For the love of corgis...

Corgi Addict received this lovely submission and just had to share…

Hello Corgi Addict,

My name is Kylie! My boyfriend Ben and I have started a leather company based on the memory of a jumping, flipping Pembroke corgi named Cricket. Ben’s family got Cricket as a puppy and learned right away that Cricket’s first love was his ball. Cricket would do anything to get to the ball including back flips and high jumps. Cricket lived for 14 years, and had a very happy life. As Cricket grew old all the activity and play he had as a pup took a toll on his hind legs, and eventually Cricket wasn’t able to walk around on his own.

Ben’s family knew that this was upsetting to a dog as energetic as Cricket, so they got him some wheels! Cricket, with the help of his doggy wheelchair, was able to move again freely, and move fast!

Sadly, Cricket passed away last year, and like most dog loving families it was hard on everyone. As Ben began his leather hobby, he decided that he wanted to start a business and make Cricket the inspiration. You can see Cricket featured on all of our products and in our logo.

We are Corgi lovers just like you and your community and we thought who better to share our new adventure with than people who can relate to loving a Corgi enough to start a company in their dog’s memory! We produce leather wallets, key chains, bracelets, and we are currently working on dog collars and possibly a leash!

We have a Facebook fan page that allows our friends to keep up with new projects and interact with other Corgi Leather Co supporters. We also run an Instagram page that showcases our personal adventures and features our products being used! 

Corgi Leather Co
Instagram: Corgileatherco


A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of my corgi birthday balloons. I’ve gotten quite a few messages asking where they’re from. They’re from an Etsy shop called Three Cheers for Corgis.

There’s quite a few really neat stuff on there: sticky note pads, mugs, car decals, magnets, a cookie cutter, and the t-shirt pictured here. A fun fact about the store – from owner, Jen: 

My dream and goal is to open a dog ranch to save dogs in shelters who are being put down. All proceeds from this shop are going towards that goal.

One cannot ever have enough CORGSWAG (honestly, it’s a wonder that I don’t already own everything in that store), so if you’re looking for super cute corgswag, head on over to Three Cheers for Corgis and check ‘em out. 


NEW CORGSWAG that has come in the mail in the past few days. A new Loki shirt and a Super Otis shirt for me. A new FitRite Puppia in blue for Sherlock and TWO new bandanas! We were expecting the Star Wars bandana but Megan (Ed! and Jiggles Corgmomma) gave us another super cute one that we put on Sherlock right away!


my new corgi pin arrived yesterday and it’s AMAZING! of course, machete doesn’t seem to be too impressed, but really, what does he know?

i got the pin from The Bad Wolf’s Burrow, the same amazing etsy shop that made my mini machete (and another mini corg i had made for a special lady).


D and pudge sent us some corgi bookmarks, which is like, fabulous enough! but on top of that machete got all sorts of awesome surprises!

a beef tendon that he basically INHALED in one sitting, plenty of adorable pocket pudges to put all over the house (or my job, or my corg!) AND only the best tags ever with machete’s official AKC name on them! 

so awesome! we’re really lucky to have amazing friends who also understand my MIGHTY NEEEEEEEEEED for all things corg-related.

thank you, guys :)

yesterday, my thinwallet arrived! O.M.G. it is so totally flippin’ PERFECT! i love it, love, love, love it! it is amazing, shipping was ridiculous fast, the company is super nice and friendly and OMGLOOKAWALLETWITHMYCORGONIT!!! (you know, to go with my credit card with my corg on it :p) the hardest part about the whole thing was picking exactly which pictures to use for the wallet.i suppose i could’ve photoshopped a mini collage for each space allotted, but i dunno, i like the larger photos. looks like i’m going to need about 8 dozen wallets now, though. the material felt/looked kind of papery at first, but it’s actually a very thin, very durable polyethylene. which is pretty damn cool. plus, it contributes to the whole super thin wallet concept. full of all the crap i keep in my wallet it is still mega thin, not bulky at all, and perfect for slipping into a pocket. i’m already in love. and if you want one of your own, you can use promo code: MACHETECORGEZ20 for 20% off your order through the end of may! huzzah!

last round of corg-swag i got for machete from ItsyBitsyGatsby.  so awesome. i think the foxes are my favorite, though machete’s been wearing the cute monster bandana (bottom right) for the entire week. also, super mario collar. aragorn was excited to see that.

so, looks like machete’s outfitted for the start of spring at least. yay!