Super long post is super long!

I know the Undertale hype has slowed down a lot recently, but I figured I should finally post this monster. I worked for about 2 and a half weeks straight on these after all :,D

I got inspired after seeing @fofufofu‘s AMAZING Portal Tale piece and kinda maybe drew out an entire AU for it (almost anyway!).

I worked really hard on these, so please give it a reblog if you can! Thank you <3


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Detach The Wheatley Core! A new Portal music-video! ;)


I’ve been in this fandom for two and a half years now and only now do I finish my android Adventure and Fact core designs. Adventure is basically diet-Indiana Jones and Fact is… a know-it-all nerd, I guess. The motivation to finish these totally didn’t come from something I’m posting on Monday, nope that’s just silly…

Anyway, Procrastination is one helluva drug.

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DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT put your stuff for sale on etsy!!! Valve WILL take it down and threaten to sue if you put it up again!!
I have had this happen and as far as I can tell by the rarity of portal stuff on etsy and how short-lived most of it is, Valve WILL NOT HESITATE!!!
Do yourself a favor and DO NOT LIST PORTAL FANWORK!!!!! Unless you want “”“"copyright infringement”“”“”“” on your etsy record and possibly your permanent record!
This doesnt mean you can’t sell your awesome stuff; just either only sell at cons/other local shows, or let your followers know that you will sell your stuff and list it as a custom item for them (that’s what I do with my cores).
Please protect your self!! And spread the word!!!