ok but…. imagine a klance teen beach movie au

  • keith is a biker and lance is a surfer
  • lance singing fallin for you and as keith walks by lance falls off the stage and keith catches him like in the movie……..
  • they got their lil rivalry and everyone passes it as ‘oh there they are! with the typical surfer vs biker rivalry!’ but they’re really just pining hard fuckin core
  • keith singing and dancing to cruisin for a bruisin and lance is found dead in the sand outside the shack
  • lance giving keith surfing lessons in trade for motorcycle rides and lessons via keith
  • lance in keith’s leather jacket………..
SUIT & TIE || dessert

◦ pairing: reader x taehyung

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.9k

a/n: I am just really sad cause Kim Taehyung is not in my life to do these things…I don’t even have a proper comment for this. IM JUST REALLY UPSET ATM OKAY. (anyways i hope you love it)

jungkook | taehyung | jimin | namjoon | hoseok | yoongi | jin

suit & tie || m a s t e r l i s t

“You just wore that to tease me,” his voice scratched the back of his throat, coming out in a faint growl, but the wide grin spread across his face was anything but menacing. His eyes shrunk into crescent moons and his boxy smile smile pressed against your neck, his warm breath tickling the skin as he laughed and carefully placed light butterfly kisses. Your fingers were lost in the softness of his hair, stroking the base of his neck as he held you gently against the door. The feeling of his body up against yours like this was pure bliss.

“To be fair,” you started, but his lips were against yours again. Your fingers slipped under the fabric of his blazer, slipping it off down his arms and throwing it haphazardly towards the nearest piece of furniture. “I didn’t think it would work so fast,” you spoke between giggling kisses. You could hardly maintain a steady breath. You reached for his buckle, pulling his belt out of the loops of his pants and dropping it to the floor with a light clang. “We even skipped dessert!”

A breathy gasp left you as his fingers pulled the zipper down your back. The light touch of his skin trailed the cold metal grazing against your bare back. The mood changed instantly. You pinched your lips over one another, as though the damage had not already been done. Taehyung pulled back, cocking an eyebrow, his ego inflated. A smirk tugged at his lips. “Oh trust me, we’re not skipping dessert.”

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“you can be nervous because now I’m the strong one”

oh chlo you were always strong but straight up I’m about to cry because she’s grown and matured so much like this ep is giving me emotional whiplash because I really Don’t Care about the actual content of the ep but all these chloe/christi scenes are cutting me to the core

I loved Kaylie’s contribution to the ritual so much. It was already so beautiful with Grog and Pike making their own efforts at performing, channeling their love and grief into poetry and song, but then Kaylie. Kaylie, with no words that could sum up the depth of her feelings. Kaylie, mourning a father she barely even knows, angry and hopeful and sad at the same time, proud and furious and, if she’s anything like her father, full of love. Kaylie’s song starting out sad and slow but then changing into something lively and bright and vital, celebrating everything that was the best of Scanlan, every part of him that still lives in her. Kaylie, stonefaced and half despairing, but a performer to her core, /dancing/ in celebration, in triumph, in joy and in despair, with pride and with aggravation and with love. Their first real conversation was a song played together, and so it seems only fitting that Kaylie’s music is what was needed to pierce through the veil to bring Scanlan back and the whole moment was so perfectly suited to the both of them.

aerihead  asked:

silly question im sure but what classes do you think punk hanzo and mccree would share if any bc i love the idea of them being paired up for a partner project and it being hanzo's big chance to actually show off to mccree and yee

this is a really good question actually and i’ve been thinking about it too! i think they would share the creative classes.

first of all, Art Class. 

Where they have to draw each other, hanzo of course trying his best not to stare at the beautiful man infront of him. Getting really flustered but he’s really good at it and Jesse wants to keep the drawing.

Music Class:

Hanzo is incredibly good at playing the piano and Mccree at the guitar. Together they practise and hearing mccree sing in that low warm voice of his has Hanzo shake to the core. 

Dancing Class:

Both of them really know how to dance. at first they’re rather shy about teaming up together. They both know a lot of dances, but their personal favorite is Swing where they can really let themselves go and have fun, their bond growing stronger. 

Cooking Class:

Here is where Hanzo really shines, he loves to show Mccree how to cook japanese dishes. and mccree is very interested, eager to learn from him. This is where they also get the chance to chat and get to know each other better.

Of Apple Cores and Dancing

Princess! Levy + Knight! Gajeel commission for @walk-tall-my-fr1ends! Thank you for the commission, Sarah! You are so amazing and sweet <3

characters: levy, gajeel, natsu, lucy, cana

pairing: gajevy, with small hints of nalu

word count: 1.8k

Levy tried to love her betrothed. She really did. He was handsome in his own way, and she enjoyed his company. The way his eyes lit up when he talked about his cat was something that she’d always admired–as a friend. If he found the right woman, he might fall head over heels. Natsu and Levy were more friends than they were lovers, and most of the time they spent alone together was talking about Levy’s problematic crush on the guard who had never paid her a second glance.

One of those times was spent when Gajeel was on guard in the perfect place for Levy to stare at him out the window with a dream in her head of being married to him with twins–a boy and a girl. Natsu sat on the stoop, eating an apple noisily.

Her mind’s dreams being interrupted, Levy growled at her betrothed and bustled to the other side of the room to brush her hair. When he saw her for the first time, she wanted to look her best.

“So you like the grumpy type, eh?” Natsu questioned from his position in front of the window in Levy’s room as he aimed the apple core at Gajeel below.

“He’s not grumpy!” Levy said from her side of the room where she brushed her hair. When there was silence from Natsu at the window, she became suspicious. He was like a toddler–anytime he was alone and it was quiet, Levy got nervous. Placing her brush in its’ spot, she ran to the window.

“Natsu?” she asked, looking around. The man was nowhere to be found, as usual, but she could hear a familiar voice yelling obscenities up at her. A voice that she had heard only in her dreams and to the king.

Peering down, she found that Gajeel had his arms crossed and was staring up at her. Even from how far up she was, Levy knew his gaze was intense. She would love to be stared into by those eyes.

“Sorry!” Levy offered, throwing her hands up in the air with a confused expression. Gajeel threw one last word at her–which she knew was a bad one, considering how many times she had heard Natsu use it at people that won a game against him–and walked away to the other side of the castle.

Well, Levy thought sadly, at least she had brushed her hair that day.

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Who Killed Jihoon?

A Long Analysis No One Asked For

So! This murder mystery case has been making waves on twitter. With whatever medical knowledge I have, let me share to you my 50 cents take on this case (and I am taking this as seriously as I can; I used up 3 pages of my think book, 4 pages of MS Word, and 4 hours of my time for this asdfghjkl):

What do we know?

Lee Jihoon died via hydrogen cyanide poisoning, with his estimated time of death between 2-2:30. There was noted blood on the piano stool and the glass door, with leftover spaghetti by the piano. There were noted bruises on his right hip caused by a supposed fall. Blood found on the scene was Jihoon’s which looked like vomitus as it was mixed with bile. Last known food intake were tteokbeokki, spaghetti, and rice crackers. There were episodes of stomach cramps prior to death. No puncture wounds on body. Coroner reported that the killer must have some knowledge on the poison used because of the intricate amount needed, the route of delivery of the poison, and the means by which he got it. The poison takes effect in 3-4 hours, so the time of ingestion should’ve been around 10:30-11:30.

 All murders answer to the 6 questions: WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO, WHY, and HOW. But before I give you a rundown of my take on this, let me first give you a very basic background on hydrogen cyanide.

 Hydrogen cyanide is a colorless, poisonous liquid usually used in mining. It is extremely poisonous as even a small amount of it is enough to kill a person. How does it do it? It stops cellular activity by stopping the production of energy needed by the body, in a simplified sense. The lethal dose of it is around 50 mg (Medscape), which is approximately about as much as big as a 50-centavo coin if you spread it out (you can think of various 50 mg medicine tablets too). At this amount, it can work in less than a minute. Even when ingested, it is easily picked up the body and travels quickly through the blood vessels to take effect. When this happens, it becomes nearly impossible to reverse it. Unless you’re able to take the patient in less than 5 minutes to the hospital, it is close to impossible to reverse the effects. This is the reason why it is a very popular means of elimination: not only is a small amount needed for it to be effective, but also the fact that it is nearly impossible to detect in the body given the small amount that can be used to kill a person. One of the few ways of detecting hydrogen cyanide poisoning if there is any exposure to it (mining work, prolonged exposure to car exhaust, eating lots of fruit seeds, prolonged pesticide exposure) or if there is the distinct almond smell.

While it is possible for hydrogen cyanide poisoning to take effects hours after it has been ingested if there has been a small amount, it would mean that the ingested amount would’ve been smaller than 50 mg, so imagine it having to take effect 3-4 hours after ingestion: it would probably mean maybe even a dot of it had to be ingested for it to take effect, and by then the body would’ve eliminated it from the body or by then it would’ve been impossible for it be detected via autopsy. We may also look at this from the point of view of the poison being put inside an extended-release capsule where the film would’ve only started melting approximately 12 hours after it had been ingested, but that wouldn’t fall in the timeline given. Also, with the way hydrogen cyanide works, I don’t think the victim should’ve been able to cough up blood like that. At most, he would’ve literally dropped dead because of how quick it works.

So what am I saying? It means a lot, since the murder weapon and how Jihoon was murdered plays a vital role in answering our case. If it has been really hydrogen cyanide, then the time of ingestion becomes different: it would’ve been a few minutes prior to death, which would make Wonwoo a very likely suspect as he was the one who gave Jihoon the rice crackers, which were the last thing he ate. However, if we need to go by the number of hours it should take for the poison to have an effect, then our time line would be different.

I will be thinking in terms of the timeline, so from here on out, I will be using the term ‘poison’ as I believe hydrogen cyanide wasn’t used.

Another note, it is important to note the bruising! I’m glad someone asked about the bruising because bruising appears differently pre- and post-mortem. If it is pre-mortem, a fall would be a likely explanation, but it would not rule out a possible fight (unless you take into consideration the surrounding: were there signs of struggle?). Post-mortem bruising would mean the killer would’ve been at the scene to move the body to a certain extent that would’ve gotten him that bruise, which would mean that someone had come in during or after his death (aka someone who had been to the Music Room from 1-3 PM!!). Compare this with someone who didn’t even have to be in the vicinity at all when he died once the poison had taken effect.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

This is everyone’s collated timeline of events. The ones in grey have already been eliminated from the suspect list.


WHAT? Lee Jihoon is dead! Foul play is suspected and we have 12 suspects (now narrowed down to 8).

WHERE? No whereabouts/timeline is available for Jihoon but it’s a piece of evidence! SO! I! WANT! IT! j/k lol @thicckwan made a really good timeline for Jihoon! But it’s still a mystery where he was from 10-11:30, the supposed time of poisoning. Is it safe to assume that he was in the Music Room? I think not. For everyone who had Music Theory, they only had it once a day. If Jihoon was at the Music Room that time it is probably safe to assume his Music Theory is at 8:30. Which means he could be having Core Class or Dance Practice at the Studio. However, by elimination, he was not at the Studio (S. Coups, The8 did not mention him at the studio). That leaves us with either him being the Practice Room with Wonwoo or in Core Class.

And this is where we’ll need that map! (pls release the evidence please :’( ) The map is important because it’ll show us where everyone was. Was it really possible to see someone from the bathroom if they were walking down the hallway? If so, how well could they see him? Where were the classes held? Is it possible to go past the Music Room at one point to get to the Studio or Practice Room? HELP ME I’M DYING THIS IS THE ONE BIG THING MY BRAIN CANNOT COMPREHEND???

WHEN? In the field of forensics, the only thing you can trust is evidence. If the coroner says that the poison needed 3-4 hours before it could take full effect, we can trust that. That is why I will work on the assumption that the murderer had given him the poisoned food at around 10:30-11:30.

HOW? It was poison that had to take effect in 3-4 hours. Probably something odorless, colorless, or tasteless. Something that, even when mixed with food, wouldn’t make a victim suspect. Something that would give the killer an alibi for the time of death. If we are to go by murder-mystery anime logic, Wonwoo is someone we can eliminate. He gave him rice crackers at around 1:30 PM, and by then the poison was already ingested. So it is safe to assume that it had to be someone he was with somewhere between 10-11:30.

WHY? Motive, motive, motive. No murder occurs without one, even if they were unplanned. Let’s list down all the possible suspects and their motives!

Josh – he was close to Hoshi and knew Jihoon and him were secretly dating. Take note that if the poisoning did happen before 12 nn, the ‘fight’ hadn’t happened yet, so him poisoning Jihoon for the fight is out of the question. But! That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a motive. He could be out to plot revenge for (MAYBE!!) being closer to Hoshi than he was.

The8 – Good friends with Jun! We don’t exactly know what his relationship with Hoshi is, but he wasn’t that close with Jihoon, but it is safe to assume he respects him enough to ask him how he should interpret the song into a dance. Do we have a motive? If it is the general motive of Jihoon pissing everyone off at some point, then yes.

DK – close with Jihoon. Maybe probably jealousy for his talent? (BUT THIS BOY IS SO PURE HUHU)

Mingyu – Acquaintances with Jihoon, but goes tohim for help when writing rap lyrics, so it is safe to assume that he respects him. Again with The8’s, we will probably have a motive if Jihoon getting mad at everyone counts.

Wonwoo – Close with Jun! (WHAT IS UP WITH EVERYONE BEING CLOSE WITH JUN *eye wiggles*) He considered Jihoon and Hoshi as his friends, bu we have no idea how close. In Wonwoo’s interview, he refused to elaborate on how close he was with Jihoon by using a tactic well known to suspects: reversing the question (*MORE EYE WIGGLES*). Same with The8’s and Mingyu’s, we will probably have a motive if Jihoon getting mad at everyone counts.

Jun – AVOIDS THE QUESTION SO SMOOTHLY when asked of his relationship with Jihoon. Suspicious? Honestly him arriving at 10 AM with a car is really questionable for me. So what if your car had stalled? Normal students would’ve tried to commute. Or is he one of the rich kids who can’t and won’t commute? HMMMMMM well—close friends with Wonwoo and The8! Him getting to late to school gives him sooo muuuuch tiiiime to acquire the poison (and honestly, you’re in high school why do you have a car how old are you and how rich are you you’re probably from a family of dealers???). Did Jihoon catch him red-handed and now he’s out for revenge?

Hansol – Jihoon’s classmate who didn’t know him well! Tries so hard to be defensive when asked about his opinion of him. Also uses the excuse of ‘not being there at the time of death’ to escape suspicion and create an alibi (which, btw, is not airtight. I mean, no witnesses? Very suspicious.) Did he have a motive? Probably the same as The8’s, Mingyu’s and Wonwoo’s if ever.

S. Coups – Jihoon’s best friend! Denies having any other feelings for him other than being best friends. Knows of his relationship with Hoshi. GAVE SOMETHING TO JIHOON AT 9:30 AM??? What is this I am very curious???

I think that’s pretty much what I’ve summed up so far for motives.


I’ll be honest here ok I am no expert when it comes to things like these (I’ve been to 3 escape rooms, haven’t solved any of them //GROSS SOBBING) so this is just my honest opinion!

I’m cutting down my suspect list to people who are in the probably vicinity of when the poisoning took place: either the Core Classes or the Practice Room. Those in the Core Classes were S. Coups, Jun, and Josh. The only one in the Practice Room was Wonwoo.

But! More mysteries remain yet to be solved: Where was Joshua? Why couldn’t he remember anything from 1:15-3 PM? Was Vernon really in the vicinity when Jihoon died? If so, why?

Jeonghan has been announced innocent, so it is safe to assume his testimony is true. He had skipped class that day with DK and S. Coups, but now the question is: did they go out of school grounds? If they did, then S. Coups and Hansol’s testimonies confirm each other, and confirms that Hansol was in fact at home and not in school as what Jun claims.

Jun’s testimony reeks of holes because no one can confirm his alibi prior to 10 AM, and he had shown weird behavior by staying behind after school to practice while everyone else went home (and again, this is where the map comes in: where was studio placed anyway for it to be in a place where he can’t see students filing out?). He could’ve been lying about spotting Hansol to divert suspicion away from him, or he could assume that it was Hansol he saw (when in fact in was Joshua?!) during the 2:10 time OR EVEN NOT HAVE SEEN ANYONE AT ALL BUT HE NEEDED TO PUSH THE BLAME ON SOMEONE BECAUSE SUPRISINGLY THE TIME HE SAID HE WENT TO THE BATHROOM FALLS DURING JIHOON’S TIME OF DEATH?? What if he had not gone to the bathroom but in fact had checked in to make sure Jihoon was dead and erase all possible evidence leading back to him?

Joshua. This poor boy. What happened, really? He had left the library at 1:15 PM, arguably with his backpack (as evidenced by Chan’s testimony). He clearly insisted he was wearing a button down shirt but Wonwoo insisted he was only in a t-shirt. What if Wonwoo just had bad eyesight (this is a running joke ok)?

 In conclusion! I still have no conclusion y’all I’m just leading you on a wild goose chase lol

But as of this moment, without any new evidence I need, Jun is my number one suspect.

I’ll probably update this post once new questions have been answered and once we get our new evidence!!

It’s time for Detroit Headcanons!

I don’t know that I can fit some of these in “’Cause I’m a Taker, ‘Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature,” so I’m gonna tell you some of the things that happened when Phichit and Yuuri shared their student 2BR/1BA in Detroit!

-Phichit got into Futurama reruns and when Yuuri finally decided to give the show a try, the episode was Jurassic Bark. Yuuri didn’t talk to Phichit for a week.

-Not only did they, when time, money, and their allowed caloric intakes during the season allow, explore restaurants serving Thai and Japanese cuisine, they tried basically every food they had access too. In the end and of all things, Phichit’s favorite was Taco Bell. Yuuri got really into cacio e pepe and crabcakes. 

-They were egalitarian about chores but when the season would really ramp up sometimes things would go a day or two before they’d get handled. Yuuri is the neater of the two, but he hates laundry day because their in-building laundromat costs an arm and a leg. Phichit dislikes cleaning the shower. 

-Yuuri informs Phichit there’s a cute anime about a group of hamsters who are friends. Phichit acquires an anime with a hamster on the cover, and Yuuri says “Yeah I’m pretty sure Ebi-chu is right.” No. No it most certainly is not. The name Yuuri wanted was Hamtaro. Phichit is traumatized from Ebichu’s first beating and Yuuri changes to the first season of Digimon, where Phichit is immediately appeased because Patomon my as well be a flying hamster.

-A rinkmate introduces them to more American music than their previous exposure. This is how Yuuri got into groups like Paramore. Phichit tends to like happier dancier music. He also gets super into 80s pop because it’s so candy coated.

-Phichit learned within ten days how difficult Yuuri is to get out of bed early. He gets really good at manhandling him into the shower.

-Road trips to Canada happen when they have time and steam to blow off and so they can go to bars. Phichit’s iCloud has a folder that’s simply called “Yuuri Blackmail.” Yuuri can never run for office is what I’m getting at here. They also ended up in Chicago a few times, and Phichit really loves the Bean. Yuuri almost cried at Mitsuwa the first time and spent an exorbitant amount of money. He mostly bought drinks.

-They almost destroyed their friendship assembling a bookcase from IKEA. (This may seem extreme, but I assure you these kind of arguments happen all the time with IKEA furniture.)

-Phichit’s picked up cursing and other vulgarities from Yuuri in Japanese. He can understand more of the language than he can speak. Yuuri has a better language acumen and has picked up some…choicer Italian from Ciao Ciao in addition to conversational Thai.

-Yuuri took pole dancing for core strength/exercise. Phichit dabbled in trapeze.

-Yuuri doesn’t care much about fashion or wine but when he found out about Menswear Dog and Shiba Sommelier they were instant follows. Poodles are his favorites, but Shibas are a national treasure in Japan (LITERALLY) and he felt fairly compelled.

-Phichit follows fashion bloggers and famous American celebs in addition to skaters and friends back in Bangkok. He is morbidly fascinated with the Kardashians. He is happily fascinated with Jason Momoa, Anna Kendrick (she’s in SO MANY GOOD MUSICALS), and Billy Eichner.

That’s all for now!

The Whole Cast Can Tell

Request: Hi can you please do one with Oak Maybe both of them have a huge crush on each other and they’re both to shy to tell the other how they feel The entire cast goes out to a bar or something and Oak sees someone hitting on her and gets jealous

A/N: haven’t proofread! and wowow this is long bc i love oak so much

Pairing: Oak Onaodowan x Reader

It made you feel jealous and most definitely stupid watching Oak talk to the other female cast members over Pippa’s shoulder discreetly.

There was strictly nothing going on between you and him which made you feel more ridiculous about getting jealous but you couldn’t help it. You’ve had the biggest crush on him ever since you got in Hamilton.

Scratch that: You’ve had the biggest crush on Oak the moment he appeared the first time you’ve seen Hamilton which led to your determination of getting in the show.

You never really had the courage to strike a conversation with him though which brought curiosity to other cast members because you were loud and outgoing and you always seemed to be talking to everyone except him. The only times you actually had no choice but to talk to him was when he talked to you first.

But you weren’t as rowdy like you were to others. You’d soften your voice. You’d stop bouncing around and laugh a little softer unless something hilarious came up. Your loud laughter always made you anxious around the people you liked.

“Will you stop that?” Pippa said a little irritatingly but she was smiling when you looked at her.

“Stop what?” You asked, confused.

“Stop ignoring me because you’re looking over at Oak.” She laughed and almost instantly, your cheeks flushed red.

“What? I’m not-”

“Oh c'mon, Y/N, it’s obvious that you like him. The whole cast can tell, except him of course.” She smiled. “You should tell him.”

I shook my head. “No way.”

“Why not?”

“Well, we’re not close so I doubt he’d like me back and.. If he really doesn’t, I don’t want everything to get all awkward with him.” Pippa rolled her eyes at this but laughed it off.

“Awkward with who?” Oak was passing by and stopped at the sight of both of you. Your heart stopped. Did he hear anything else?

“No one. No one.” You panicked, voice even cracking a little but hoping he didn’t notice. Pippa did, though, and she laughed.

“Okay then.” He laughed. God, you loved his laugh. “I’ll see you girls later.” Then he walked off.

“What the hell was that, Y/N?” Pippa started laughing even more.

“Shut up.” You sighed. You felt ridiculous for being so flustered because he talked to you, and when your hands brushed when he walked past you.

“So when are you going to tell her, Oak?” Daveed pestered him once they were alone at his room, away from everyone else.

“Tell who what?” Oak played dumb as he changed his clothes.

“Y/N, duh.” Daveed rolled his eyes. “The whole cast practically knows you’re so into her. Well, except her.”

“What do you mean?” Oak’s heart raced fast. He tried so hard to keep his feelings under check that it wouldn’t show whenever he looked at you.

“Are you serious? You keep looking at her like you’re one of those high school guys in those movies, looking at the girl you like so longingly.” Daveed laughed. “You can’t keep your eyes off of her even on stage, man.”

Oak stayed silent for awhile then took a deep breath. He slowly whispered, “Is it that obvious?”



“You should tell her.”

“I-.. I can’t.”


Oak stayed silent and started pretending to fix his hair in front of the mirror which looked ridiculous.

“Are you shy?” Anthony came into the room and teased. It looked like he was eavesdropping the whole time.

Oak still didn’t say anything.

“Holy shit he is!” Anthony screamed and Oak glared at him. “She got you bad, brotha.”

“She’s just amazing, okay? We’re not close and that makes it harder to tell her since I don’t want to ruin whatever little friendship we have.” He sighed. Daveed and Anthony exchanged knowing looks.

That same night, the whole cast decided to go to a bar to relax and have fun like they would every other week at different places. Different places meaning different bars.

Everyone had been getting drunk off their asses except you and a few other people since someone had to be sober to send someone home. You were taking a break from them screaming at each other and laughing loudly drunkenly. (namely Lin, Daveed and Jazzy).

You sat at the bar by yourself, watching your friends from a distance and sighing. You might need to take a few of them home in a while.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing at the bar alone?” A somewhat drunk guy moved to a seat next to you, smirking.

“I’m with some friends.” You said, coldly.

“I don’t see them.” He chuckled, moving his seat a little closer to yours. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“That would be nice.” You smiled and felt ridiculous being happy about the reference you made but of course he wouldn’t get it. And a little flirting wouldn’t hurt.

He laughed and ordered drinks you couldn’t quite hear because of the music but you didn’t mind.

“So,” the man said, resting his hand on your thigh. “Name?”

“You have to find out yourself.” You smiled as the bartender placed your drinks in front of you; a martini. You took a quick sip.

“Fine, then.” He laughed, taking a sip of his own as his hand moved up closer to your core. “We should dance.”

“We shou-” Before you could finish, you felt another hand slap the guy’s hand off your thigh. You turned around to see Oak, angered.

“Hands off.” He said.

“Oak, what are you doing?” You panicked a little but he completely ignored you.

“What’s the big idea man? Mind your own business.” The guy stood up from his seat, yelling at him.

“You should go.” Oak said. You’ve never seen him this angry before. “Y/N, you’re going home.”


“Or what?” The guy said.

“Or this.” Oak yelled, throwing a punch that caused the guy to fall, hitting a few people and causing a few chairs to fall down.

“Oak, what the hell?!” You screamed, standing up from your seat and hurriedly pulling him outside the bar before the guy stood up and started a horrid fight.

“What the hell was that?!” You screamed at him.

“What the hell were YOU doing?!” He screamed back. “That guy could’ve put a drug in your drink or something! He was also at your thigh, Y/N! You’re a lady for fuck’s sake, don’t you have any respect for yourself?!”

You slapped him.

“Y/N, that’s not what I mean-”

“Then what, Oak? You have no control over the people I talk to and flirt with! Why did you punch him? Why did you do that?! We’re barely even friends!”

As soon as the words slipped out of your mouth, you’ve never wanted to take something back so badly. She could practically see how hurt Oak was and she wasn’t seeing things. Her words stung Oak, you could practically hear a part of him breaking.

“Oak, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that-”

“No, it’s okay.” He sighed. “You’re right. I just..”

“Just what?” You asked, slowly.

Oak took a deep breath, his heart was beating fast. This was not he planned on saying it. “I just got jealous, okay? I like you, Y/N.”


“I’m not a violent person but when he held you and you didn’t mind, I got so irritated.” He was practically rambling already which you found extremely cute and it calmed you down. “I like you. I like you. You’re an amazingly talented person and I want to kind of hide myself whenever I see you but I don’t because I want to find an excuse to talk to you every goddamn time.”

You laughed a little.

Oak was stalling, he didn’t prepare himself for what your answer might be. “Did I just say that? Yes I did. Y/N I-”

You cut him off by practically charging yourself against him, wrapping your arms around him as you tip toed and kissed him on the lips. He was quick to respond as he snaked his arms around your waist and pulled you impossibly closer to him.

“I like you too.” You said then corrected yourself, “I love you.”

Oak smiled and pecked you on the lips before saying, “I love you too, Y/N.”


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Type: Drabble

Genre: Angst (sorry)

Warnings: Language (as usual)

So I’m sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really

Starts to fall in love with me 

Sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry I could be so blind 

Didn’t mean to leave you

 And all of the things that we had behind

A/N: Halsey’s new album still has me 50 shades of fucked up, mostly because I find myself relating to her a lot and cry at least once when listening to her albums. This song, in particular, off of hopeless fountain kingdom, hit very close to home, and if you haven’t already listened to it, I highly suggest you do. Much love xx

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hey hun : D can i please please have some playful first date shance? in canon universe so maybe during a visit to a planet?

I hope this was okay babe <3 Shance is so fun to write but i haven’t been loving my writing lately <3

The last time Takashi Shirogane had taken someone on a date was approximately three years ago. It had been a disaster. The girl was late, the waiter spilled water on him, and the movie had been so bad he’d gotten sick. But dates on earth were different than dates in space. Dates in space were a confusing unknown. Like fumbling blind through a maze.

“Come on fearless leader, cheer up a little,” Lance bumped him playfully, “We’re on a deserted floating rock having a picnic, not fighting against the galactic evil that is the Galra Empire.”

He took a deep breath and smile, trying to relax. Right. Lance was right. This wasn’t a test he hadn’t studied for. This wasn’t life or death. It was a date. A date with a handsome guy he really liked. No need to turn a mole hill into a mountain.

They were curled up together under a tree. Three moons orbited high above them, blinding the view of the stars. Waves of the lake in front of them crashed onto the shore. It was a slow rhythm, easy to get lost in.

Lance noticed the whipped cream on Shiro’s face. Mischevious ideas appeared in his mind before he leaned over and licked it off. Sweet. Delicious. There were a few other things on Shiro that could probably be described like that too.

Before Shiro could retaliate, the blue paladin was sprinting towards the water, shoes lost somewhere behind him. He was so carefree like this: the moonlight lighting up his eyes. Water danced around him, soaking his jeans to the core.

“Dance with me!”

It was a silly request. One the serious man should not have complied with. But with Lance…it was so easy to just let go. To smile, to laugh, to dance around him the water. So he did just that.

Not Alone.

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Pairing: Hoseok  x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, tiny nibble of angst,  This is just a small drabble..

Summary: Hoseok was a good actor, he never really let anyone know the pain he carried upon his shoulders but you were always there to share that pain even if it was only a little.

(credit to original owner of gif)

A/N: You bet your ass this is inspired by the Love Yourself trailer things, I had all these ideas so I’m gonna do 7 drabbles to just get them out of my system. Gonna try do one a day.

Yoongi   Hoseok

Hoseok had a rough childhood but even as a child he never let it show. When he came into your family he was quiet but your parents loved him, you were too young to know what had happened but as you got older your parents had finally told you as to why they had taken Hoseok in. His mother left him, not only that but in the middle of a busy street where anything could have happened. You were always scared about what would have happened if he were to find out but on his 18th birthday, he told you that he was already fully aware of what had happened to him.

You were surprised, to say the least, he had never been in pain about it. Never cried. Never even mentioned it, so it was never brought up. As a kid, you had no interests or friends for that matter so when Hoseok came you suddenly had a life. An older brother to look after you. You remembered when he punched a boy for pulling your hair too hard. You had scolded him and he had apologized to the boy straight away before taking you home. He loved the family he had been given and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Hoseok even got you interested in dance so you both started practicing together until you were both in sync all the time, you two didn’t even look alike and people always thought you were biologically related but Blood meant nothing to Hoseok or you, he was your brother and there was nothing else to it.

This was the very reason you were standing outside his dance studio with a birthday cake, it wasn’t necessarily his birthday but it was the day he had officially joined your family, so you flicked the lights off and entered the room immediately seeing Jimin sitting on the floor filming your brother dancing, you acknowledged him with a smile before giving the cake to Hoseok. “I know that you aren’t my blood but I know that you came to my family for a reason, you carry so much but still manage to make everyone lives happy and bright and I am so thankful to have you as my brother.” You said happily while getting emotional.

He smiled at your kind words before glancing at the cake and then shut his eyes, his face dropped and you could tell what he was remembering as he couldn’t help but remember his mother voice in his ears telling him to stay put and she would be right back, maybe that was why he liked to surrounded himself with music and laughter so he never could hear those haunting words. He blew out his candle he then moved the cake over to Jimin before pulling you into a tight hug. “And you will always be my sister and I love you thank you for sharing my life.” He whispered in your ear trying to not get emotional himself.

He turned the lights back on before the music where you both started dancing hard core with bright smiles plastered on your faces, where Jimin sat off to the side looking through his phone and only being able to see your happy face. Hoseok caught him looking at you and chuckled to himself just happy to be surrounded by what he considered real family.

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Harry trying to touch you under the blanket with his entire fam in the room while ur all watching a movie

“Harry, cut it.”

You turn your head around and give Harry a warning look when you feel his hand inching closer to your core, dancing his fingers along your inner thigh.

“This movie is shit, let me make it mo’ interesting.” he whispers in your ear and pulls the blanket more over you two, just to be safe. Your hips start shifting when Harry’s hand slides down your sweatpants and his fingers press against your clit, and start to do slow circles.

Your breaths become heavier, and it’s now harder for you to concentrate to the movie. Harry traces his fingers down your wet folds, kissing your shoulder every now and then lovingly. He starts to flick your clit quickly, making you grab his arm, and release a soft whimpers, your toes curling against the sofa.

“Can yeh be quiet fo’ me, love?”


Cami Ritzler - Waves

Junior Core Performer Solo

CLub Dance Studio

Radix Nationals

List of GMW HSM head canons

- Maya catching Lucas singing “Got to go my own way” in the shower and standing outside singing the Troy part
- Maya and Farkle reenacting Bop To The Top (Farkle as Sharpay ofc)
- The core 5 aggressively dancing to Sharpays version of “You are the music in me” and Smackle standing off to the side watching in disgust
- Zay being a hardcore Troyella shipper
- Farkle being a hardcore Sharpay-Deserved-Better stan
- Riley and Maya romantically singing “Right here right now” to eachother while slow dancing
- Zay snap chatting the girls dancing with various Troyella quotes as captions
- Riley and Farkle slow dancing to “Can I have this dance”
- Lucas and Maya sarcastically slow dancing to “Can I have this dance” and bursting out laughing every 10 seconds
- Riley and Lucas duetting on “What I was looking for”
- Riley getting excited and knocking over Lucas
- Zay covering Maya’s eyes when Lucas gets knocked over
- Riley finishing the duet by herself with jazz hands and a cheesy grin
- Farkle loudly applauding and cheering Riley
- Maya and Zay helping Lucas up
- Lucas dramatically storming off stage
- Maya and Zay aggressively singing “Get your head in the game” after him
- Farkle, Maya and Riley getting drunk and singing “Start of something New”
- The core 5 doing a HSM marathon and bursting into tears when the last song comes on in HSM 3
- Zay emotionally singing both parts of the “Got to go my own way” duet
- Farkle singing “The Boy’s are back” in Lucas’ bedroom while jumping on his bed
- Farkle falling off the bed and Lucas snapchatting Riley & Maya the whole thing
- Riley and Maya laughing so hard they almost pee
- The core 6 singing “Everyday” dramatically at their high school graduation