• Sweet Misery
  • Corey Latif Williams

i always listen to this whenever we get into a fight. why? because it always reminds me that no matter what and at the end of the day, you’re still my love and the only one that i would go through these things with.

“you’re my sweet misery, i hate to admit it, but you’re my everything. the love you give me is like the perfect pain, the one i hate, the one i love, the one i blame.”

  • Crazy Love
  • Corey Latif Williams

Girl the possibilities are endless now
Hearts combined can tap into a treasure
It`s all for real with you girl
Must be love, crazy love
Cause you`ve taken my heart in a world when
Emotions so deep like an ocean, crazy love
Must be love, I said crazy love
Girl you saved my soul from sinking
My dreams came true in an instant
My crazy love


Latif “One kiss” (Official Music Video) (by manhattanrecords)