Not the greatest photo (photo courtesy of his breeder), but WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS BEBEH. BEBEH GATSBEEEHHHH.

I was looking through emails that his breeder had sent me in the weeks leading up to the day we took him home. She would periodically send updates on how the pups were doing and in one of her emails, she said that she personally thought that he’s the “nicest puppy in the litter” and that if she he had wanted to keep a male, we “would have to arm wrestle for him.”

I would have fought her for real. Because loooooook at him. My perfect baby corg. (Still is perfect, just for the record.)

JP keeps getting run over by the roomba. It’s like he can’t hear it or even see it coming towards him… then when it bumps into him he gets very offended. In other news, we finally have the furry tumbleweeds and dust bunnies under control.

Da: It’s not time for dinner yet.
Me: [With a tilt of the head]  It’s time for dinner now.
Da: It’s time for dinner now.
Me: You should give me an extra scoop of kibble.
Da: I should give you an extra scoop of kibble.
Me: You should start on dinner immediately.
Da: I should start on dinner immediately.
Me: Here you go.
Da: Here I go.

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