The Twenty-Second Player Enters

corirain… Cori.
You are the SYLPH of HEART.

Sylphs are, as I have said before, players that are invested in sharing their knowledge with others in order for them to succeed. They passively understand their aspect and are able to assist other players that are lacking in it, or perhaps having trouble. You enjoy being the go-to person for your friends, helping them with their problems. You value “being understood”, whether it is you understanding or others understanding you. But most of all, the way that you emphasized your value of your friends and their emotions was what drove me to call you a Sylph.

Sylphs often feel that they are worthless. You picked your negative descriptive phrase to be that “everyone else is better than you”, and described how your worst fear is being unneeded. Whereas Maids feel un*appreciated*, Sylphs think that, even while they are fantastic and have many abilities that can help others, they are disposable. Your challenge as a Sylph is to realize that you are, in fact, needed– and that while you are clearly able to see the marvelous qualities in others, you too have traits that others appreciate and envy.

As a Heart player, you are attuned to emotions. You feel that you are able to empathize with others, and feel their emotions in a second-hand, muted fashion. You take forgiveness very seriously, and hold past transgressions against the perpetrators. Heart players, on one side, can be extremely sensitive to “feelings”, and this applies greatly to most everything you put into your application. A challenge for Heart players is to learn how to toughen up against the outside world, and learn how to be less intense with your emotions. As a Sylph of Heart, your specific challenge is to not be overwhelmed by the emotions that surround you (through your empathy)– and not over-concern yourself with the state of your friends.

With the information you’ve given me, this title is appropriate. If you feel that it is inaccurate, please conduct a protest through my Ask. If you agree with it, however, please submit your approval and I will list you as the Sylph of the Palace of Heart.