This guy is a CRAZY FRAPPER at the beach. Insane. He will go from zero to derp in two seconds flat, zig-zagging in between other normal dogs, doing complete 180-turns without notice… And it’s even more hilarious when he’s tethered to corgdad. (He doesn’t slow down for corgdad. Corgdad is required to keep up.)

As Om was zooming past for the hundredth time I overheard some other corgparent say “I thought our corgi was energetic…”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Omelette and bebopthecorgi had a marvelous day at SDCC! We chilled across the street from the convention center for a few hours. Weather was perfect - a little overcast and not too hot. They were hamming it up the entire time and conned people into giving them head scritches and belly rubs. Mission accomplished.

Now the kids are off at corgi camp for the rest of the weekend while the corgparents get to play at con! :D