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A pair of pretty little ladies. #dogsofinstagram #corgi #instacute #calijeanthecorgi #woofpack #knivesthecorgi


The unofficial corg tally for this past weekend’s summer corgi beach day was 800+ corgis. EIGHT HUNDRED PLUS CORGIS. It was nuts. Absolute madness. 

It was incredibly hot on Saturday and the sand became too hot too quickly. The only refuge for the corgs was to hang out by the water, but it was mega packed in that area (especially by the main tent). We tend to always set up away from the main tent because that many people and that many dogs just gets to be a bit much for Scoutsby to handle.

This beach day was also held at a different dog beach; one that Scoutsby had only been to once over a year ago. We didn’t feel comfortable letting them off leash in a new setting and because it was absolute madness with that many dogs/people, and as a result, Scout spent most of beach day quite cranky. She calmed down after about 2 hours, but she was still pretty stressed so we didn’t stay too long.

Overall, it was still a relatively good time spent at the beach and it was great seeing our corg + human friends. Plus, Scoutsby were totally rockin’ their beach outfits like nobody’s business. 

Fall beach day is set for October 24th at Huntington Beach. 

Triple Corgi Booty Tuesday with Machete, Knives and Cali Jean! 🍑🍑🍑 #MomosForDays #corgi #weeklyfluff #dogsofinstagram #pupwalkscenes #woofpack #calijeanthecorgi #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez

Throwback Thursday post! Corgi hanging out in Balboa Park with one of his very bestest corg friends, Aqua! But he was too busy eying a kid’s ice cream cone to pay attention for this pic (taken by Aqua’s mom, an incredibly talented photographer!).


i cannot even…

When you wanna play fetch but your girlfriend has other plans 😂 #WhatDoWeWant? #TREATS! #WhenDoWeWantEm? #TRRRREEEEEAAAAAAATSSSS! #RightMeow #EyesOnThePrize #calijeanthecorgi #corgi #dogsofinstagram #machetecorgez