corey sheppard


Corey Sheppard // Blind - What If (2005)

// early days of bigflips & he did em well. you may remember him from his one trick (a beautiful switch pop shove) in the famous I-Path Summer Promo (also 2005, in which everyone repped it so hard, including highlight mini-parts from Jack Sabback & Danny Renaud — oh but don’t forget Nate Jones, Kenny Reed & even Tony Cox!) best vid of 2005? oh filmed by Dan Wolfe? yeah.

highlight: fakie tre into the bank — hesitant/precise switch quasi-manny landing to switch shifty float off the second kink wtf!

I won’t describe his ill enders & ruin the surprise except to say… unintentional switch firecracker in the dirt over that old famous ledge-to-gap out !?!