Sewer Tops Photography | Japan

There is a lot of beauty in Japan, most of what that country does in terms of design is simple and beautiful. I stumbled on these over the weekend and was awe-struck at the level of detail and craftsmanship. I dug a bit deeper and found out that the reason why each municipality was given creative freedom to create art on their manhole covers was to raise awareness for costly sewage projects and make them more palatable for taxpayers.

This has only been going on since 1985. Roughly 30 years and this is the breadth of creative design that Japan has put forth. Holy cow, this is so cool and beautiful. Thanks to photographer S. Morita for traveling around the entirety of Japan to capture each individual cover. There is about 6,000 different covers currently. 

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Ira Glass | The Gap (Advice)

To all of you new designers who are wet behind the ears, just starting off in your careers. Listen to this advice, it might be the best bit you’ll ever get.

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30,000 followers | Huzzah!

Wow, we just hit 30k this week! Just wanted to say thank you to all of the loyal followers out there that helped keep this blogs heart pumping over the past few years. We decided to create something quick and fun for this posts visual, decided on Aurora Borealis, since that’s where the name Corealis (Coh-ree-al-is) comes from, enjoy! Attached is a high-resolution version for desktops backgrounds. Keep your eyes peeled for some great things to come in the future.