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“No stop, only scratch”


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Cobee takes on the stairs.

Machete and Knives got a #HurriK9 for Christmas and we took it to the park to test out today. 🐶 These little fetch monsters had a blast! We would’ve kept playing for hours but it was super cold outside! 😨❄😨 We’re definitely going to have tons of fun with this, can’t wait to try it out at the beach this summer! 😁


“I’m open! I’m open! I’m open!”


Corgi tackle!


Short leg problems.


Why can’t I eat you?!

A week ago we said goodbye to Tess. We’ll never be 100% sure that she had degenerative myelopathy (aka canine ALS). But what we saw her go through was enough. We wanted her to still have some sparkle. We didn’t want to wait for total failure.

I miss my sweet pea, my corgilious, my corgster, my Tess Tess. She was an ice queen, but she was my ice queen. She killed it in the cart, winning over hearts from Atlanta to Boston. She showed them what a short dog with two working legs could still do, awing children and grown men alike. Because that’s what tough little corgis do.

She left us from the comfort of home, under the care of a wonderful ve, after a tasty snack of bananas and peanut butter. You licked the plate clean, of course.

Thank you Tess for the adventures, the memories, and yes, even the stains on the carpet. You were the constant in my life for a long time. Enjoy rolling in the grass and herding your canine friends, all with four working legs. Because corgis gotta corg.


I thought we were going swimming!”

It’s #CorgventDayTwo and that means treats for corgis! 😁 Machete received these really awesome dried sweet potato treats for his birthday and the bag is super duper huge so treats for days, yo! Anyway, the corgis like them and they’re a special treat so perfect for today. As you can see, Machete will do his best Corgi Meerkat for treats and Knives will LOSE HER DAMN MIND😂! I cannot even with this spazzy little lady sometimes, she’s ridiculous! #Corgvent2016 #TreatTime #dogsofinstagram #corgi #Corgvent #CorgmasShenanigans #lovemycorgi #IGPets #instacute #instagood #holidays #corgiaddict #ChristmasWithCorgis #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez