corfina replied to your post: Wait, you have those spiky black Jeffrey Campbell “Lita” shoes?! GURL.

Damn, Trey’s friend is stylin’. You would’ve looked super sexy in those! Someday, we’ll both stumble upon gigantic treasure chests full of money, and then we can go accessory and shoe shopping together and blow all of our cash in one fell swoop.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh you know I don’t look sexy. I looked a mess. Look at me

OMG YES. I have been dying to go shopping with you for YEARS. Lets figure out how to get rich, yes?

Since I’m planning on getting back into playing D&D at some point, I figured I’d draw my two older characters and my new one.

the oldest here is Captain Mindfang who, yes, is based off of the character of the same name in Homestuck. I couldn’t think of a character so I said “fuck it, I’m gonna be Mindfang”

The next oldest is Corfina Ravensward (whose full name I didn’t write bc I’m lazy) and she was made for a campaign that my fiance was going to DM with a few friends of mine. Not sure what’s happening with that right now since it’s hard to get the group together.

Most recent is Theda – who I made just because I wanted a vampire. While I know the vampire class can be alignments OTHER than evil, my DM (i.e., my fiance) said I should make an evil vampire so I ended up basing one off of Ella! Because who’s more chaotic evil than Ella? NO ONE.