Me watching everymanHYBRID
  • *thinks it's just a YouTube series*
  • ME: *first few episodes* So far, so good!
  • ME: *when canyouseethewords is brought up* Who dat?
  • ME: *when greenfeathers is introduced* Who dis?
  • ME: *during "Damsel"* Who dis?
  • ME: *when the doctor is brought up* Who dat?
  • ME: *when Jeff calls Officer Matten* Who dat?
  • ME: *scrolls through Tumblr and sees Seven Trials* What dat?
  • ME: *about everything* Who dis? What dat?
  • ME: *finishes all uploaded videos on the emH channel* WHAT
  • ME: *watches Night Mind videos*
  • ME: *stares off into distance*
  • ME: *whispers* I understand so much more now.
Corenthal’s Letter to Milo transcript


I understand how the world can seem, at times, a dark place. I know that you feel alone, standing at the mouth of a great void, and knowing that there are things that are staring back through the darkness. But know that we can smile back. Know that it is all we can do, is smile, and know that there are others who know what we do. 

Your doctor and friend,

James Corenthal 

I’ve been out of work since the end of June and just got a call for my first job interview since moving here. Since I’m new to the area, I checked Google Maps to see where this place was.

First thing I notice about the area? There’s a fucking self-storage place right next to it.


I have a problem… everything reminds me of the Slenderverse. Send help.

So... the summoning happened.

I saw the video and I’ve literally been screaming idiot at my computer screen ever since! Also I’m thinking the guest might be Firebrand, maybe their room mates, fanfiction writers get on that now! I’m curious what’s gonna happen with Evan, is he still standing there? I’m also curious on why HABIT is being so generous, maybe the stuff he’s gonna show Vin Vin is worse then any torture he could do. In other news where the fuck is Corenthal?

I just finished the box 3 findings, and the Corenthal Report was… kind of scary. No, unnerving. Thats a great word. And of course about Evan. Who apparently is called Habit? And the business card said Habit? And i think Jeff mentioned Habit? What’s with the Habit? and WHY was the report dated in 1971? That would make Evan my parents age…