Rich, Corinthian Leather

Source: A Chrysler commercial with Ricardo Montalban

“Corinthian leather” upholstery was one of the features listed by Ricardo Montalban in a circa 1975 commercial for the Chrysler Cordoba. 

There was just one catch: “rich, Corinthian leather” is neither “rich” (he actually says “soft”) nor Corinthian. The term “Corinthian” was totally made up by the marketing company and is meaningless. There is no such thing. (It not being real didn’t stop Montalban and Chrysler from using “Corinthian leather”  at least one more time over a decade later, this time to shill the Chrysler New Yorker.)

So, Ricardo “Khan” Montalban used his rich Corinthian voice to make up for the utter nonsense. His confident delivery of a non-existent feature was memorable enough to stick with a few of us…and maybe move a few Cordobas.