corey's collectables


Its been a super busy winter - a string of group shows and prepping for a more complete collection for Corey Helford Gallery in February has kept me inside painting.

Here’s a few of the newest pieces, and a few glimpses behind the scenes into the studio!

(The little anglerfish was for Aqua Miami at Art Basel with Thinkspace Gallery, the Lemur is for Wanderlust 2 at Modern Eden Gallery)


When it comes to making a deal with The Devil, you can’t always get what you want…

“The things that scare me are real life situations. Real life is much more scary than anything you can put on the movie screen. Which is why I get very upset when people try to blame the movies for the violence in this world. I’m like ‘Are you kidding me?’. There is more violence in a four hour period on CNN than any movie I have in my massive collection”

-Corey Taylor - Hot Topic interview, October 2010.