corgi mutts

The Snowbird and The Butterfly || Closed

The woman made her way through the forest, accompanied by twin snow leopards. One male and one female leaving exquisite tracks beside their master in the freshly fallen snow ready to serve as her protectors if necessary.

Dressed in her her long winter cloak, lined with the fur of animals she had known from her forest, she made light footfalls. Even in the fresh snow they still crunched softly in the silence of the wood. The pale outer fabric of the cloak gave her the ability to blend easily into the color of the ground. Under the cloak was a small bundle. Something wrapped in a blanket. A small little snout peeked out to sniff up at her owner. The only animals she kept that were well suited to the snow here were her leopards, but her small dog had insisted to come along. So she kept her in a bundle to keep her warm.

Their breath billowed in the frigid air, dancing up in the moonlight before disappearing into the sky and trees above, but soon the warm light from the village could be seen through the trees. She looked over to her snow leopards and stopped. In a hushed voice she spoke to them. “Shiba, Talan, stay here. Up in the trees where no one will see you.” She instructed and the beasts did as they were told. She continued into town, the hood up until she came into the inn. 

She lowered her hood to reveal her face, dark hair flowing down around her shoulders paired with electric blue eyes. In the warmth of the building she sighed happily and found a table to sit at. She placed the bundle on the table, that no one seemed to notice. It was all frivolities and dancing. She smiled at the people who were having so much fun as she removed her cloak. Her dress was a cream color that faded into a snow-white. The bundle on the table wiggled and the corgi mutt rolled around until free from the cloth and jumped into her lap when she sat down, stroking her fur softly.