So the Bounty Bots cover is done! Took a little while because I wasn’t sure on the color scheme, but hopefully this holds up. 

I will say, I’m already got ideas for a second chapter for Bounty Bots if this first one goes well. Might involve some certain Decepticon warlords and Autobots jazzy bots, and maybe a swerve here to there. :)

Stay tuned. 

We’d make out on her bed, no frame, just a mattress and box spring on the floor. We kept things waist-up, her suggestion, as she still had a boyfriend with whom she had an agreement that she could kiss members of the same sex. At nineteen, you can make out for hours, that goal-less, amorphous melting into someone else. Finally, Corin broke up with her boyfriend. He acknowledged my so-called victory by giving me a photo he’d found of a boy sitting inside a basketball hoop. The note on the back read, ‘You bagged my girl. -Dan.’
—  Carrie Brownstein, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl