corgi's are really hard to draw

how much I relate to min yoongi

-a lot
-can spit fire holy shit
-cares about people around him/close to him even if he doesn’t show it on the outside
-doesn’t know what’s going on a lot of the time
-love taking pictures???
-thinks legs are nice
-doesn’t like to sweat or do work that requires moving
-makes sure people aren’t worried about him
-loves welsh corgis omfg
-straightforward most of the time
-makes rhymes in everyday situations
-Kanye is role model boii
-really shit at drawing (I’m not as bad but still p shit)
-did I mention nice legs
-dislikes loud places
-worries about the future when he can’t sleep
-rates looks 50/100 (poor Yoongi bby)
-doesn’t like to meet new people
-is fucking cute as hell
-doesn’t give a shit
-doesn’t give a fuck
-hard on himself too often and he knows it
-happiness is based off of himself
-nice legs

bottom line/tldr: min yoongi and I are too similar and we have nice legs