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I am tired and sick enough to finally come over onto this ask box of yours without feeling nervous about it. So hello, I like your art, I like Zince, and you seem like a chill person. Yeah, IDK what else to say. Welp.

Aw jeez, thank you! That’s really sweet. I’m glad you got the courage to come say ‘hi’, I’ve seen you on my dash and keep forgetting to come by your blog and do so myself!
Thanks again for visiting and saying such nice things!
(P.S. your art is really cute.)

Pirate Trouble in Pizzadice

Jeremy has trouble keeping track of the animatronics one night and calls Mike for help, especially since one persistent fox can’t seem to take a hint and leave him alone!

Written by snapfoo and edited by the FNAFF Parlour Writer, AvecPardon, special contribution by coresilence.

Based on the Parlourverse version of rebornica’s AU.

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I wonder how it would look like if Mike freaked out one of the animatronics. Like, what if say Bonnie went to go to his office, didn't see him, turns around and--OH SHIT WHERE HOW WHY ARE YOU THERE MIKE. (and it would probs be something dumb like he needed to pee really badly) (also sorry I'm tired skjfndjg)

OMG yeah, especially since the bon has the most emotions
OH!!! What if Mike is just standing there stiff, wide eyed and motionless like an fucking asshole

damnit mike

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Here's a suggestion (yeah I don't like to suggest actual prompts and stuff, but I like helping make things work). Why not, instead of angry, the 5th child was freaked out. Maybe she could feel the presence of the Killer around, skulking more closely than usual. And in a wave of panic, takes over Mike and becomes more violent. Jeremy notices this and tries to help calm the two down, but the 5th can't even register friend from foe with how anxious she is. Cue the hit and all that. Does that help?

Perfecto! Tres bien! I’ll work on that after this next chapter of CABaMS and 12 Nights part 2.

Oof, and I still need to get through the planning stages of the other AU fics. XD so many stories, so few hands to type with!

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Tumblr. Tumblr is a fandom. Really.

Is there a larger tumblr megaverse than just my friends that I am supposed to be picking from? Or is this just a way to force me to pick someone to push off a cliff and then feel bad all day about my choices.
huuuuuurhgh damn it I have to do this. I am tearing my heart out picking from you guys.

Push off a cliff - If I had ever gotten any mean Anons I could pick mean Anons. Can I pick Anons who have been mean to you guys? It feels like a cop-out. FUCK. I HAVE TO PICK SOMEONE I LITERALLY LOVE EVERYONE.
I pick the person who sent me this ask! FUCK YOU BUDDY
Frick frack - Goddamnit. This is embarrassing IpickMothbecauseofvariousconversationsthathavetakenplace. but I think people would constantly wonder if the two of us were in a terribly abusive relationship.
Marry - Echo, you cutie, I almost picked you for the frickfrack just because I know you’re going to send me cute embarrassed pictures in reply and, really, isn’t that the most important quality in a life-partner? Also whenever anyone says frickfrack I think of you because you’re the first person I ever heard say that word and it’s funny.
Set on fire - One day Kino will draw something so amazing that I will explode in a burning pile of jealousy, reaching far and wide across the earth to wherever it is that Kino lives. On that day, perhaps, the tips of Kino’s hair may be singed slightly, if only to fulfil the requirements that I answer this question and that I want to mention how much I love Kino’s artwork.
Wrap a blanket around - I think it would have to be Tree, as long as we can both be under the blanket with a flashlight just talking about headcanons and silly things. Also we could sit under the blanket and Watch Madoka Magica because DAMN how have you not seen it all?
Be roommates with - I would very much like to collect all the people I like together and buy a huge mess of land and live in a village together with common areas and our own little cabins. It might devolve into a cult, but it can be a sex cult not a suicide cult. If I have to pick one person I pick Vergess because I have strong suspicions that she feels the same way about this answer. We can rent a tiny apartment over a Thai restaurant and plot out the cult. Also I feel like if shit ever went down Vergess would be quick to take up arms at my side and fuck some people up. This is very important in a room mate.

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Whispers imagine Mathew feeling really horrible and unable to hold in his negative feelings and is about to leave to do something stupid but Mike sees him running off and grabs him and notices Matt's tearing up so he doesn't ask he just gives Matt a hug to comfort him and they just hug like that just imAGINE THAT. *too lazy to just open skype to tell you sue me*