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Announcing the New Corgi Blog List -- 687 Total -- Wow!


EDIT:  The list was built from bookmarks of your blogs.  When looking for your blog on the list, look for the title of your blog (what shows up at the top of your blog).  If you have changed your blog name in the last several months, it may be listed under the old blog name.  If that is the case, please let me know & I’ll update with the changed name.  Thanks! - K.


I just posted the updated corgi blog list.  Barring errors, there are 687 corgi blogs.  Wow!  Would have never guessed there were quite so many!

Me & a few helpers will be proofing the list over the next several days for errors.  If you have a corgi blog, would you check to see if your blog is on the list and listed properly?  All help is appreciated.

Here is the list.

Hope you enjoy!


PS I was thinking that we should come up with a tag that identifies a blog as predominantly corgi related.  Your opinion?  Any suggestions?  Love you guys! - K.


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Corgi Blog Updates - Volunteers?

Was wondering if I might get a few helpers to proof the corgi blog list.  This means, basically, checking to make sure that the link it still valid and that the name I have matches the blog name.  I figured I could break the list into sections by letters.  Any Volunteers??