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Hey, i was watching some old videos and i was wondering if the connection between Dr Corenthal and Milo was going to come up again in the story or if it was just something for the crossover with EMH?

It is an important connection.

Take a look around. This is my Eden. My little heaven in this hell. This hell that you call life, Vinnie. Beautiful isn’t it? I can’t even tell you how I created it. I carved away at it. It’s taken me years. I think it was more from the wanting it that from the working it but it’s here. And, God bless, so are you. It’s good to see you but it’s dangerous. This place, this is like an inner sanctum to the monsters’ sanctuary. These monsters? These things? They can get in. They’ve gotten in before. I’ve kicked'em out. It’s hard to go and it takes a lot but I’ve kicked'em out. This time I know they’ll be coming full force, cause they’re after you, son. They want you, so you’re not going to be able to stay here very long. This is very, very temporary for you. So when you start feeling a little bit better I’m going to have to get you out of here. And don’t worry, your sister, your brother, and me? We’ll hold down the fort. There’s one thing you gotta know, son. This is important, no matter where you go, remember this. I’m pretty s– I know in the deepest of my hearts, they cannot beat us. I’m still here. You’re still here. We’re kicking and screaming, so just remember that when you go. I’ll tell ya, when they come for me? They don’t have to make an appointment, cause the doctor? He’s in.
—  Dr. James Corenthal (EverymanHYBRID)
EverymanHYBRID - Thoughts

Just some of my thoughts on recent events in the ARG.

1: “The Corenthal Connection (Jessie’s back)”

The EMH crew did NOT see Dr. Corenthal. What they saw was merely a memory of him visiting the storage unit that had been replayed by their resident Slendy. When he said “I’ve failed you guys.”, he didn’t mean EMH, he meant his previous patients. So for all we really know, Corenthal may no longer be among the living…

2: The Name

Slendy, the Rake… The guys behind EMH have been planning this from the beginning, the proof is hidden in their name “EverymanHYBRID”. A hybrid of every modern internet-born urban legend. So far they’ve dealt with a Grossman and a Rake… And it’s my personal belief that the proverbial shit hasn’t even come close to hitting the fan yet…

I’ve been out of work since the end of June and just got a call for my first job interview since moving here. Since I’m new to the area, I checked Google Maps to see where this place was.

First thing I notice about the area? There’s a fucking self-storage place right next to it.


I have a problem… everything reminds me of the Slenderverse. Send help.

So... the summoning happened.

I saw the video and I’ve literally been screaming idiot at my computer screen ever since! Also I’m thinking the guest might be Firebrand, maybe their room mates, fanfiction writers get on that now! I’m curious what’s gonna happen with Evan, is he still standing there? I’m also curious on why HABIT is being so generous, maybe the stuff he’s gonna show Vin Vin is worse then any torture he could do. In other news where the fuck is Corenthal?

To anyone who watches EverymanHYBRID

I’m at the Update Hub video currently catching up on all of the boxes. I’m confused as to the ages.

The characters Jeff, Vince, Evan, and Alex are in college (although I presume Alex to be in high school) however the Jeff, Vince and Evan from the Corenthal letters are from the 1970’s and seeing as how these videos started in 2010 that would make them be nearing their fifties (given the ages in the letters).

They aren’t the same characters right? If they are, HOW?

It may be explained later and if it is tell me, but it not then I am thoroughly confused.

Carmilla/Slenderverse (EMH & TT) Crossover ideas

-Carmilla helps Evan deal with the things he did when he was evil and they form a support group

-Noah, Kirsch and Laura go after amoral supernatural creatures with only mildly useful weaponry

- LaF studies the Corenthal papers and finds new information in the Silas library catalouge

-Perry forces proxies to clean their living spaces

-Danny and Vinny hang out cause that pairing seems like fun

-And Jeff is still dead and we’re still sad about it