corgis need new homes


Here is your chance to have your forever Corgi…her owner is ill and must rehome her. Purebred and beautiful!

Near San Francisco, CALIFORNIA -owner unwell

Please read entire description:

Presently in a home with 2 other Chihuahuas. The woman that owns her now has some medical issues and would like to re-home her as she has an upcoming surgery in April.

*Current on Vaccines
*8 yrs old

“Corgi” as the owner calls her (I added Courtney to give her a better identity), was initially from a Breeder - Excalibur Corgis in Florida. She was adopted out at 1 yr.

Her 2nd owner was abusive to her and kept her crated a lot, hit her for barking and bred her once taking away her pups before they were even weaned. Not sure how this monster qualified as a home to begin with. Sheila (?) had her till she was 4-5 yrs old.

3rd owner was a woman that got her from Sheila and really loved her. She became ill and went into a nursing home and gave her to another woman.

4th owner- She supposedly took her for walks but kept her crated a lot. She only had her about a month. She then met Susan, the present owner, in a park to have Susan walk her and determine if she was a good fit and basically abandoned her and left her with Susan at the park.

5th owner - Susan has had her about 1-2 yrs. She is going in for some surgery and I guess is not in good health. She would not elaborate.

Courtney Corgi- is shy at first (she was friendly to me), is afraid of kids and cats from prior abuse. She also is afraid of parks from when she was abandoned. She needs a quieter household, NO kids, and ideally another dog friend. It would be best if she had an adopter that worked part-time or was retired. She is shy around men till she gets to know them. Rides ok in a car, likes walks, about 5 lbs overweight. Needs a refresher course in her new home about housebreaking.

For more details and an application - contact Tammy -
925-295-0771/email -

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A year ago today we made an 8 hour round trip to South Wales to go and ‘have a look’ at a corgi.

I had found an advert on Gumtree of an 11.5 month old corgi that needed a new home as his parents had gotten divorced and his mum couldn’t cope with looking after two little kids, a puppy and going back to work part time.

My husband and I saw Leo’s pictures and fell in love, but the timing was all wrong, we were a few days away from buying a house and a puppy would make the move messy. But we thought that we could take a drive and just see what he was like.

So we drove to South Wales with Buddy the Labrador who belongs to the in-laws, because if we got the corgi pup they needed to get along. We stayed overnight with Buddy in a B&B and he was terrified of all the noises of the Welsh countryside.

The next day we met Leo. He was only the 2nd ever real life corgi I’d ever seen (the first had been at a distance crossing a road in London, that probably doesn’t even count). I couldn’t fathom how short he was and I had to check his legs to ensure that he had the correct number of joints. (Perhaps he was that short because he was missing doggy knees?)

He was a little nippy but adorable. We brought Buddy out and they frapped together. Yes we’d only come to ‘have a look’ but within 30 minutes we asked if we could have him. The lady said that lots of people had expressed interest but none of them seemed right until us. So we put Leo and Buddy in our car and drove the four hours home. Both dogs were on their best behaviour and didn’t bark at all.

Leo has been the best thing to happen to us. He’s brought so much love and light to our lives and I can barely remember not having him. I am grateful every day to his previous mum for doing the right thing and finding him a new home when she knew she couldn’t give him the attention he deserves.

Love you Leo.