze, and due to his excellent performance and examination results, his grades were the least of his problems at the current time.

It was the end of year ball and the Japanese man was clutching the tiny vail in his hand tightly. He could have never pictured himself in such a situation before. Feelings of hesitation were crawling into his being as he approached the punch table to fill a cup for him and his best friend who had decided to hang around the ball with him due to both being dateless. Of course that might have been different if the Asian Witch didn’t shy out of asking the American out. But Hanzo Shimada had a fear and that was of rejection not to mention breaking apart their inseperable bond as friends. He had already accepted that his crush on Jesse wasn’t going anywhere when his brother decided to interfere. The younger Shimada supplied him with a ‘Love Potion’ that one of his friends procured from the Headmaster’s office. At first, Hanzo was completely against the idea but the little devil convinced him otherwise. And now there he was, vail in one hand and a cup of fruity punch in the other. He had already popped the cork from its top, all he had to do now is simply pour it in McCree’s drink. After the other man drank the concoction, all that would remain was for him to kiss him before midnight struck.

It all sounded simple and the first couple of steps went by smoothly with no problem at all.

The clock chimed eleven o'clock. The Japanese Witch had a full hour to try and slip away with the cowboy fanatic to claim his lips into the kiss that would bound their fates together. He thought he had the opportunity when Jesse went out onto the balcony of the grand ballroom for a smoke however, their converstion steered into a direction that made Hanzo regret ever taking the potion vail from his brother.

“There’s this someone that has really caught m'eye, Hanners,” said the American Witch and took a deep draw from his smuggled cigar before exhaling it out in a small cloud of smoke. The older male concentrated on the gray smoke and after a few seconds, it converged into the shape of a mare, galloping away as it vanished into the air. “A real sweetheart they are but I don’t think they have it for me. They’re sophisticated and smart and refined, I doubt they’d be interested in someone like me ya know?”

A feeling of dread formed at the pit of Hanzo’s stomach. How could he carry on with his plan knowing that the man he fancied was longing for someone else? After a few moments of silence, Hanzo broke the quiet stillness of the night with his own advice on the situation. “If I were you, I’d suck it up and ask them out… you might end up regretting it later if you don’t.”

More silence followed, the cowboy staring straight up ahead at the stars above, a certain glimmer in his eyes before he lazily turned his head around to face the Japanese man again. “Maybe I might,” said Jesse, a warm smile crawling over his lips, “Yeah, I’ll ask 'em tonight.” The words only worsened the forming nausea in Hanzo’s stomach. He might actually feel sick. And it seemed that it wasn’t just him that was noticing that.

“Ah Hanzo, are ya 'right? Ya don’t look fine at all,” pointed out McCree as his smiling, peaceful face melded into one of worry, “You lookin’ as pale as death.”

“A-Ah, I’m fine,” quickly replied the other man as he took a couple of steps back, “If you could um, excuse me for a second.”
As he turned around and headed back inside, making a beeline to the bathrooms, the American’s worry only grew.

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

It was only about fifteen minutes later that the eldest Shimada reemerged from the restrooms, looking visibly shaken after throwing up. He couldn’t carry on with his plan, he’d feel too guilty if he did so. “Maybe if I don’t complete the spell the potion wears off as if nothing ever happened,” he muttered to himself.

But it wasn’t that easy, it never is for the Japanese magic user.

“What’s the matter, brother?”

Genji’s voice resounded in his ears as his brother appeared before him. “I’m fine Genji, I just felt a little sick. I’ll be better in no time,” said Hanzo. The younger of the pair gave a small nod to the other before his eyes went wide. “Hanzo! Have you succeeded with the potion I gave you?” he exclaimed, remembering the reason why he had been searching for his brother, “Did you manage to get it into his drink alright?”

“Ah, that part I managed to get in there with no issue at all. Yet I cannot carry on with the rest of the plan as he has his heart set out for someone else.”

“Shit Hanzo, listen to me,” Genji said, a worried expression taking over his features, “I can see your point in not wanting to carry on with the task at hand but you must. And before you speak over me and interrupt me, here’s why; that potion has side effects. The good one is making someone who isn’t in love with you yearn for you more than anything in this world. That happens when you seal the deal with a kiss. However, should you fail to do that before the clock strikes the middle of the night, Jesse would fall in a coma for who knows how long. You have to go out there and kiss him at this very moment.”

“Why didn’t you tell me any of the bad repercussions before!?” exclaimed Hanzo before he looked over at the mounted wall clock, the time reading to ten minutes to midnight. “Well I assumed you’d go through with it till the end,” sighed Genji but before he could say anything else, his older sibling had already bolted away from him in search for the American. First off he went to the balcony where he left him but he was  no longer there. Going back into the ballroom, he started pushing past the crowds to try to locate McCree. He asked around for any signs of Jesse and at the end he found him in the corner of the room, chattering away with Angela. Hanzo swore that his heart skipped a beat as he saw them and he was already thinking of rushing back up into his room if it weren’t for the fact that the American would collapse in a couple of minutes unless he kissed him. Yet he found himself frozen to the spot he was in regardless. His best friend seemed so happy as he hanged out with the blonde. She was a kind and loving person, not to mention a talented Witch and one of the most beautiful girls in their year with her purely angelic nature, fitting with her name. And he was about to ruin everything with his failure to carry on with the stupid love potion.

No, he was going to kiss McCree and then ask for help to reverse the spell. He would not ruin the opportunity for him. He glanced over the clock and his eyes widened in terror as he saw that it was only a couple of seconds to midnight. His feet finally found their strength again as he pushed past his classmates and went towards the pair.


The cowboy’s head sharply turned to face Hanzo but whatever he said next the Japanese man would never know as the clock loudly chimed to signal that it was midnight. 

That was it, thought Hanzo as he slumped onto the ground, looking downwards as tears started to swell in his eyes. “I’m so sorry Jesse…” he said, speaking softly as he waited to hear the other’s body fall onto the ground in a state of eternal unconsciousness. However that thump never came. Instead, two strong arms wrapped themselves around him and pulled him up against a warm, soft body. “It’s a'right darlin, Angela told me everything about you and yer brother’s little plan,” came McCree’s voice against the Japanese man’s ear. Hanzo looked up, sniffing slightly as he looked into the cowboy’s chocolate brown eyes. “Did she give you the antidote?” came his reply, his voice sounding weak. McCree shook his head in disagreement. “Then how are you … I don’t understand … ”

“Well I didn’t at first too. I thought it was a placebo potion, if that makes sense, you know, to force you into show your true feelings yet it’s the real deal after all. Although, I am how do I say it, immune to it.”

“How is that possible … ?”

“That concoction is to charm people who aren’t in love into it yeah? Well now, it doesn’t work if the person is already in love with someone. And that person Hanners, is you. I didn’t need a potion to feel the way I do about you. It’s all natural.”

The tears were freely falling from Hanzo’s eyes, rolling down his cheeks as a small smile crept upon his lips. How foolish he had been, all this time chasing after something, a love, that already existed, that was already there. A pair of soft plump lips found themselves over his own and he gingerly kissed the cowboy back, relishing in their first kiss together. He could hear his brother, hollering and wolf whistling a couple of feet behind him in the audience as he embraced McCree. After a few moments, Jesse pulled away and a wide grin plastered itself on his flustered face.

“So Hanzo, baby, would you like to … go to the dance with me?”
“It would be an honour, Jesse McCree.”

Arthur x Reader: Alone Together Part 2

I don’t own the GIF, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

No one moved.

No one breathed.

They all stared in silence at where you had just been standing.  Arthur was like a statue.  Eventually Lancelot spoke up.  “Arthur, I’m so—”  He didn’t get a chance to finish.  Arthur lunged forward and grabbed the front of Lancelot’s tunic, shoving him up against a broken pillar.

“You’re what?  You’re sorry?” He hissed.  “I don’t care if you’re sorry.  I finally had her back.  And now she’s gone.  Again!” He drew his fist back and Lancelot prepared for the blow.  Merlin however, had faster reflexes.  He grabbed Arthur’s fist.  Arthur tried to shake him off, but Merlin held on tight.  “What are you doing?” He shouted.

“Arthur, calm down!”  Arthur whirled on his manservant.  

“Calm down?  Calm down?!”  He screamed, absolutely livid.  “Y/N was missing for months and I just watched her be taken away from me again.  I have no idea where she is, who she’s with, or if she’s even alive!” Arthur’s voice cracked.  Merlin watched him sympathetically.  Arthur didn’t speak.  He just stared at his


“We’ll find her, Arthur.”

“How do you know?” He snapped.

“She came back once; that means she can come back again.” Merlin reasoned.  

“How?” He said bitterly.   “She was taken by magic.  You all saw it.” He pointed to where the rift was.  “There’s no way to get her back.”  The answer hung unsaid in the air, until Merlin finally spoke up.

“…But there is a way.” He said softly.  Arthur stared at him as though he’d grown another head.

“You know that’s not an option.”

“So what’s your plan?” Arthur didn’t answer.  “Are you really willing to turn away the one solution we may ever find?”

On the one hand, magic was outlawed in Camelot.  What sort of example would he be setting as King?

But on the other hand… Y/N.  This might be the only chance he’d get to see her again.  He’d give anything to get her back.

The choice was easy.

“What do you propose?”

“So tell me what happened again?” Arthur groaned from his seat at the weathered wooden table.  

“I told you.  She got—”

“Sucked into a rift in space and sent to a world far away from here.  I know.”

“Then why did you ask?” The old wizard turned and grinned at him.

“Just to see if you’d listen.” He poured what he had been mixing into a small flask.  He shoved a cork in the top and handed it to the King.

“And what am I supposed to do with this?”

“Drink one third of it and think about where you want to go.”

“Why a third? Am I going to die if I drink more?” His sarcastic response was answered with a smart rap to his head.  “Hey!”

“One third to get there.  One third to get back.  And the last is for her.”  Arthur nodded in understanding and turned to leave.  The door slammed and Arthur whirled around, drawing his sword.  The old wizard waggled a finger at him.

 “Didn’t your parents ever teach you manners?  You know, just because you’re a King doesn’t mean you can’t learn some manners!”  Arthur raised an eyebrow.

“Thank you,” He said at last.  “Truly.”  He turned to open the door, but stopped at the last second.  “You know,” He said, turning around.  “You remind me of a friend of mine.” He was going to say more, but was interrupted by a book flying at his head.

“Go!”  Arthur glared at the wizard and left.  When he was gone, Merlin shed his disguise and watched Arthur’s retreating form.  He had no idea how you managed to fall in love with such a clot pole.

Arthur locked the door to his chambers, and relieved his guards for the night.

 He turned the flask over in his hands, studying it.  He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t afraid.  He had no idea if the wizard was telling the truth, or even what he was about to drink.

But it was for you.

And he’d go to the ends of the earth for you.

Without another thought, he opened the flask and tipped it back.

You wiped your eyes as you dropped your bag on the foot of your bed.  You didn’t bother changing; you just pulled the covers back and crawled into bed, pulling the blankets up and over.  You lay there in the dark.  Just thinking.  
You knew it wasn’t a dream.  As soon as you were back, you opened your computer and googled Merlin.  You checked the episodes, and sure enough, Lancelot was there right up until the end of season 5.

You weren’t sure if it made you feel better or worse.

You went back to your normal life, but now that you knew what was missing, it wasn’t the same.  You were going through the motions.  By the time you got home, all you wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep.
Which found you in bed at 5:30.  You were seconds away from falling asleep when you  heard something that made your heart stop.

“Now, I wonder where Y/N could be?” You didn’t move, convinced you had finally lost your mind.  

Then a hand tugged the covers off you.  You blinked in the light, and when your eyes focused, your hands flew to your mouth as you let out a gasp.  Arthur was kneeling next to your bed, smiling softly at you.  His face was filled with so much love, and before you could stop yourself, you had shot towards him and wrapped your arms around his neck, throwing him off balance.  He instinctively wrapped his arms around you as he fell back.  You were laughing and sobbing and Arthur was holding you as tightly as possible, nuzzling his face into your neck.  He carefully sat up, still holding onto you as you settled in his lap. You looked up at him and smiled shakily.  He wiped the tears from your cheeks.  “You don’t have to cry anymore,” He told you.  You smiled a little more surely, and pulled his face down to yours.  Your lips moved together gently, and he held you like you were made of china.  When you pulled apart he stood up, cradling you in his arms.

“Are you ready to go home?”  You nodded.  He smiled, and carefully raised a flask, still holding onto you.  He tipped the contents into his mouth and pressed his lips to yours, passing some of the mixture to you.  You felt wind blow around you, and when you pulled apart and opened your eyes, you were home.

Thanks to Alexandrin for requesting this one!

Love Potions - C.H. AU

Requestomgggg can you do a calum hogwarts imagine???

Summary: Calum Hood is a mischievous Slytherin that loves getting into trouble and danger, and has a massive crush on a Hufflepuff named Y/N, who hates his guts.

Pairing: Calum x Female Reader

A/N: I know nothing about Harry Potter, which is why I’ve pushed this one off for so long, but I finally came back around to this imagine and gave it my best shot and got this. THIS SUCKS SO BADLY.

Y/N always glanced over at him with a glimmer of disgust whenever he spoke, her eyes rolling as her lips mocked his words. She made it clear that she disliked him, hating everything from the stupid curly hair on his head to the ego that could be spotted from the moon. He was always trying to pick a fight, always getting into trouble in class and always escaping his house beyond curfew to find something to occupy that tiny little pea-brain in his head. If anything, hate was actually a sugar-coated term. Y/N despised Calum Hood. Good thing potions was her weak spot, because this plan wouldn’t work otherwise. 

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You sat at a white cloth-covered table on the terrace of Hell’s Kitchen’s finest restaurant, the night sky above was dark and without stars. Crossing your legs, you reclined in your chair and swirled a dark red liquid in a perfect crystal globe. You watched as it splashed up the sides, close to the rim but never spilling over.

For the last two hours you’d been picking at various foods and drinking wine by yourself. Well, not quite alone. Your men were stationed around the building, one of them stood next to the potted plant by the french doors that lead back inside. Every now and then he would walk the perimeter of the terrace and then resume his place as instructed.

You sighed heavily before you took a long sip of your wine.

You were bored.

Bored of only ever talking to drug dealers and ‘kingpins’ and tiny old women. To say you weren’t fond of the insects was to sugar coat it. They were so… controlling, dominating… gullible.

Little did they know… you bit your lip to hold back a chuckle. They had no idea how close your sharp teeth were to their vulnerable, snappable necks. Your practised talons were already sunk deep into their petty little minds, and if you wanted to you could snuff them out on a whim.

In a world of giant green men and 90 year old super soldiers, it was easy for people to overlook you and assume that they knew you and what you were capable of, or not, from a glance.

They thought you weak.

Your painted lips turned up at the thought of a day where they discovered your influence. How you had altered their actions, slithered into their heads and whispered the devil’s words into their ears, your tendrils of manipulation coiled tight around their hearts like a snake around its prey. You had them wrapped around your little finger. All of them.

The trouble was, it was easy. And therefore… boring. There’s only so much you can do to make them suffer. Killing them was dull, final. You can’t have fun with a corpse.

You needed someone new. Someone challenging, interesting. But where to look? It’s not as if they were going to walk right up to you and introduce themselves.
“Hi, my name’s ___. Feel free to screw with my head and make me do your bidding!”
You sighed again, finding little amusement in using your thumb to smear the deep red lipstick that stained the rim of your glass.

Your phone vibrated twice, the tablecloth alight around it. You put down the glass and picked up your phone, pressing your thumb against the fingerprint recognition button to unlock it.


Daredevil… You tapped a sharp nail on the blurry picture of a man dressed in tight red leather, pointed horns on his head. The picture zoomed in and you ghosted a finger across his masked face.

He was becoming something of a local celebrity, either loved or hated. A wannabe good guy and an increasing problem for those you ‘worked with’.

Wilson Fisk liked to keep his issues close to his fine suit-cladded chest. That is until you came along. You prodded and scratched at his sensitive ticks and wrathful nature, having him spill the beans about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and all the while making him believe he did it of his own volition. You got into a habit of having him dine with you every week at the very table you currently sat at. He would tell you any and all new information and sometimes provided pictures of the man in the red suit. You had yet to see his face uncovered.
But the more Fisk told you, the more you wanted to know him. He intrigued you, a man who wanted to ‘do right’ by taking on gangsters and criminals by night, and a lawyer by day. How interesting you found him.

Murdock. Your grin was feline as you stroked the screen.

A soft cry and the clatter of glass on metal drew your attention away from the image on your phone.
“Oh! I’m so sorry, did I get anything on you?” a dark haired man in a black suit wearily held his hands up in front of a waiter. The waiter had a bottle of wine gripped by the neck in his hand and the tray pressed against his chest, having almost dropped it in the collision.

The waiter shook his head, quick to smooth over any anger he expected from an unhappy customer. “No, no, sir, it’s my fault. Please, forgive me.”

“It’s no trouble, I’m sorry if I made you spill anything.” he gave the waiter an easy smile and everyone around seemed to relax. People went back to nibbling on their overpriced scallops and gorging themselves on expensive foreign alcohol.

Dark round glasses were perched on his nose, covering his eyes. You fiddled with the volume buttons on your phone by flicking a nail over it as you watched him out the corner of your eye.

“Uh, I wonder if you can help me actually.” the man said. The waiter nodded straight away, then with wide eyes he sputtered out a ‘yes, what can I do?’ as he took in the white stick collapsed in the man’s hand. As if the dark glasses at 10:45pm wasn’t a clue.
“I’m looking for a Ms Jean Piper. I arranged to meet her this evening, afraid I’m a little late.” he chuckled half heartedly.

You raised your eyebrow. Not that you would mind having a meal with a stranger that had such a cute face. “R-right. You’re not her usual guest, I’m sorry I didn’t know. She is on table 12.”

The man laughed and clumsily brought a hand up to the waiters elbow. “Mind leading me there?” he then froze as your voice sliced through the air of their awkwardly polite conversation.

“I can do that myself.” You rose from your table and walked over to stand in front of the pair. After giving your men a subtle hand gesture, they remained where they stood.

You dismissed the waiter with a nod and he rushed off as if he couldn’t get away fast enough.

“Now,” you stepped next to the man and slid your arm through his. “to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to?” you led him to the table. His arm was firm, you fingers slid up to grip his bicep and squeezed a little. He was stronger than he looked.

He ignored your question. “I’ve heard a lot about you Ms Pipe-”

“Jeanie. You can call me Jeanie. ‘Ms’ makes me feel old.” You smiled as you left his side to sit back down in your chair, he felt around for his own and sat down opposite you. The small round table didn’t provide much space between you. The flickering tealight candle illuminated the left side of his face, casting the other in the shadows.

“Jeanie.” he tested out the name.

“Here’s where you tell me your name. You can’t have dinner with a woman and not give her that at least.” you picked up your glass and gestured at the waiter to bring another.

“I’m not here to have dinner.” he said firmly, you pouted and he shuffled in his seat. He leant both arms on the table and threaded his fingers together, taking on a serious face though his tone was forcibly light. His movement made the light strike his left lense, letting you see that his eyes were dark in colour. “We have a mutual friend.”

“Oh? And who might that be?” you asked without having any real care for the answer as you eyed the muscle in his jaw as it tensed.

The waiter came back with another glass and a fresh bottle of wine. He popped the cork and topped up your glass as your conversation paused. You held up a hand to signal him to stop and he moved to fill the other. The man ignored the waiter as he filled the glass and left the bottle on the table.

“Just the sister you abandoned 16 years ago. You might remember her name, Karen Page.” Your glass was centimeters from your lips when your hand halted. “She told me your name as well. Not the one you use today, of course.” Your eyes slid over to him and you could tell he was studying you for your reaction.


The terrace was suddenly a little quieter, ears open, less cutlery clinking against plates. You put your glass back down and breathed slowly out your nose.

You sat forward to lean your forearms on the table, hands nestled together. It left barely any room between your faces. To anyone outside of this conversation, it would look like two lovers trying to get closer to one another.

Looking at his eyes hidden behind the dark circles of his shades, you decided to give this man a rare chance. After all he might only be a friend of Karen’s, or maybe a righteous boyfriend looking to soothe the woes of her lost familial relationship. No one who knew you would be dumb enough to confront you with your real name, except maybe someone who knew Karen. Basically, not worth your effort. You opened your mouth to spell out to him what you would do if that information spilled from his lips again.

Then again… how did he find you? You had changed your name, fled Vermont, wrote yourself a new life and with a few twisted minds and threatened families, the old you was dust in the wind. Karen didn’t know where you were. But this man, he had seeked you out, not Jean Piper. He knew who you were.

He thought he knew you.

You smirked. Time to dig a little deeper.

“And how is it you’ve come to know my baby sister?” you purred as you reached out with your invisible wisps of darkness. They caressed his cheeks and his jaw, sliding over his temples before they lightly scratched on each side.

What you didn’t expect was for him to flinch.

Your heart stilled. What.

He brushed a hand over his temple, making it look like he simply wanted to push back his hair. He paused before he spoke again. Like he was listening to something.

“We work together, she’s a close friend. And she speaks to me. She told me about her older sister. How one day she came home from school and she was gone, no letter, no goodbye or reason. Just gone.” His voice had become tense, holding back emotion.

You barely heard him. No one was supposed to feel your influence. No one had ever noticed anything amiss before. Who is this man?

“Did you know your brother died in a car crash?” he practically threw that information in your face, probably hoping for some sort of guilt from you.

“I did.” you stated simply.

“And you didn’t think attending the funeral was worth your time? Or maybe supporting your younger sister considering that two of her siblings were gone?”

“Have you got a crush on Karen, dear? You can’t just wine and dine me and then tell me you like my sister. Now that’s just rude.” you simpered. Your hands slithered across the table, inches away from his. Maybe you needed to have skin to skin contact to dissipate the initial penetration.

“You don’t seem like the kind of man to be rude to a lady.” Your voice lowered as your fingertip brushed his hand, and before he could pull away you shoved your darkness into his head.

“Ah-!” he slammed both hands up to his ears as if he could hear a loud noise. His face twisted in pain.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. He shouldn’t be able to feel ANYTHING. You mentally raged and snapped back away from him, retreating in your efforts to turn his brain. Your voice morphed into one of concern. “Are you okay?” you placed a hand on his forearm as he lowered it back to the table.

He shook his head slightly, ridding any lingering pain and collecting himself at the same time. “I’m fine, thank you. Sensitive hearing is all.” He explained bluntly, sounding short of breath.

Lie. you spat venomously in your head.

“Who are you, mystery man?” your grip on his forearm tightened.

He gave a humourless laugh, a half smile. “No one important.”

“I would expect your mother gave you name, no? Tell me, what is it?” you stared at him like a predator with prey in its sights. One pounce away.

He scoffed slightly, shaking his head. Obviously you weren’t what he expected. He licked his lips and shook his head. He was cornered. 

“My name is Matthew Murdock.”

Your smile was disarming, and though your teeth were straight and white, they may as well have been pointed fangs. 

This was the Daredevil

Your tongue pressed against the back of your teeth, you wanted to cackle in evil delight. Here he was, right in front of you on a silver platter. The bad boy playing at being good. Or, maybe the other way around. So conflicted. So malleable. Your patted his arm and leant back in your chair, clasped hands resting on your stomach. You couldn’t keep the grin off of your face.

“Matty, we’re going to have such fun.”

A/N: So its been a while since I last posted! Work has been getting me down and I didn’t feel like writing. But since watching the Defenders (twice..) my love for Charlie Cox has been rekindled! 

I really wanted to write something with an evil reader. As much as I like writing fluffy Daredevil fics and action packed badass readers, I really do love a villain. 

I’m working on a Tony Stark fic and the continuation of Sleepless Nights and Interrogation. I’m getting my muse back so I’m hoping to have them up as soon as my beta has edited out all my typos! 

Let me know what you think of this one! 

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Hello. May I pls request the RFA's reaction to an extremely creative and handy MC? (Like she uses pens for chopsticks COS COLLEGE LIFE or creates customized notebooks)

This was a cute ask! Thank you anon~

I used situations where MC does different life hack kinda things? I hope you don’t mind!


  • Yoosung usually insists that he cook dinner for you, considering that he actually got pretty good at cooking over the years.
  • But today… he was pooped after a long day of sick puppies
  • “MC~, honey, I’m so tired. How about when I get off I pick up pizza?”
  • “Are you sure? I can just cook and dinner can be ready by the time you get off”
  • “No, it’s fine really. It’s been so long since I’ve had pizza anyways. I use to eat it all the time in my college days, but I’ve grown since then. Haven’t I, honey? Do you think I’ve become more manly?”
  • “Of course, Yoosung. You’re the man of my dreams… And pepperoni is the pizza of my dreams. So don’t be too long!”
  • He laughed on the other end of the phone. “Alright, I’ll be home as soon as I can”
  • Once Yoosung got home, he had the pizza but.. It was cold -_-
  • “I’ll warm it up for you, honey! I’m sorry it’s just the pizzeria is so far away. I guess by the time I picked it up and drove home it got cold”.
  • Next time Yoosung called exhausted from work you insisted that time you get the pizza.
  • It took quite a bit of convincing but he finally agreed.
  • He got home before you and you showed up a little after.
  • “Honey! I’m so sorry you had to go all the way across town to get the pizza! Next time, I’ll fight through my tiredness and just cook for you, I promise!”
  • He took the boxes out of your hand.
  • “Woah, these are still warm. Did you speed getting here?”
  • You opened the box and grabbed a piece, cheese strings hanging down.
  • “Mmm~ I just turned the seat warmers on to keep the pizza warm”.
  • Mind blown
  • His brain exploded
  • Bye bye Yoosung
  • “Honey! You’re brilliant!”
  • “How’d I ever get so lucky to end up with a creative, smart, and amazing lady like you”
  • He praised you with a mouthful of pizza.
  • Which made it all the more cuter


  • You walked into the kitchen to find Zen Chugging a water bottle.
  • There were two other ones already empty on the counter.
  • He had no shame standing there shirtless and sweaty.
  • His work out pants hanging low on his waist, revealing his defined V-lines.
  • You’re gawking was cut short as Zen slammed down the third bottle.
  • “Jagiya, hello~”
  • “What are you doing, Zen?”
  • “Oh this?” He picked up the bottle again.
  • “I gotta stay hydrated, babe. I started a new intense workout routine, so I gotta make sure I drink lots of water”
  • “So you just down three bottles at once?”
  • “Yeah? Why not?”
  • “Well” You reached in the cabinet and grabbed a reusable water bottle, then opened a drawer and pulled out a permanent marker.
  • “Instead of drinking a big portion at once,” you began to mark times on the water bottle, “you can use this to make sure you drink 8 cups by the end of the day”
  • Zen grabbed the bottle and looked at it confused.
  • “So you fill the bottle up when you wake up, and then throughout the day, you make sure you drink that amount of water marked at the time it shows.”
  • “So by 12 in the afternoon, you need to have half the bottle done, then at 3 you should have the bottle finished and refill it, and so forth.”
  • Zen pulled you in a tight hug.
  • “Zen, you’re sweaty!”
  • “Oh but you’re intelligent and creative mind is so sexy, Jagiya~”
  • “I just wanna kiss it!”
  • And you were smothered in kisses after that
  • And the rest of your night consisted in you convincing him to shower before he showed any physical affection.
  • You may or may not have joined him


  • The cafe hasn’t been getting many customers lately.
  • So you both decided that maybe adding something new to the menu will reel them in.
  • You both wanted something rare, something you wouldn’t find at just any cafe.
  • You came up with the idea of cookie dough cupcakes.
  • You had just finished your first batch and they looked delicious.
  • “Alright, first batch done and ready to be tasted. Are you ready, MC?”
  • Jaehee looked nervous as she put down the two cupcakes for you both.
  • You admired the amount of care and effort she put into the cafe. You could really tell that she loved this.
  • And you loved it too.
  • You were both sitting at the counter, a cupcake in front of you.
  • She was just about to take a bite when she stopped to watch you as you completely cut the cupcake in half horizontally.
  • You then proceeded to put the lower half of the cupcake on top of the icing half, making a sort of cupcake sandwich?
  • You then proceeded to take a bite of the cookie dough cupcake sandwich and she watched you with curiosity.
  • She gulped at the site of you gleaming with a mouth full of cupcake and some icing on the corner of your lips.
  • “It’s good, but maybe a little less sugar next time. It’s already sweet enough with the cookie dough in it”
  • You noticed Jaehee was looking at you like she discovered a new species.
  • “You don’t think so? Do you like it?”
  • “Why did you… cut it and..”
  • “What, this?” You picked up your cupcake.
  • “It just makes it easier to eat, and less messy”
  • You watched her as she then made her cupcake like yours and took a bite.
  • She blinked rapidly and chewed slowly.
  • “You’re right. A little less sugar”
  • You grabbed your napkin and wiped the icing at the corner of her lip.
  • She blushed deeply
  • Ooooh Beahee is so pretty and cute with her hair tucked behind her ear and pink tinted cheeks >.<
  • “I’m so lucky to have such a creative partner like you”
  • “I lack creativity, I stick to logic, so I strongly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to run  this cafe and make it as successful as it is without you”.
  • “I’m thankful that you asked me to be your partner, Jaehee. This is something I would’ve never seen myself doing, but I enjoy this so much!”
  • Cute girlfriend bestfriend hug!


  • Jumin has been so busy lately
  • His father forced a project on him that took up a lot of his time
  • You two haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together, so Jumin said that tonight he wanted to have an elegant evening of dinner with you
  • A maid helped you set up the table and a top notch chef came to cook for you both so that when Jumin got home everything would be ready.
  • You wore a fitting red dress and black heels
  • You’re hair loosely curled
  • As you were patiently sitting at the table, sipping wine, you heard the door click.
  • You saw the black tuff of Jumin’s hair and you stood up to greet him, taking off his jacket and planting a kiss on his lips.
  • “Welcome home, love”
  • “I came back as early as I could. I was so eager to see my wife. I missed you.”
  • You both sat at the dining room table, near the window that had a view of the whole city before you.
  • “MC, would you like more wine?”
  • You smiled and handed him your glass, “Yes, please”
  • He grabbed a new bottle, insisting that night that you let him bring out his most expensive wine.
  • You watched as he struggled to get the wine bottle open.
  • He attempted over and over again, slowly getting more and more frustrated.
  • “I can’t remember where I placed the corkscrew. How irritating. I’ll call a guard up here”
  • “No, Jumin. Let me.. Please”
  • He could never say no when you said please like that. You’re eyes all big and lips so.. He couldn’t handle it
  • He handed the bottle to you and watched as you stood up and and went  to a drawer in the kitchen
  • Curiosity sparked in him as you pulled out a nail and hammer
  • “Please be careful, MC”
  • You hammered the nail half way into the cork and Jumin stood immediately, ready to aid you if anything happened
  • “MC, let me call a guard to get it, please”
  • “I have this under control, Jumin. After living by yourself for a few years with no guards or maids or chefs to assist you when you need it, you kinda learn a few tricks to help you get by”
  • Jumin was a stubborn man, but you were his even more stubborn wife. He knew he was not going to be able to stop you once you had your mind set on something.
  • Once the nail was halfway in the cork you put the top of the nail in between the legs of the hammer and proceeded to pull upwards.
  • The cork slowly began to slip from the bottle as you pulled on the nail.
  • You heard a satisfying pop as the cork came off and the wine bottle was open.
  • You smiled and returned to the table with the now open wine bottle, pouring Jumin and yourself a glass.
  • Arms were wrapped around your waist and warm breath cascaded down your ear and neck as that familiar deep voice spoke to you softly.
  • “I could use a creative mind like yours to help me with a new cat project I’ve been wanting to start”
  • “Are you offering me a position?”
  • “If you’re willing to accept”
  • “Well, that all depends on the pay, Sir. I accept no less than 10 kisses an hour”
  • “You play a hard bargain, but I might be willing to make an exception and pay it all forward now”


  • “MC!”
  • “WHAT! I’m in the shower Saeyoung!”
  • “But I need youuuuuuuu!”
  • “Just wait I’m almost done!”
  • “But I need you nooooooooooooow! It’s an emergencyyyyyy”
  • You huffed and mumbled curses as you yanked your towel off the rack and pulled it around your torso.
  • Seven was sitting at his computers holding a PhD Pepper and a silly straw with a pout on his face
  • “What”
  • “The straw won’t stay in the soda”
  • -_-
  • :(
  • -______-
  • :(((((((((((((((
  • You snatch the silly straw and soda from him
  • Twist the tab so that its over the hole
  • Stick the straw through the tab and into the drink
  • And guess what
  • It stayed
  • “Future wi-”
  • He pulled you into his lap
  • Smothered you in kisses
  • And then you felt a breeze
  • You both stopped and looked at the towel on the floor
  • 0///0
  • Who said Zen is the only one that has an inner beast?

This is my first request I’ve ever done so I hope I don’t disappoint! I will be doing more asks that have been sitting in the inbox from oldest to newest and feel free to send in more requests!

-admin naomi

Making Your Own Tinctures

Tinctures are made by extracting, and preserving, the active properties of herbs using alcohol. In early times, this was accomplished by boiling the herb in wine. Tinctures have a stronger action than infusions or decoctions and can be made with fresh or dried herbs, but some herbs may require different strengths of alcohol (15-90% proof).

DO NOT use industrial alcohol, methyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). To make non-alcoholic tinctures, replace the alcohol with vinegar or glycerol.


Most tinctures are made using the standard 1:3 or 1:4 ratio (one part herb to three or four parts alcohol)

For a one quart jar

  • 2 oz (50 gr) dried herbs or 100 g (4 oz) fresh herb
  • 2 cups (600 ml) alcoholic liquid (usually vodka, gin or rum)
  • 1 cup water (300 ml)

To make larger batches, a basic simple recipe: Fill sterilized jar half full of dried herb. Cover with vodka. Add enough water to fill to just below rim of jar. Add more water if necessary after a few days if herb is not still immersed in the liquid.

Place the herb in a large, clean, glass jar and cover with the alcohol. Close the jar and label. Shake well and store in a cool, dark place for ten to fourteen days, shaking the jar every one or two days. At the end of that time, pour the mixture into a wine press or cloth bag and express the liquid from the herb. Discard the herb. Pour the tincture into clean, dark, glass bottles and close the bottle with a cork or screw top lid. Label. Tinctures will generally keep 5 or more years.