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Request from the one line prompts:
‘Sleep in your car if you don’t like it.’

It finally arrived.
It was one week overdue and Y/N and Harry were both sick of sleeping on a air mattress.
Now their new bed stood perfectly in the middle of the room.
They just moved in together. After two years of dating and happily being in love they moved in together in a nice apartment in London.
They furnished everything together, from the kitchen table to the pillows on their couch. But Y/N wanted to do the bedroom alone. She loved bedrooms. She always loved to decorate her bedrooms with fairy lights and fluffy blankets but she knew she couldn’t do that to Harry now, he would feel deprived of his masculinity.
So she ordered a simple white bed with a headboard that maybe was a bit girly with roses but the metal and vintage look made it unisex. The carpets on each side of the bed were a dusty shade of pink because Y/N knew Harry loved the color, even his phone case was pink.
The drawer was simply white as well and fitted with the bed perfectly. The desk underneath the window would be perfect for her to apply makeup and for him to write songs on while having the best lighting and opportunity to look outside.
Her favorite part though was the wall across from the bed. She put a map of the world as a cork board on it. Every city they visited was pinned with a picture of them and it looked absolutely amazing. All the other pictures she loved of them that had nothing to do with traveling hing over the headboard of the bed, filters on the pictures to create a ombre look, from pink to black and white.
The silky sheets she put on the bed were the same color as the carpets and when she stood back to admire her work she couldn’t help but beam proudly.
Just as Harry came home she placed pinkish rose petals all over the floor and bed, the last touch to her surprise.
“Darling?” she heard him call for her from downstairs.
“Bedroom.” she shouted back and waited sheepishly for him to open the door.
When he did his smile fell a bit when he saw what happened to the bedroom. His eyes wandered over the pictures on the wall, the bed, the map and then finally landed on Y/N.
“What do you think?” she pressed. He hesitated for a moment before he once again studied his surroundings.
“I mean… At least we don’t have to sleep on that air mattress anymore.”
Y/N’s smile fell immediately, her mouth open in shock. A part of her hoped he would start laughing in a second and tell her that he was joking and absolutely loved it but he never did.
She scoffed and turned away to leave the room, hitting his shoulder on her way.
“Sleep in your car if you don’t like it.” she mumbled bitterly.
“What? Baby…” he sighed and grabbed her hand.
“I’m not trying to upset you, darling. It’s just… very girly.”
“Well, you live with a girl now. Should have thought about that earlier.”
“And I did.” he chuckled softly.
“You know I want nothing more than to share a home with you.”
“Then maybe you shouldn’t be such an ass when I do something nice for our home.” she bit back.
“You’re right. And I’m sorry for how I reacted I was just a bit surprised. I mean I love pink, you know I do.” he smiled and pulled his phone out to shore her his pink case.
“Really, it looks very beautiful. It’s very you and I love that. I love you. Thank you, angel.” he said and wrapped his arms around her waist in a tight hug.
She hesitated for a moment before she sighed in defeat and hugged him back.
“I thought you’d like it.” she whispered.
“And I do, baby. Really, I love it.”
“You promise?”
“I promise.” he nodded.
“You’re not just saying that because you don’t want to sleep in the car?”
He laughed and shook his head.
“No. I’m saying it because you put a lot of effort into it and you did absolutely amazing.”

A while later they were laying in bed together, tangled up in each other and covered by the pink sheets. Y/N pressed a kiss to the top of Harry’s head which was resting on her chest.
“Love?” he asked.
“Hmm?” she hummed.
“Would you have actually made me sleep in the car?” he questioned looked up at her.
“Like… You wouldn’t even have let me sleep on that damn air mattress or the couch? Even the floor?”
“No.” she giggled and stroked through Harry’s hair lovingly.
“Assholes don’t get to sleep in the house.”
“Have to remember that.”


So I have a particular interest in interior design. For about the past year or so I have worked on transforming my room into the perfect “tumblr room” you could say. Most of the things in my room I have made myself to some degree. The chalkboard is a piece of wood I painted with chalkboard paint so it would fit my walls. The framed world map is a framed cork board, I cut out all the countries, pinned them down, and painted over it, then marked the places I’ve been and places I want to go. My photo string is all pictures of my friends and family attached to twine with clothespins. The big collages such as the one next to my bed I made by printing out photos onto card stock, thick paper so it wouldn’t curl, I then used double sided tape to attach the photos to my wall. I have an urban outfitters tapestry and fairy lights around my room as well. My throw pillows are from society 6 and bed bath and beyond.

Last time, I talked a little bit about getting ready for NaNoWriMo. I mentioned collecting things that remind you of your story, outlining, and getting to know your character. In a previous post’s conversation, I also talked about my plot wall. I finally am living in a place that has enough wall space in my room for me to implement what I like to call my plot wall. This is a place where I collect ideas while ironing out the plot of whatever story I’m working on. Most of the year, it has my NaNo stuff on it, since short stories don’t tend to be as involved as novels.

(I’m only sort of sorry about my Vaporeon plushie, FMA & Yu Yu Hakusho manga.)

What we have here is a rather clean plot wall. There are six boards here:

  • The far left-hand board that’s half white board-half cork board has a global map of my world for the Moonwater Series, a picture diagram of how my magics interact, and some notes on global structures.
  • The large white board propped up on the bookcase has some character diagrams and a religious structure I was working on.
  • The large central cork board is my 10-point model plot board.
  • The smallest cork board underneath the plot board is for character notes as I come up with them. Some of the notes that appear there include, “But what about that one guy Cyrian bumped into in the market? What if that’s the Crystal Judge? ~what if we already met him????~” and “So, at some point, Cyrian’s had a run-in with her. When was that? When Rada still ran the store? WHAT ABOUT THAT LADY WITH THE BAD SHIPMENT THAT WAS IN THAT ONE STORY???? PERF.”
  • The small frame beside the character board has a regional map of the world behind glass, on which I’ve drawn with dry erase markers to work out some character movements.
  • The large cork board on the far right is all cultural notes. There are pictures of real-world peoples who look similar to how I want my peoples to be described to help remind me not to whitewash, as well as what sorts of housing each group of peoples lives in and various other topics.

Now, take a break and don’t freak out. I have been growing the idea of the plot wall since I was very young. Yours certainly doesn’t need to be this large. Each of these does something for me, but maybe a wall of it isn’t as helpful for you. I’m a very visual person–I like to see it all laid out and be able to move things. When I’m plotting and planning and thinking and scheming, being tactile with it rather than electronic helps me a lot. Obviously, if electronic is more conducive to your style, then there are programs such as OneNote, Evernote, AeonTimeline, and others to help you do all of this digitally. Let’s talk about these a little more and what they do.

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The Only Reason

Pairing: Calum x y/n

“He looks really good there.”

You rolled your eyes at your older sister’s remark on Calum. You were taking a nap after an exhausting training when she barged into your room and insisted that you to watch 5SOS’ music video ‘Hey Everybody’ which she knows you haven’t seen yet.

“I find those dogs cuter tho” You dryly respond 

“Well that’s not what you said years ago”

A blush crept upon your cheeks, remembering something with what your sister revealed.The music video continued with them wearing those fancy faux costumes which earned generous giggles from her.

“He’s gained some meat ohlala” She flexed her biceps and mimicked poses.You tried your best not to laugh at what she’s doing.

“You miss him don’t you?” She inquired but it came out more as a statement that changed the atmosphere.

“Alright, I think you should get going now” You interrupted not wanting to answer her question directly like you always do when Calum is the topic. You let out a deep sigh after you forcibly pushed her out of your room’s door. Now leaning at your door, you had a full view of room which you haven’t decorated and changed in years and it looked frozen in time.The world map on the cork board, the warm series lights around your posters, your cluttered table.  

The only new thing in the room was the letter you received earlier this morning. Your eyes fixed upon the envelope, still debating internally whether to open it or not, you would normally get excited and open letters but for this one you didn’t even have the courage to lift a finger and open it’s fragile seal. It was from Calum and a part of you was afraid.  Afraid that opening that seal would also open the gap in your heart that you long tried to conceal.

“He didn’t even care when he ripped me apart, why should I care about this fucking letter?” You mumbled but every word sent anchors into your heart, sinking it slowly as it overflowed with emotions, seeped and turned into tears. But you did it anyway. You ripped the envelope not caring about the possibility of damaging the letter inside.

It was written on a piece of paper and you could recognize the same scrawny handwriting that wrote songs about you. You read the whole thing again and again, hoping to find answers but instead his number and an address was written at the bottom and a lone sentence:

If I could say what I wanna say, meet me tomorrow

You typed the number on your phone, your finger stuck mid-air when you decided that calling him was a bad idea. So you sent him a message.

I might come-  

But you meant it with the same certainty when he said he might leave.  

 The vibrations of your motor bike’s engine stopped as you halted in front of the address indicated on the letter. It was a small two story building that resembled like a townhouse. You started the engine again and turned to a nearby curve to park and then walked towards the structure’s direction. 

It wasn’t hard to find, the mob of girls made it even easier. but still you wanted to confirm if this was indeed the address and more importantly, if Calum is there; so you went and approached the petite blonde girl nearest to your position.

 "Is Calum in there?“ 

She looked at you like It was very obvious that he was but still she answered. 

 "You mean the bassist?”

 You wanted to say something but you just nodded.

 "Yeah they arrived earlier so I bet he’s there"

 "Are you sure?“

 "Of course, we’ve been camping out here since yesterday" 

Your eyebrows automatically raised at her nonchalant but intriguing reply. Camping out? You knew they where getting attention but it didn’t occur to you that some fans would eventually reach to this point of invading their privacy. You looked around and you where shocked, and at the same time weirded out at the sight of fans that waited patiently at the entrance and around the building.

You scanned the area furthermore and there was no way you could enter without notice or even at the very least, enter the building. Stupid; you thought, he didn’t set an exact time. You wanted to scold Calum for all these hassle and picking up this place to meet up. 

 You scooped your phone out of your varsity jacket to call the number, his number. Your heart thumped upon pressing the call button, it was the first time in years that you actually pressed the green icon on the screen to call him. The first ring was picked up almost instantly and you could hear chatting and guitars on the background. 

“You’re here…” His voice pitched and trailed, although you couldn’t see him, you sensed he was holding his breath.

But you didn’t do any better, you were left speechless upon hearing his voice again, the same one that spoke your name so lovingly. You ended the call and watched the green effects turn red, and rethinked everything. You didn’t even know anymore if you were ready to see him. 

You looked at the direction of the transparent glass door and inside you saw a sprinting tall guy wearing his jacket’s hood and halted just where the muscular bodyguards were standing. You didn’t have to see who it was, because you knew. Just as you were about to turn and leave, a series of chatter began and spur the crowd. 

You heard foreign voices calling you; and within a jiffy, somebody was ushering you to the main entrance. Some were confused at the sudden attention given to you, others were taping ang taking photos. But all you could think about was how surreal all of this was. 

As you stepped inside, the shift of temperature inside the room made you shiver, but that didn’t compare to the feelings you had at the moment. 

You’ve envisioned this happening so many times; you practiced your lines more than you’d like to admit. You imagined yourself to be mad, to furiously inquire him with the real questions. You were certain of these for a long time. But as your eyes laid upon his brown ones, those became myth. 

Your hands automatically lifted and gently caressed his face. You closed your eyes for what felt like centuries. To feel, to make sure that everything was real. When you opened them, his sunken tired eyes that was brimming with emotions greeted you. His lips opened but no words were formed, but it was the best message silence delivered. 

He tenderly wrapped his now muscular arms around you. You didn’t even utter a single word, it wasn’t because you didn’t know what to say at the moment. Maybe it’s what happens when you love someone you don’t need all the eloquent scripts to understand, and to forgive. 

Because love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And love keeps no record of wrongs.