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Study Session

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: No. But, this is dedicated to the wonderful @reidoneshots because I promised rach that I would dedicate my next smut to her, and so… here it is ;)

Summary: When you’re struggling to study for you final Law exam, you decide to seek help from your unusually handsome professor…

Word Count: 1,516, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex, Orgasm Denial, Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it, yo)

A/N: This is a Professor!Reid x Student!Reader so if you’re like grossed out by that then I urge you to skip this fic, but other than that yeah & also I know that Reid doesn’t have a bachelor’s in Law or any affiliation with it, from what we’ve seen but I just thought it would be kinda fun.

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You sat on your bed, books sprawled out in every corner as you attempted to take in the extensive information. You were going to take your final exam tomorrow and although you felt prepared, last minute studying was always a great option. Your professor had told you in your last session with him that you could find him on campus in his office if you needed help. “What the heck,” you sighed out, knowing that a little help couldn’t hurt.

You walked into his office and found him sitting amongst masses of essays and books. He took a moment to look up from marking, “Y/N?” he dragged his glasses off of his face, placing it on top of his book. “Hi. I was wondering if I could take you up on that study offer?” you asked setting down your things in the antique chair opposite his desk. “Of course, please sit,” he replied enthusiastically which was unusual considering it was almost 2 in the morning, “Would you like some water?” he inquired, you smiled up at the man before giving a short nod.

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Ugh. I find it painfully ironic how Marlene keeps going off about how, as the “creator” of Spoby and a general fan of Toby’s character, she so easily turns a blind eye to the fact that the full-circle storyline she gave them involved the cheap integrations of another useless (and disrespectful) character death, manipulation, and rape.

Toby (chronologically) starts the series off as someone who had just recently lost his mother to an apparent suicide, only to find himself under the thumb of his new step-sister one year later, who emotionally abuses and rapes him before he’s sent away for a crime he didn’t commit.

He ends the series as a widow who watched his wife die, essentially being written off the show instead of having his feelings explored, only to return and get raped by his ex-girlfriends evil twin sister twice and “saved” by his former rapist (who also happens to have wanted to kill Spencer in 7x10).

Spoby shippers aren’t mad about not getting a final kiss or “HBO-level” sex scene, Marlene. They’re upset that, after being told to be patient and hopeful, they watched as you killed off a seemingly innocent character, ignored the development of one of the four core couples, turned Spencer into a plot device in a pointless love triangle that took up far too much screentime, and romanticized rape ALL FOR SHOCK VALUE. And what did that even do for your story?

Sorry for this pointless rant.

Double Booked

Pairing: ReaderxReid

Gender: Female

Words: 3,125 (sorry)

Warning: None really. Not super romantic tbh. Cursing like one time 

Summary: As per usual, everyone stays at a hotel during a case, but when you try to check in the staff double booked a room so now you have to share a room with Reid. One bed two agents.


It had been a painfully long day. You were working a case in Colorado and the unsub was slipping farther and farther from everyone’s grasps. Everyone was jumping down each other’s throats so Hotch decided to call it a day and have everyone get at least one full night of sleep. Not that everyone would manage to sleep.

The car was painfully quiet as Morgan and Reid got into it and then Hotch stepped in. The three of them were testing each other’s limits all day. For some reason this case was hitting home for everyone, and it didn’t help that this was the teams’ third back to back case. You fought against the urge to sleep the ride to the hotel, which thankfully was short.

You parked at the hotel and everyone slumped out of the cars, grabbed their go-bags and went to the lobby to check in. JJ and Hotch talked to the receptionist in hushed tones for what seemed like an hour. You sighed impatiently and sat down on the cleaner of the two couches in the lobby which still had more than enough questionable stains to make you groan. Rossi looked over to you and followed suit, seemingly falling asleep in a matter of seconds. Reid was already in a corner next to Prentiss, reading a book with a title in a language you couldn’t understand. Morgan was pacing and clearly very tense. You were about to tell him to relax and sit down when he snapped.

“What is the issue?” He nearly yelled, stomping towards the help desk

“I am sorry sir but it appears we only have 5 rooms.” The receptionist said, almost cowering away from Morgan’s’ dominating stance

“There must be a mistake. I have 7 agents. There should’ve been previous accommodations made” You could tell Hotch was trying to remain calm but he was clearly irritated.

“I am sorry sir. I have checked multiple times.” The receptionist nearly pleading with the intimidating agent

“There aren’t any more rooms available?” JJ asked remaining professional

“No I am sorry. I could refer you to one of our branch hotels?”

“Guys come on” Prentiss stood up, clearly over it at this point “It’s not a big deal two of us will just double up. JJ and I have one and two other people will have the other.” She was already grabbing her bag, making it clear she wasn’t asking.

You look around at the three men that had been fighting earlier, understanding they would not be sharing. You made hopeful eyes at Rossi who was now woken up, although you almost thought he was faking his sleep to avoid the situation.

“As much as I would love to (Y/L/N), I’m a few too many years old to be sharing. I need my rest. Alone.”

You sigh, annoyed at the situation and can’t censor yourself from the stating what no one else is “Well since the three of you are clearly not going to work out whatever it is you’ve been fighting about then I’ll have to share with one of you. So you three can make that decision. I haven’t slept in three days so please make it quick” You stated, harsher than you intended but their bickering, your lack of sleep, and the son of a bitch unsub pushed you over the point of politeness tonight.

The three of them exchanged glances, ending up with Hotch and Morgan both starring at Reid, the near obvious choice since Hotch was more near your father’s age than yours and Morgan was your friend but you were closer to Reid than anyone on the team.

He sighed louder than you would have expected and said “fine” shortly.

With that everyone grabbed their bags, their room key cards, and dragged themselves towards their rooms. Luckily yours and Reid’s was on the first floor. You thought he would spout out some statistic about first floor and fires hazards or murders or just general Reid things but he was quiet the whole walk.

He unlocked the room with a swipe of the card and as you walked in first, turning on the lights you sighed at the sight of a single queen bed in the middle of the room.

You waited for Reid to see it too. “You’ve got to be kidding- this can’t be right.” He turned to look at the door number and card number.

“It’s fine Spence. The bed is big enough. I’m tired and feel like death. At this rate we’ll only have like 6 hours of sleep anyways. Just please” You say turning to him, pleading with your eyes for him to just be fine with it. “It’s just one night.”

Without a word he turns around, locks the door and sets his stuff down. Examining the room, clearly displeased with the furniture that looked like it was from last century. You knew he was about to tell you some fact about bedbugs or bodily fluids found in hotel beds so you cut him off

“Okay so I’ll change out here and you can change in the bathroom” you already state grabbing your sleepwear out of your bag, hoping he’ll leave quickly so you can just go to sleep as soon as possible.

“Uh, uh yeah okay” He’s fumbling around more than usual but you’re too tired to analyze it, already fighting your eyes to not close.

He moves to the bathroom and you quickly and haphazardly remove your clothes, pondering for a second whether to take your bra off or not, you decide to anyways, silently thanking yourself for bringing a baggy shirt and sweat pants to wear instead of just a shirt. You immediately jump in the bed when you hear the bathroom door creak open slightly

“Are you dressed?” Spencer asks shyly.

You stifle a laugh at his politeness and reply with a “Yeah, you’re good”

He walks out with a Doctor Who, TARDIS shirt and thin grey sweats. You chuckle at his shirt as you crawl into bed.

“What?” he asks, confused

“Just your shirt. It’s nothing bad. Sorry I’m just delirious.” You sit up in the bed waiting for him to get in it but he just shifts on his feet, next to the bed, looking uncomfortable.

“Look Spence, if you’re that uncomfortable with it, I can sleep on the chair” You say jerking your head towards the sketchy looking chair in the corner.

“No it’s not that it’s just. I don’t know. I’m sorry.” He climbs into the bed, clearly trying his best not to touch you, even though you are a good two feet away from him.

“No worries. Goodnight Spencer” You say, reaching over to turn the lamp off on the nightstand next to you.

You lay down, shifting on the stiff mattress trying to get comfortable, feeling Reid laying completely straight, as close to the edge of the bed as he can get. You decide to let him deal with it and are starting to doze off when he whispers


“Yeah?” You mask your slight irritation at his interruption

“In the lobby earlier…the way I acted when they said I had to sleep- stay with you tonight. It was rude and I apologize. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.”

You were shocked at his apology. Admittedly, you were slightly wounded at his reaction but you didn’t take it to heart.

“No, no Spencer” you say gently as you turn over to look at him, even though you can’t really make him out in the dark “You didn’t hurt my feelings. I get it, it’s been a long day for everyone. I didn’t take it as an insult but thank you for caring Reid, really” You smile at him, hoping he’ll somehow sense it.

“Oh, okay good” he lets out a sigh of relief and you feel like he smiled too.

“Goodnight (y/n)”

“Goodnight Spencer”


You work up in the middle of the night, of course. You sigh in frustration as you get up at walk to the bathroom to pee. You quickly return to the bed taking note of Reid’s sleeping position; on his side, legs making the figure four. He still had his glasses on which were now crooked on his face and the book he was reading open, faced down next to his stomach. You padded over to him, leaning over him you grab the book, remembering the page he left it open on, even though you knew he would, and put it on the nightstand. You then reach down, gently removing his glasses which causes him to stir slightly, which you have to admit was pretty adorable.

Turning his book light off, you walk back to your side and plop down with your back towards him, feeling your eyes grow heavy again. You were about to drift off when you felt an arm run up the exposed small of your back, making you halt your breathing as the hand reach over your hip to your stomach. A chill went up your spine as you tried to grasp what was going on. Before you could, the arm pulled you towards him, causing your entire body to shift back a good foot and a half to feel the warmth of Spencer’s body against your back.

He turned your head as much as you could to see if he was awake but his eyes were closed and he was mumbling something incoherent.

You turned your head back around and as you did you felt his head rest in the crook of your neck, tightening his grip around your body. You didn’t know what to do. Normally you would love to cuddle with your friends and you did, but this was definitely not platonic cuddling and he was asleep for Christ’s sake. What if he was dreaming of Maeve? That nearly ruined him, you were so scared to lose your best friend when her death shook the team to the core. Loosing Spencer for that time was so hard for the team to cope with. You nearly cried the day he came back to the team.

As you were trying to figure out what to do, you lost track of time, he started mumbling again, this time you heard some words that didn’t make complete sense but then he said your name. You hoped he would’ve said more but he seemed to fall asleep again. You told yourself it was okay. Just harmless cuddling with your friend.  

You couldn’t help taking a moment to feel his body against yours. Surprisingly strong and lean, curving around yours. You felt safe. It felt natural. It felt like home. You shook the thought away and cursed at yourself for allowing the idea to come to your head in the first place.

You slowly felt your body relax against his as your eyelids forced themselves shut. You smiled feeling the warmth of Spencer Reid against you.

Spencer woke up before you at around 5. He always did. Like clockwork. He woke up smelling something appealing and as he forced his eyes open he woke to the sight of the back of your head, your (h/c) sprawled out behind you, and against Reid’s face. As he pulled away he felt his arm wrapped around you and his heart skipped a beat becoming aware of your two bodies pressed together. He wanted to jump out of bed but was scared he would wake you, not wanting you to know he had pulled you towards him last night, wanting to feel the warmth of another person. He couldn’t help but take a second to feel your smooth curves fitting almost perfectly to his body.

He cursed himself for thinking of you in that way. Not that he hadn’t before but you were his best friend. He cherished you, you who helped him when he felt completely broken over Maeve. You who reminded him to call his mother even though you both knew he wouldn’t forget. Who got him presents every chance you got and always things he would talk about even though he thought no one was listening. But you always were. When he would uncontrollably go off on a tangent he would look around to see everyone looking down, making an annoyed face, rolling their eyes but yours was always looking right at him. He never told you, truly, but he loved you. First as a friend but now he questioned his true feelings and he peeled away from your sleeping body.

He turned the lamp on, grabbing his clothes to change into for the day starting the coffee pot even though he was sure it would taste awful. He took the time to look back over at you sleeping. Your mouth hung open slightly, hair tousled and a mess, sprawled out. He smiled at your beauty, even in sleep.

You woke to Spencer gently shaking your shoulder, standing over you already dressed with coffee in hand.

“Hey (Y/N), it’s time to wake up. We have about an hour to get back to the station”

You grumble and roll over. Making Reid laugh. You sigh and practically roll out of bed, grabbing your entire bag and heading to the bathroom. As you get dressed and apply simple makeup you hear Reid turn on the TV in the room to the local news. Mumbling commentary at their anchors, no doubt, complaining about their incorrect statements.

You walk out of the bathroom in your casual work clothes ready for another day, but feeling a whole lot better than yesterday. As you see Reid sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes glued to the TV you recall last night and a sudden blush goes to your cheeks as you hope that he didn’t wake up with his arms around you and that it wouldn’t be awkward. But as he looks up at you and smiles you know it’s still the same Reid as yesterday, still your friend and your partner.

You walk over and sit down next to him on the bed as he hands you a cup of coffee, just how you like it.

“Thanks. So what did they get wrong today?” You ask, sipping your coffee, gesturing towards the local news anchors on TV

He smiles over at you “Where do I even begin”

You two spend the next thirty minutes like that. You drinking the coffee that was far from what coffee should be, but was getting the job done, and Reid pointing out the fallacies of the news reports.

Then he pointed out it was time to head to back to meet the team. You both gathered your bags and headed towards the lobby where you saw JJ and Prentiss face timing Garcia at a table in the corner next to Rossi who too busy enjoying his free centennial breakfast at the table next to them to pay attention. And Hotch and Morgan were surprisingly talking and smiling. As you two walked in you joined the girls at the table as Reid walked over to Hotch and Morgan.

They smiled at you as you walked up

“So did you two have fun last night?” Emily obviously teasing you with a devious grin, causing JJ to giggle

“Wait. What?! Doll, what is Emily referring to?” Garcia asked, clearly offended she was out of the know

You laugh at their games “Nothing Penelope. Me and Reid just had to share a bed last night and-“

“What?!” all three of them simultaneously yell loud enough for the entire team to glance at you

You shyly smile back at them, turning back to face the girls “Shhh” you lean in and they follow, even Garcia gets closer to her screen. “It’s no big deal. Nothing happened. We both knocked out and that was that” you said. Trying to control your facial expressions.

“She’s lying” Emily said pointedly grinning at you and leaning back

“You think?” JJ smiled, playing along

“Wait turn the screen around, let me see her” Garcia said with childlike impatience and excitement

They did as she asked and looked at you through the tablet screen

“Oh yes she’s definitely lying” Garcia said in a playful yet honest tone.

“Oh whatever, you guys. I would obviously tell you if something did but it didn’t okay?” You look at each of them, trying your best to not crack.

“Do we believe her?” Garcia asked

“Hmmm. It is yet to be determined” Prentiss looked at you trying to analyze your every feature

JJ laughed “Come on guys we got to get going. See you soon Garcia.”

“Keep me updated on pretty boy and pretty girls’ love affair” Garcia quipped happily

“Will do Penelope” Prentiss teased, grinning at you

“Goodbye my lovelies” Garcia state before clicking off the screen.

“You guys are absolutely ridiculous” You laughed as they playfully put their arms around you as you walked out to the cars to be joined by the four men. They walked off as Spencer approached you, making obvious eyes and silent kissing noises that made you blushed and mouth curse words at them, which only caused them to laugh and duck behind the car to put their bags in the trunk.

“Hey (y/n) what was that all about?”

“Oh. What?” You asked very nervously

“In the lobby earlier when you all screamed” He slightly laughed, holding your eye contact

“Oh yeah that. Nothing. You know them and Garcia, always messing around” You laugh nervously.

“Oh” he laughed “okay yeah. Here let me get that” he said as he reached down towards you to grab your bag.

You tried to protest “No- Spence. It’s fine really-” but he already grabbed it and was walking towards the trunk.

You felt everyone’s eyes on you and sure enough as you turn around you see the rest of the team, leaning against the other car, opposite you, with shit eating grins, and laughs. Morgan silently cheering. You even saw Hotch crack a smile and slightly shake his head at the way his team was acting.

You laugh with them as Reid walks up next to you

“So are we going now?” he asks looking only at you

“Yeah we’re on our way now” You smile at his obliviousness and at your wonderfully lame team.

Three’s Company, Too.

Ah! Can you do one where reid or Morgan(I don’t know which would be better)are showering and they pull the reader in with them and they have very passionate smutty sex. I don’t need it right away cause I know you’re busy but I’m very excited! Thanks!

Yes, I most certainly can, though I am going to switch it around just a bit, but I think you will enjoy it.  I know there was a nonniepot sometime ago that requested another relationship like this, so this is for you as well!  @lipstickchick007 and @cherrywhisp…here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

Knocking on Morgan’s apartment door, you shuffle from foot to foot as you hear scurried footsteps behind the door.

You had gotten several text messages, all with scrambled letters, and you knew something was wrong.

After all, Morgan never messaged you unless it had to do with Reid.

Hearing a crash as your head whips up from the ground, you draw your weapon and raise your foot up, thrusting it out as you scream.


Tumbling to the floor as the door whips open, you face-plant in to the middle of Morgan’s house, scrambling to your feet as you hold your nose, the blood pouring in to your hand.

“Y/L/N!” Morgan roars, helping you off of the ground as the blood from your nose drips down your arm, “Holy shit, hold on.”

As Spencer takes your elbows and ushers you to the couch, he holsters your side arm for you as Morgan comes back with a cool, wet washcloth.

“Here,” he says as he removes your hand, wiping it off as Spencer presses a tissue softly to your nose.

“What the hell, guys!?” you manage to get out, involuntary tears streaming down your face as your eyes dart from Morgan to Spencer.

It was only then that you realized that Morgan was shirtless and Spencer didn’t have pants.

“What the hell?” you asked, your voice a bit more confused as you furrow your eyebrows together.

“What are you doing here?” Reid asks, glancing hesitantly at Morgan as his eyes lock on you.

“Morgan sent me a slew of messages with random letters.  I thought that he was in trouble!”

As Morgan scrambles for his phone, he finally feels in his back pocket as he groans, pulling his phone out and looking at the screen, viewing the dozen or so text messages Spencer’s hand had sent while groping his behind.

“Shit,” Morgan mutters.

“So you guys are alright!?” you ask, your eyes worried as you stand from the couch, your nose throbbing but not longer bleeding.

“Yeah, yeah we are alright,” Spencer says.

“So, what gives with the messages?” you ask as you look over at Morgan, ushering to his phone as he slowly glances back up at you.

“Uh…it’s a long story.  Sort of,” he says.

“Well, I don’t really have time,” you say, glancing down at your blood-stained shirt as you pull it back, realizing that blood from your nose had also trickled on to your chest.

“Fuck,” you groan, rolling your eyes as you wince at the pain in your nose.

“Here, you can take a shower,” Spencer says, ushering you towards the bathroom door, “And I’ll get you a new shirt to wear.”

“Guys, I can just go home and-”

But you couldn’t finish your sentence before they shoved you into Morgan’s fairly luxurious bathroom, your feet stumbling on the tile floor as the door shuts behind you.

“What are we going to tell her?” Morgan harshly whispers.

“I mean, she’s here, we might as well tell her now,” Spencer murmurs.

“But what if she thinks we’re freaks!” Morgan yelps.

Furrowing your brow as your jaw drops to the floor, you begin to take your clothes off as you kick them to the side, continuing to eavesdrop on their conversation as they continue talking down the hallway.

“I mean, maybe it’s a sign that she’s here,” Spencer says plainly.

“What sign!?  You mean the sign you created when your groping hands butt-messaged our crush!”


Pressing your ear to the door as you try to steady your breathing, you hear one of them take a deep breath and sigh.

“Just let her clean up.  We might as well come clean with her,” Spencer says plainly.

You never envisioned Spencer to be the one to reason with Morgan.

Searching for a towel, you put the pieces of the puzzle together as you wrap it around your body and open the door, stepping out in to the hallway.

As the guys whip their heads towards the opening door, their eyes widen as they watch your scantily clad body step out in to the hallway.

Locking eyes with both of them, Spencer’s face flushing and Morgan’s back straightening, you smile weakly as you wince, another pain ricocheting through your nose.

“It all makes sense now,” you finally say.

“What does…?” Morgan trails off.

“The little things.  You know, like the mysterious flowers on my desk sometimes, and the random cups of coffee Spencer magically knows that I need after huffing to you about how I wished I would have had more caffeine that morning.  The constant checking up on me from you two and the random drop-off of Morgan talking about his weeknight conquests.”

Looking between the two of them as they eye each other, they slowly look back at you as Spencer steps forward.

“So…what conclusion have you drawn?” he asks plainly.

You noticed Morgan’s breathing pick up from the rise and fall of his chest.

“I know that the two of you are pretty friendly with each other, and it’s very convenient that you two are always rooming together.  Plus, I caught you guys kissing a couple of months ago when I ran by your room.  The door was propped open slightly, and I was trying to find the ice machine.”

“So that’s who passed by,” Morgan mutters.

“But I also know that, while the two of you have been together, Morgan has still had conquests and Spencer has still attempted to date,” you add.

“Which means that the two of you, while with each other, are dating others as well.”

Watching them eye you closely, your lips crook in to a smile as you finish your thought process.

“I’m going to take a shower,” you thumb behind you, “And if you guys want to join, then that is fine.  I’ll take it as an apology for possibly breaking my nose…” you trail off as you wince again, “…and i’ll also take it as a sign that the two of you will be taking me to dinner tomorrow night.”

And with that, you walked back in to the bathroom and left the door ajar, dropping the towel to your feet and striking up the shower as Morgan and Spencer look at each other, a light smile crossing their faces.


Running your fingers through your hair as you wash the conditioner from your roots, you sigh as you turn your back towards the falling water, the warm water relaxing the knots in your back as you close your eyes.

And then you hear the bathroom door creak open.

Without a sound between the three of you, you hear clothes and belt buckles drop to the tile floor, followed by the sound of the shower door slowly swinging open.

Keeping your eyes closed as you hear them step in, you feel who you think is Spencer brush by you, his body pressing against your back as Morgan reaches out for your hands.

“Will you go out on a date with us?” you hear Derek ask.

Keeping your eyes closed as you smile, you feel Spencer lightly press his lips to the nape of your neck as you sigh lightly, Morgan’s other hand slowly trailing from your cheek down to your collarbone and fiddling with the dip in your shoulder ever so lightly.

“I would love to,” you breathe, the warm water bathing your erect nipples in heat as you open your eyes, finding Morgan smiling as he takes another step towards you.

With no words exchanged between either of you, you watch him dip lower as he presses his lips to yours, shivering as Spencer’s hands roam down your back as he slowly wraps his long around around your waist.

Deepening Morgan’s kiss as Spencer latches on to your neck, he sucks your pulse point between his lips as he rakes his teeth across it, your moan swallowed by Derek’s luscious lips as your legs begin to shake.

You didn’t even care about the pain in your nose anymore.

As Spencer’s arms trail up your torso, he slowly finds your breasts as he kneads them slowly with his soft hands, his fingertips tracing the outline of your nipples as you raise your arms, right arm hooking around Spencer’s head as your left hooks around Derek’s neck.

Feeling Derek let go of your lips, you groan in frustration as he trails down the other side of your neck, peppering your skin with kisses as you lob your head back, Spencer coming around the side with yet another kiss.

“Beautiful,” you hear Derek murmur lowly, his hands roaming your entire torso as he slowly steps to your left, leaving room for Spencer to snake around to the front.

As Morgan dips his hands down to your ass cheeks, his strong hands enveloping both of them as he squeezes, you squeak lightly as they both chuckle, their warm breath sending shivers down to your core.

“Incredible,” Spencer sighs, his breath entangling with yours as his tongue works heavily across the roof of your mouth, your teeth clattering together desperately as one hand wraps around your waist while the other dips down and finds your right thigh.

Hiking it up and wrapping your leg around Spencer, Derek helps you with your other leg as he presses his chest in to your back, trapping you in between the two of them as their lips ravage your body, Morgan flicking his tongue in to every crevice of your body while Spencer spent time, marking every space he found that made you jump.

Your body was overloaded with ecstasy.

Throwing your head back as your quick gasps turn to heavy pants, you hear the water slowly dwindling down as it shuts off, your eyes opening as you look up at Spencer’s dripping wet face.

“Hang on,” he murmurs as Derek slides beside you, throwing the shower door open as he steps out.

Wrapping your arms around Spencer’s neck, he walks behind Morgan as the three of you traipse in to Morgan’s bedroom, the bed coming in to view as Spencer slowly lays your soaking wet body down on to the mattress.

As you close your eyes again, feeling Spencer’s head dip down your torso, you feel a second set of hands spread your legs as Spencer’s nose nuzzles your soaking wet lips.

As he places a light kiss on your outer layer, you find yourself jumping at the sensation as Morgan chuckles lowly, his hands slowly lifting you up as he settles your head in his lap, his fingers running themselves through your hair.

“What should we do with this?” Spencer asks coyly, looking up at Morgan as you whip your eyes open.

“I think she needs a little lovin’, don’t you think?” he says back, mockery in his tone as you begin to whimper.

“Awwww, Spencer…we aren’t being very nice,” Morgan says, dipping down and kissing your forehead lightly.

“I suppose we should give her a little treat,” Spencer replies, his eyes darkening as you cast your gaze down to him.

“Please,” you breathlessly beg, your hip bucking towards him as his eyebrows arch themselves in the air.

“Well since you asked nicely…” he trails off as you watch him dip his head down.

Feeling his tongue part your pussy lips, you moan out lightly as you drop your head back in to Morgan’s lap, his fingers dancing all over the sensitive areas Spencer had marked on your upper body.

A map.

Spencer drew a fucking map for him.

Wiggling and jumping as Spencer’s face piles deeper in to your core, your breathes become moans, which quickly turn into incoherent syllables as Morgan continues to play with your sensitive areas, his fingers drifting over your breasts as he kneads them with his warm hands, Spencer’s tongue darting all over your sensitive clit as he grasps on to your hips, pulling you closer as you yell out in to the room.

“Oh my god!”

As your core contracts down, your body giving way to the many sensations it was feeling, Spencer holds you close as your legs flail, your hands reaching up and grasping Morgan’s forearms as you buck wildly against Spencer’s tongue, his lips latching on as he sucks you in, your body trembling as your back arches off of the bed.


Breathing heavily as you collapse back down, your body trembles in weakness as Spencer finally lets up, his tongue retracting as he slowly crawls back up your body.

“Now that,” he says, kissing your lips, “was worth it.”

“Now wait a second, pretty boy,” Morgan says, “What about me?”

What about him?

“Oh, poor Derek hasn’t gotten to play,” Spencer mockingly pouts.

“Not fair,” Morgan mumbles.

“Not fair at all,” he growls as he leans down, his legs ripping out from under your head as he crashes his lips down on to yours.

“We’ll have to remedy that,” Spencer whispers in to your ear as Morgan throws himself to the foot of the bed.

“Baby girl?” he asks, his voice normal and worried.

Throwing your heavy-lidded eyes open as you look up, you see Morgan and his quite impressive erection situated between your legs.

“Is this alright?” he asks lowly, his eyes searching your for any sign of backing down.

“It’s perfect,” you say, a genuine smile crossing your face as he breathes a sigh of relief.

“Do we need-?”

“No, we’re good,” you cut Spencer off, leaning your head back to look at him as your eyes widen, feeling Morgan slowly press himself in to you.

Holy.  God.

Groaning with every millimeter, you lay your knees on to the bed, spreading yourself for him as Spencer runs his fingers through your hair, bending down to kiss your forehead as your eyes roll in to the back of your head.

As your breath hitches with every slow and deep thrust he makes, your eyes half-hood themselves as Spencer smiles down upon you.

“That’s it,” he coos in your ear as you press your face to his lips, “Just let it wash over you.”

The electricity coursing through your system would be enough to light up a city block.

Feeling Spencer shift, you whimper as the loss of his touch, until you feel a different sensation.

A…flicking sensation.

Throwing your eyes open as you see Spencer’s head bent down, you realize he is eating you out once more.

Groaning as Morgan begins to thrust harder, Spencer latches on to your clit as your hips buck wildly, your hips leaving the mattress altogether as your hands grab for any sheets possible.

“Oh my god.  Oh…oh jesus.  Oh…oh fuck!”

Panting and heaving, your eyes rolling in to the back of your head, you lob your head over and see Spencer’s ass in the air.

His perfect, porcelain ass.

And you get an idea.

Reaching out for him, you take a handful as you tug him over, his head whipping up as you grab his leg and throw it over your face.

Watching him grin was absolutely intoxicating.

As he situates himself above your head, his dripping length skimming across your lips, you open your mouth wide to accept him as he throatily groans, his head dipping back down between your legs as Morgan grips on to Spencer’s back for leverage.

Sucking and swirling as the drool begins to pool in your mouth, your hands reach around and grab at Spencer’s ass cheeks, your fingertips digging in to them as his hips begin to thrust, his dick lightly skimming your teeth as he pumps in and out of your mouth, your cheeks hollowing out as you suck him for everything he is worth.

“Oh god Y/N,” you hear Morgan growl.

“Mmmmmmm…” you hear Spencer moan.

The vibrations from his voice were enough.

Rearing your hips off of the bed as Morgan pounds him hips in to yours, Spencer’s dick muffles your cries of passion as your walls clench down on Morgan, your throat closing around Spencer’s dick as he moans and wails in to your wet pussy.

“Oh, christ!” Morgan calls out before he digs his teeth in to Spencer’s back, causing Spencer to rear up from your pussy and cry out to the heavens.

“Oh, Y/N…” he breathes through gritted teeth, his warm seed shooting down your throat as you try to suppress your gag reflex, the drool spilling out of the side of your mouth as your eyes roll in to the back of your head, stars bursting as Morgan finishes dumping himself in to you.

Feeling Spencer start to shrivel back to normal, your hips collapse back down on to the bed as Morgan slowly pulls out, his body dropping to one side as Spencer rolls off on to the other, their cum dripping from both orifices as you heave to catch your breath.

As the three of you lay closely on Morgan’s bed, a mixture of sweat and sexual heaves panting in the midst of the darkened room, you feel Derek reach out for your hand as he entangles his fingers within yours.

“You are going to look beautiful tomorrow,” he purrs, his body turning towards you as his thumb reaches out to wipe the drool off of your cheek.

“Just as beautiful as you look now,” Spencer muses, a smirk across his face as he turns himself as cuddles in to your other side, his hand wiping away the drool off of your other cheek as you swallow hard, a smile crossing your face as you begin to absent-mindlessly chuckle.

“Oh holy fuck,” you breathe in between giggles, earning a chuckle from them both.

“’Holy fuck’ is right,” Morgan reassures you.

“How is your nose?” Spencer asks, a tone of concern in his voice.

“No clue,” you say, shaking your head as you shrug.

“Don’t care,” you follow up with it once you caught your breath.

“You can sleep here tonight, if you’d like,” Morgan muses, his lips pressing themselves to your temple as you sigh deeply.

“You wouldn’t have a choice,” you muse, lobbing your head over to look at him as Spencer nuzzles his head in to the crook of your neck.

“Fine by me,” Spencer murmurs in to your skin as Morgan dips down to pull the covers over the three of you.

And as you all drift quickly off to sleep, the smell of sex in the air as it permeates the room, you feel the two men you trust the most hold you close as they shroud your body with theirs, protecting you from the outside world and kissing your body until you fall asleep.

I think if you look at the four girls, the core PLLs, Spencer was the right person to visit in that sequence and to give Hanna hope. Spencer’s the logical one — the concept that if there’s a way in, there’s a way out. Spencer made the most sense as the most calm under fire, and probably the person somebody who’s being put through what Hanna’s being put through would conjure to give her comfort. I thought that was a really cool scene.
—  Charlie Craig on the Spanna scene
I think if you look at the four girls, the core PLLs, Spencer was the right person to visit in that sequence and to give Hanna hope. Spencer’s the logical one — the concept that if there’s a way in, there’s a way out. Spencer made the most sense as the most calm under fire, and probably the person somebody who’s being put through what Hanna’s being put through would conjure to give her comfort.
—  Charlie Craig on the dream scene in 7x01
Theory - WREN is A.

I know it’s nothing new to suspect Wren. I wrote an earlier post about him with all the basic information that you see in every Wren is A theory. But I’ve found I think the biggest clue of all, and I’ve never seen it mentioned.

So there’s dear ol’ Wren right in the middle of the crime scene investigation board. I know it’s been pointed out before that they wrote “Dr.” Kingston. I’ve started to question if he is in fact a doctor, but trained as a dentist. Dentists are considered doctors, but generally people make fun of the idea and say they aren’t.

One of the scariest things I’ve ever seen “A” do is put that note in Hanna’s teeth. I mean, that was incredibly creepy and insane. Wouldn’t a dentist know how to do that?

My biggest reason for suspect Wren is this: Jason once told Spencer that he always felt like Ian was doing the videos for someone else. Take a look at that photo again. See how Wren is right next to Ian? Wren is right in the middle of everything that started the core investigation. There’s Spencer, Ian, the shovel, and Melissa over there on the side with her little post it stating “medical records.” Yeah, medical records that a “doctor” could’ve altered.

What I believe is most important is that everyone on this board has lines connecting them to other people and documents. Wren has ZERO ZERO ZERO lines making any kind of connection, yet he’s put right in the center of it all. The police must know he’s connected somehow, but haven’t been able to connect him to anything directly, just like we haven’t been able to do so.

Other Suspicions:

  • Wren used to smoke cigarettes. Sometimes people replace that habit with eating hard candy. We’ve seen “A” get hard candy multiple times. (there were clues to Mona back in s1 and s2 b/c she chewed gum often and that’s how Spencer figured her out)

  • A called the police about the whereabouts of CeCe staying at the hotel. There was hard candy there.

  • Wren also made a call to an unknown person about Veronica Hastings speaking with Mona which got Veronica off the case.

  • Wren spelled “diagnosis” incorrectly as “dianosis.” A spelled “nosy” incorrectly as “nosey.”

  • In 5.05, “A” is welcomed back as if they’d been gone a while… Wren has supposedly been in London. So Toby goes to London to speak with Melissa and finds Wren. Now Toby’s house is exploding on the same night A is welcomed home AND Bethany Young is announced as the girl in the grave. Is it possible Wren’s connection is to Bethany Young and we’ll be finding out about that soon?

  • Wren helped Melissa when Ian was missing… and dead. Mona claims she didn’t have anything to do with the Ian stuff nor did she know who did it. It may have been Wren.

  • All the other clues I have are ones I’ve seen everywhere else. Like Wren’s OCD and A’s OCD. Wren’s father having a mental illness. Wren coloring the red coat and the drawing having the same style as what we saw in the cabin that belonged to Ezra’s “friend.” Wren making a phone call to someone to fulfill their end of the bargain. Mona (who was A) questioning where his loyalties lie.

  • My favorite A text was: “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts.”
    To which I say: Yeah, Wren, b/c you’re a creepy weirdo posing as a doctor in pretty much every single incident when someone needed a doctor or a mental eval. And you started working at Radley when Mona was there. You’re a doctor who can review broken body parts, shoulder injuries, tend to Toby, not report Emily’s HGH incident, sew up Hanna’s leg when she stabbed herself, working at Radley when you were at a hospital. You’re probably the gynecologist Alison knew.

That’s all I have for now. He’s at the top of my list.


Comedian on Comedian with Marc Maron

I stumbled on these videos on YouTube and they’re pretty neat and under-promoted. Comedian Coree Spencer (found at finds a good number of well-known comedians to pal around with for short video segments. This one is Marc Maron, but there are more including Michael Ian Black, Eddie Pepitone, Myq Kaplan, and the cast of Reno 911.


Snob Theater: The Short Concert Film is a small dose of the atmosphere that was the monthly comedy variety show Snob Theater that ran for 2 years in San Francisco. The film stars Coree Spencer, Chris Thayer, Shanti Charan, Steven Pearl, Drennon Davis, Rick Overton, Debbie Neigher, and Laura and Anton of Foxtails Brigade. It’s produced and hosted by Shawn Robbins, and directed by Scott Oller.
Snob Theater started as a small monthly variety show at The Dark Room Theater in San Francisco’s gritty and historic Mission District. It blossomed into a critically acclaimed series and a unique outlet for the best comedians and musicians to pass through SF and perform smart and interesting material.