corgi decal


OMG OMG OMG!!! so despite today being sweltering hot and nothing working out the way it’s supposed to, we got a packaged in the mail that made everything awesome!

our ItsyBitsyGatsby order arrived! yay! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND because czarina is completely and totally amazeballs there was bonus swag in our package! do you not see that ridiculous incredible corgi decal!?!? DO YOU!?!?! so amazing!

when it’s not hot as a crotch out and we don’t spend all day lolling in bed with the corg, i’m going to take better pictures of machete with his new superhero tie on because he was so fidgety and just wanted to roll over and chew on his rawhide.

it was about time that i upgraded the look of my laptop (it has had the same iron man decal for like a million years) and since my corgi decal from octoberwaffle arrived i have been trying to figure out the best place to put it.

problem solved! new hardshell case for the laptop AND a spiffy corgi decal! yesssssssssss.