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Thanks for sharing your little corg with us. This blog is my happy place. Chubby, you are the cutest!! Big hugs :)

Thanks for taking the time to write in! You’re very welcome. I try to update as often I can (gotta manage that corg-life balance) and am very glad people still enjoy the blog despite the meager offerings at times :)

Chubby wanted to send a nudie as a token of his appreciation (I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately, it’s like he hit three and promptly began undergoing his quarter-life crisis), but I convinced him to send a different picture instead. Here’s one of him working on those chest and stumps!


The Chobley
Oh Hey All Purpose Inspirational Card
Just wanted to fill a card up with happy things to brighten anyones day!! This image was created from my original ink drawings and digitally colored. It is printed with archival pigment inks on heavyweight, matte paper. The card is blank on the inside and it comes with a coordinating A2 (4.25 x 5.5) envelope. Your Friend, Betty Turbo

it’s like this card was designed with me specifically in mind! 

danny trejo, puppers, doggos, and a corgi!?!?! YES PLZ!

funny story: knives is really, really bad at tug. like SO BAD at it! she sucks and in theory would always lose…but the thing is? machete lets her win. nearly 95% of the time, he will play and then just acquiesce to her so she gets the toy/ball/stick/etc. he’s such a good brofur and lets her win so much that when she plays tug with another dog (or us) she gets super confused like “but why am i not winning, tho?”

he’s spoiled her :p

#ThrowbackThursday to when the ladybaby was just an itty bitty Princess Pork Bun in her princess bandana.😍It was one of the first baby bandanas I made while we were waiting to bring her home. Last night I used the remaining fabric to make her a new princess bandana in a big girl size so she can still be fresh to death 😎 #TBT #knivesthecorgi

Machete and Knives got a #HurriK9 for Christmas and we took it to the park to test out today. 🐶 These little fetch monsters had a blast! We would’ve kept playing for hours but it was super cold outside! 😨❄😨 We’re definitely going to have tons of fun with this, can’t wait to try it out at the beach this summer! 😁


This is the video that inspired our recent Corg Life comic, “Gotcha Day.”

It is Otis’s first night with us and it will put a tear in your eye. 


Went to pick a Christmas tree with these two stumpy goobers. 🎄🐶🎄 #corgi #dogsofinstagram #bestwoof #weeklyfluff #lovemycorgi #IGPets #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez