corey trivino

So, here's what I have a problem with:

Charlie Coyle, former member of the BU hockey team, signed a 3-year entry-level contract with the Minnesota Wild this morning. Cool, right? Sure, he left halfway through the BU season for Major Juniors, but he played hard for us and I wished him the best in his future endeavors. Claps for Charlie on the contract. 

While scrolling through my Twitter udpates this morning, I saw that there  was actually backlash from the BU hockey community about said contract. There were people tearing Coyle down–I believe the exact tag being used was ’#charliesellout’. So, people have a problem with him leaving for Juniors for the money, okay. 

Here’s my problem with this: Some BU fans were more outspoken against Charlie Coyle than they were against Trivino and Nicastro (both being thrown off the team for alleged sexual crimes against women). So, we tiptoe around the sexually-charged issues and wait to see if they’re ‘actually guilty or not,’ but Coyle goes to Juniors and he’sobviously just a greedy, heartless son of a bitch, am I correct?

Do you know about Coyle’s home life and financial situation? You know what, even if you could come and tell me that you’re incredibly well-versed in Coyle’s family life and that they don’t need the money and he wants it for purely selfish reasons, I really could give a shit. Because to me, I’d rather have a guy leave because he’s greedy, rather than because he felt it was within his rights to violate a woman, in any way.

If you don’t know if/why he needed/wanted the money, then please sit down and shut the fuck up. You don’t have to like Charlie Coyle, fine. You think he’s a traitor? Cool. However, I’d rather spend my time denouncing two bastards who might have actually broken the law, than demonize some kid who’s trying to make it to the NHL and might be breaking a few fans’ hearts along the way. 

Bottom line: If you have a bigger problem with Coyle than you do with Trivino/Nicastro, I have a big fucking problem with you.