Racer is dead.

Ever since you found yourself on this foggy land of hills and empty fields, by a path that leads up into the clouds, the Lookouts have been there. The Lookouts have hounded you and your friend Marla’s every step. They act like dogs. They look like dogs, almost. And they’ve never harmed or threatened you. All they do is watch, with those emotionless, unblinking camera-heads. Perhaps that’s the worse thing about them.

And now Racer—Racer, that’s what Marla calls her favorite one—Racer is dead.

The question is not who, or how, or why. You killed him; you snapped his metal neck; you did it because he scared you, late at night after you’d awoken from a nightmare filled with humming wires and baying dogs. You didn’t mean to. It was an accident.

The question is this: what do you do now?

I think I uploaded these a while ago but that was a while ago.

The Lookouts was the name of an adventure game I conceptualized for my sort of “thesis project” in college. I still really, really like it and I want to do something more with it one day. It has its own website with all the art and some more information, plus inspirations, and if you’d like you can visit that, too.