corinna fugate

I feel its worth mentioning as I had talked about being among the first to talk about self harm on youtube. But I forgot to mention someone in particular because she deleted her channel for reasons I am not aware over 5 years ago. I think she deserves mention as she may well be the first to have talked about this issue instead of the triggering vids at the time.

Her name is Corinna Fugate and when she deleted her channel I believe she had around 2000 subs.

She seemed really sweet and made vids giving tips she learned in therapy. She was who I first heard of the butterfly project from.

She was a singer. This was one of her songs.

Its about self harm if you listen to the lyrics.

You can look up her name on youtube and find over a thousand results as others posted vids with her songs or re-uploaded her vlogs. Some just mashed together pics of her with her music.

(old vlog)

Anyways. I just didnt want to take away from what this girl accomplished in not mentioning her, or put myself higher up in the chain of self harm video pioneer than I really am.