Scout fits perfectly on our reclining chair. So perfectly that she insists that that's her chair. Mind you, she can’t actually get on it by herself, so it’s funny that she’ll ask to be let up on it and then proceed to quite literally kick you out of “her” chair.

In other news, Scout went in for her rabies shot this past Saturday and I also had her liver enzymes re-checked. If you’re new to the blog, Scout’s ALT levels were elevated when she was 6 months old (the vet discovered this on the day of her spay surgery). She was put on antibiotics and a liver supplement for a few weeks after that. There were two follow up re-checks of her liver enzymes following the initial discovery, and each time, the vet said that while they remained elevated, they were definitely lower than when they initially discovered it. 

The vet doesn’t really know what could be causing the elevated ALT levels; he says all her other levels/stats is within the normal range. Plus, she’s healthy and is totally normal in terms of eating, drinking, pottying, and she’s quite energetic. The vet thought perhaps it could just be something that is a) specific to her (similar to a person having a higher than normal body temperature), or b) something that is dependent on her age. Either way, he was confident enough to stop the meds and advised us to have her enzymes rechecked “in a few months." 

She’s still healthy as far as we can tell, and she hasn’t had any issues. I’m just hoping and praying for normal test results. Because if they’re still elevated, additional tests may be warranted and as a corgparent, you just can’t help but worry. 


Bebop is totally spoiled by his cousin Omelette!!! Holy Cow! Treats, a toy that has a silent squeaker (yay for us corgparents!), one of a kind bandanas that Ommies mamma made :) and a 49er jersey!! It fit him PERFECT TOO!!  He’s going to be one stylish puppeh :)

Oh! and a card :)  Bebop’s 1st card.  It’s now displayed on the mantle (normal right?)

I love it all, but best part and of course, most important part, is Bebop loves it all.

Thank you cousin Omelette for such a thoughtful gift!! So generous and thoughtful :)


Yesterday, we met up with Rhys’ littermate brothers Trevor and Sherlock to belatedly celebrate their first birthdays!  It was the first time since we took Rhys home at 8 weeks that the brothers have all been together (their litter was just the 3 boys).

It was so much fun!  We even put them in birthday hats that Trevor’s mom bought them - Rhys attempted to roll out of his, and then he was a jerk and took Trevor’s off and started chomping on it -__- pfft.  The brothers seemed to remember each other and played and frapped to their hearts’ content.  Do you see the family resemblance?  It was so amazing to see them all grown up and together.  Plus, Sherlock had been injured when he was a baby (he had been smushed accidentally - probably by their mama - and his back legs had been injured and he couldn’t walk properly), but he is completely healed now and it it was amazing to see him running around.  So much fun!  Each of the brothers is so sweet and social.  Plus, everyone’s corgparents are so sweet and awesome as well. 

I can’t wait to have them play again soon (hopefully at So Cal Corgi Beach Day on October 18th!).  It was a good day :)

Rhys:  USC bandana and black harness

Sherlock: black monsters bandana

Trevor:  red bandana


This guy is a CRAZY FRAPPER at the beach. Insane. He will go from zero to derp in two seconds flat, zig-zagging in between other normal dogs, doing complete 180-turns without notice… And it’s even more hilarious when he’s tethered to corgdad. (He doesn’t slow down for corgdad. Corgdad is required to keep up.)

As Om was zooming past for the hundredth time I overheard some other corgparent say “I thought our corgi was energetic…”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Omelette and bebopthecorgi had a marvelous day at SDCC! We chilled across the street from the convention center for a few hours. Weather was perfect - a little overcast and not too hot. They were hamming it up the entire time and conned people into giving them head scritches and belly rubs. Mission accomplished.

Now the kids are off at corgi camp for the rest of the weekend while the corgparents get to play at con! :D