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Name: genevieve

Nickname: none

Gender: female

Star sign: taurus

Height:  5′8″

Sexuality: straight

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff :)

Favorite animal: puppies (specifically corgis and labs)

Average hours of sleep: 8+

Dogs or cats: both but…. dogs

Blankets you sleep with: one in the summer but like… ten in winter

Dream trip: traveling through europe and seeing all the castles that inspired castles in the disney movies

Dream job: working as an imagineer for the disney parks !!!!

When I made my blog: like… a month ago!

Followers: 226

Why I made my tumblr: i started watching got in like june? as soon as i finished it i made this blog because i loved it so much!

Reasons for my URL: brienne is an amazing person and ill love her til the day i die

I tag: @drcaryss and @queeenpersephone if they wanna do it!

Today Onon Discovered...

1. Many nice and pretty ladies that wanted to pet him. 

2. The dog park! It’s small, exclusive to my apartment complex and I rarely see a misbehaved dog around here. He met 2 goldens, 2 labs, 1 corgi, and 1 golden/poodle mix. All interactions were lovely and positive!

3. His collar! He scratches at it sometimes but otherwise leaves it alone. He’s now a very dapper boy. 

4. Destruction. After being fine left in the bathroom for two hour increments I left for 20 minutes and he destroyed a 2 inch strip all along the door.

5. His kennel! He hates it so far, but in time and with proper training, it will be his sanctuary. It’s snazzy and blue :)

6. Floor buffers. They were Very Scary at first but soon he was snoozing just a few feet from them. 

7. Ham! A lovely treat. 

8. His first “Intro to raw food” meal. High quality kibble with chicken baby food. In time the baby food will be replaced by pureed raw chicken and the kibble replaced by my favorite “raw” kibble and then more proteins will be introduced. Until then, he will be dining on this and he hate it up and no stomach upset :)

*I do NOT recommend mixing raw with significant carbs, so the transition will be immediate (but won’t happen until he’s a bit older). Carbs move more slowly through the digestive system than proteins. A quick turnover on the proteins means that they have less time to make the doggo sick since they’re in the gut for much less time. Feeding kibble with raw can make the raw stuff stay in longer and increase the chance your pup might get sick. 


this is my beautiful baby boy, or as I like to call him, my little baby bat (since he kinda looks like one with his black fur and pointy ears!) his name is thor, hence the fact that he only has three toes on one paw and one of his toenails is a bit crooked to the point where it clicks up and down when he walks, which signifies a hammer. he’s definitely a mutt since we did get him at the humane society, but we know for a fact that he’s a black lab and corgi mix. he’s got the ears and the legs of a corgi (they’re a bit taller than a corgis but they’re short for a black lab) and the body and face of a lab. he has been in my life for only three short years and even to this day, I admire him so very much, especially since he’s the main reason I decided to choose recovery over suicide. he’s my therapeutic help animal and I will never forget the day I saw his precious little face through the glass. October 31st 2013, although it was rainy and dreary outside, my dad told me that we were going to go golfing, which wasn’t such a surprise to me because I live in Washington and its always raining, so I didn’t think anything of it. I agreed and we went on our way. as we passed the golf course, which is a five minute drive from the humane society, I knew something was up. my dad pulled into the parking lot of the animal shelter I begged my dad to take me to just days prior to this and we walked inside and I immediately went towards the dogs, and the instant I saw Thor, my heart melted. his name at the shelter was “Butler,” but I knew right away that he was my little baby Thor. he was the only dog who wasn’t barking, he sat at the glass window and kept looking away as if he were shy, he had his squirrel stuffed animal in his mouth and the moment he looked directly in my eyes was the exact moment I knew, I needed him in my life. not only did he have that big brown eye, but he was half blind as well. he was so different from all the other dogs and not only did I want him, but I needed him. we asked the people at the shelter if we could take him out and play with him to get a feel for what he was like outside, and the moment they let him out of the cage, he peed on the wall from excitement. he was most likely so excited that someone finally was gonna adopt him, especially since before he was in the shelter he was a scavenger and he was homeless. we took him outside and played ball with him in the pouring down rain, and my dad looked at me and I looked right back at him and we both nodded, knowing that we needed this dog in our lives. he’s so dedicated to what he loved the most, his owners. he wanted to be apart of our forever home. he even tried following me to the bathroom until one of the shelter workers caught him off guard. after petting him and loving him for a good half hour, I decided to continue begging my dad until he said yes. we filled out some paperwork, and while he was doing that, I went to go see Thor one last time through the window. I smiled and said these exact words, “don’t worry, you’ll be home before you know it,” and then I left. a few weeks passed, and we finally went to go pick him up from the doggy doctor where he was neutered in order to go home with us. he got in the car with us and I sat in the backseat with him to calm him down, in which he was very shaky and scared, which is typical with every dog. we got home and showed him his kennel since he was probably exhausted from being under the knife. I remember falling asleep to the sound of his whimpers but I tried to ignore it, thinking that it was just him being scared, but it was actually him wanting to play with his toys. so I got up out of bed and have him a few stuffies to play with since he had one at the shelter. never again. I woke up to stuffing all over the floor and him scratching at the kennel, which we got rid of the third night because he did stop whining the second night. ever since that third night, we have been allowing him to sleep on my bed or on the floor, which he honestly doesn’t mind. Thor is my rock, my little ball of sunshine, my cuddle buddy, my best friend, my hero, my everything. there will never not be a day where I don’t think of him. I know this is really long and obnoxious, but this moment in my life has for sure been the most important one I’ve experienced, and with that being said, I would like to state that my dad actually intentionally brought me there solely because he knew I wanted a dog to calm me from my depression and anxiety. if it weren’t for my baby bat, I wouldn’t be here today. he has kissed so many of my scars, he has barked each and every time I’ve tried to kill myself, he truly is my hero. even to this day, I still tell him how much he means to me, because he’s the best antidepressant I’ve ever had in my life. ❤️❤️❤️

((and yes, I’m including a picture of my portrait tattoo of him bc I love him THAT much. no, he’s not dead, no I don’t want to even think about that, but I decided that his presence in my life was important enough to be inked on my arm, so there’s that.))