corgi club


scenes from the mayflower pembroke welsh corgi club’s annual summer picnic. there were so many fabulous corgis i couldn’t even stand it!

there were corgi games, corgi swag, contests and a raffle! so many fabulous dogs and everyone was really friendly. plus, i may have found a sponsor to become an official MPWCC member. amazing.!!!!


*I apologize for the angry corgi faces. They’re pooped out from hiking all day.

We entered a costume contest on the Facebook page Corgi Club. We didn’t win but they said they would send everyone a prize for trying. Anyways we get home to a huge package. I open it and it’s a ton of cool stuff from Corgi Club. I’m so psyched! Their logo has artwork from the super talented Amanda Beard.

List 73: Top Ten Anime to Watch During the Summer

Summer is in full swing and with it comes many things. Beach trips, watermelon eating, real hot heat, bikini babes, men with abs galore, so much water based activity, festivals, and so many more things. And we all know anime reflects many of these things we love so much about summer right? SO here is my personal list of the ten anime to get you in that summer mood or to enjoy when the season hits like it has clearly done where I live. I swear 100 degree weather is exhausting! 

10: Trigun

Hot, hot, hot is the world of Trigun. You get a desert world with two suns and lots of hot looking locale. This show will make you feel the extreme heat of the summer season if you aren’t already feeling it on your skin. Good action, funny moments, good drama, and a lot of heat to keep it high on the summer lovin. 

9: Gurren Lagann

Yoko in her bikini aside Gurren Lagann fits the perfect motif for summer with it’s blockbuster attitude. It goes balls to the wall with everything like you would imagine from a blockbuster. Underdogs fighting against the odds, earth in peril, hot chicks, loads and loads of fantastic crazy action, space battles, romance, all you could ever want to keep you in an mood of pure WAHHHHHHHH(and yes that’s totally a word) 

8: Gargantia

So so so so much water here. I can’t say much other than this show is light and fun with nice colors and loads of water. Enough action to keep the summer junkies entertained, and enough fanservice to wear those arms out with. Enjoy the small and wondrous world of Gargantia. 

7: Free!

Speaking of water this show is soooooo pretty! With a great focus on friendship and swimming as the bulk of the show, Free! will make you wanna get wet in more ways then one. The fantastic water animation alone will make you crave hopping in a pool before you know it. 

6: Summer Wars

It is in the title folks haha. Big family get togethers at a summer house with loads on family drama. So much heat and trying to stay cool as you can. The massive ice blocks in this anime always crack me up to keep the computer cooled down. Its so hot that computers cant even stay cool. The heat is crazy in the film and it really makes the summer heat feel real as can be. 

5: Ponyo

This one makes me think of the ocean more than anything. With Ponyo from there and all and the location of the movie you will be feeling those summer ocean vibes before you know it. It may bring you back to days of youth when you went on that trip to the beach. Good times indeed. 

4: When Marnie was There

Summer house is the first word that pops into my head of course when Marnie comes to mind. Then the movie has things like watermelons, yukata, and boat rides. You can’t not feel the summer when you watch Marnie that is for sure. Sit back and wish you could go there yourself. 

3: Tsuritama

Bright visuals, fishing on the ocean, and so so much water, and well a bit of crazy antics and you have one too many uses of the word and, AND a summery show. This series just feels like friends enjoying summer together and it’s quirky and a lot of fun. 

2: Barakamon

Summer is different everywhere you go. Japan has tons of cultural ways of celebrating summer. And Barakamon pretty much has every single one of them during its 12 episode run. It’s the one anime I would call the summer anime if it wasn’t for the way the top pick hits all those marks in other ways. 

1: Ano Natsu de Matteru

Barakamon shows all the classic traditional ways to celebrate summer while Ano Natsu has the idealized ones. Summer romance, fan service, block buster moments, summer food, friendship, it takes place in summer, and many more. They are even shooting a movie haha. The series has spies, aliens, and love. It’s like a summer show dream come true. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for the perfect summer show with this one. 

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the above pictures. The credit goes to the original creators of each and thus will be considered theirs. Enjoy the pics!

Summer list is done ^^ What list is next? Not even I know!

See ya Space Corgis!