I’ve been out of work since the end of June and just got a call for my first job interview since moving here. Since I’m new to the area, I checked Google Maps to see where this place was.

First thing I notice about the area? There’s a fucking self-storage place right next to it.


I have a problem… everything reminds me of the Slenderverse. Send help.

So... the summoning happened.

I saw the video and I’ve literally been screaming idiot at my computer screen ever since! Also I’m thinking the guest might be Firebrand, maybe their room mates, fanfiction writers get on that now! I’m curious what’s gonna happen with Evan, is he still standing there? I’m also curious on why HABIT is being so generous, maybe the stuff he’s gonna show Vin Vin is worse then any torture he could do. In other news where the fuck is Corenthal?

To anyone who watches EverymanHYBRID

I’m at the Update Hub video currently catching up on all of the boxes. I’m confused as to the ages.

The characters Jeff, Vince, Evan, and Alex are in college (although I presume Alex to be in high school) however the Jeff, Vince and Evan from the Corenthal letters are from the 1970’s and seeing as how these videos started in 2010 that would make them be nearing their fifties (given the ages in the letters).

They aren’t the same characters right? If they are, HOW?

It may be explained later and if it is tell me, but it not then I am thoroughly confused.


Here is the map of Ghim'zoq.

Haaynyth - This is the kingdom of Messelis(the Queen) and Mosys (the king). This is where Clovis and all her siblings live. They have 5 gods(Laestades, Aeacys, Kathelys, Eustyx and Sabixa) and there are Faecase(priestesses).

The kingdoms/empires/countries that are allies: Chaimore, Caemirin, Kuica, Druirian and Ouyubuiweth.

Their enemies : Eqenem, Eashounad, Phalurid, Corenth.

Those that are neutral: Qaigguneian (the circle is where the Towns in the Sky are), Buiris and Halinem.

There’s also a country that I created only for my AU. It’s on the first map. The name is Manaehythre. In the real story, this place isn’t known. It will never be in it. This is where Akatsuki no Yona’s, Magi’s and other fandoms’ characters are if I make them into Ghimzoq! I did it this way so that I can do anything with them without interfering with the principal story. And also because there aren’t my characters.

I would like to start off by saying that Night Mind is incredible, and I have a ton of respect for Nick and his work. However, saying that a vertically-challenged, Ledger’s Joker ripoff Mary Sue is an example of originality is depressing. I have no problem with the other two examples he gives. Corenthal is by far the most interesting character in EMH, and The Collective are creepy as fuck. But habit? Come on, man.