Everything Counts

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A commission for the lovely @captainxcorgi.

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SummaryWhen Hana Song was sent to summer camp, she thought something coming straight out of Friday the 13th would be the only thing that could make her time less dull.When Jack Morrison was sent to Camp Overwatch, he thought all he would find there was headaches and annoyance.Both were proven wrong, and Ana Amari might or might not have a hand in orchestrating this. Especially on the latter’s case. And Gabriel Reyes might or might not be pleased with this whole ordeal.

Summer. The most wonderful time of the year, when students were rid of school work and free of all responsibility. It was a time to celebrate, either having an elaborate plan for the entire holiday or just being stupid with friends. Pool parties in the sun, endless gaming sessions every day and never, ever had to be confined in a boring area where one had to study.

               Summer was simply glorious.

               But apparently not glorious enough for Hana Song’s parents.

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