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Meet Elara-3.

So this is the Exo I play on Destiny 2. I head canon her as myself. (Not to be confused with the OC guardians I’ve made.) you can meet those guys here:

Elara doesn’t have a lover of any kind. She can feel love but doesn’t need it in a physical form. She does feel attraction to others (Cayde and a few others) but doesn’t have a care to act on it at all.

Elara has been reset 3 times to be the current form of myself as I am.

She’s more of a lone gunslinger than anything. Her favorite gun is the “Sunshot”.

She likes to listen to classic rock in her ship as she flys around. She had found some on a terminal somewhere.

Has her Ghost, Keid, play music for her as they run around exploring and adventuring. They have a very cuddly and loving bond.

Keid does get exasperated at her antics though. Having to revive her after she tries to ram a Minotaur with her sparrow but missing and flying off a cliff annoys him to no end.

She’s very mischievous and loves pranking people. Especially her superiors. Been at the end of Zavalas glare and finger point for “get out” many times. Ikora at this point sighs deeply and tries to hide a smile of affection. Cayde never gets mad and high fives her for her antics.

Probably takes her gloves off to tap on stuff with her fingers and make “music” with the thought of being annoying to those around her. Fidgety…

She’d be a great trainer to new guardians. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Would eventually begin messing (pranks) with them though. Would certainly walk into traps as a means of showing others not to do it. Or would let them walk into it themselves. Then explain tactics after helping them out (usually while they are trapped though because it really drives the lesson home). A “tough love” kind of teacher sometimes. Depends on her mood.

Loves her Hunters Cloak probably more than herself. It’s soft alright?

Has a tick in her shoulder that gives her trouble sometimes. But she fights through it.

You’ll never see her mad. If you do, run. Annoyance and frustration? Sure. But never true anger. She’s good at controlling that. But she WILL call out bullshit when she sees it. Wants her thoughts and opinions known but never forces them on people. Likes to hear others thoughts and opinions as well.

Orange is her color. She will settle for red.

Corny jokes and bad puns? All day every day. Will say weird shit. Be prepared.

Potty mouth BIG TIME.

Loves maps and likes reading in her quiet time. Doesn’t sleep all that well so she tells herself stories to fall asleep. Day dreams a lot.

Loves loot. Willing to die for it. Doesn’t matter what it is. Collect random things as well. Things are important. Making memories is important. Collects pretty rocks…

She likes being with her Fireteam but her skills decrease because she’s nervous to be with them and failing them. She wishes she could do more for them. She’s proud to be cannon fodder or a distraction so the team can meet their goal though.

Social skills of a pine cone.

Loves hugs and affection but….

If you hug her she’ll probably cry. (I head canon that Exos secrete a purple liquid that comes from their core and travels via tubing or something to their eye pieces and leaks when they ‘cry’. A mystery that’s unexpected of Exos.) I cry in real life when hugged so I wanted to transfer that to my exo self.

Maybe don’t hug her often? If at all.

Well. This is a bit about Elara. Pine Cone out.

(Also, all the guardians I make have astronomy names..names are important to me.)

Turn Down the Heat - 23 (Leonard Snart Reader)

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You sat in the med bay looking at the data pad in your lap.  You sighed biting your lips together. You hated being right about certain things.

“Gideon…delete the test results.” You told her quietly.

“I’m afraid regulations prevent me from doing that.”

You looked up at the ceiling, “Then store it…close it, so no one can open it.”

“Done. Access restricted to you and the Captain.”

“Thank you.” You swiped the results away as you stood up putting it away. You jumped seeing Len behind you in the doorway, “Len…how…long…”

You could see the distress in his eyes. You walked over to him quickly taking his hands in yours, “I have to take care of Mick.”

You looked at him surprised, “…what does that mean? You’re going to talk to him?”

He looked you in the eyes letting go of your hands, “No…”

“Len…” You watched him turn slowly. You grabbed his arm making him stop, “Len, he’s your oldest friend.”

“And he tried to kill you…and Sara.” Len looked at you his voice raising, “He betrayed us!”

“He’s your friend!” You told him frowning, “We’re short on those. He’s hurt…he’s angry…there has to be…something…”

“There isn’t.” He frowned pressing his forehead against yours, “I love that you care…that you think there’s something…”

“Len…” You took his face in your hands staring into his eyes, “I know you’ll think of something. You always do.”

You kissed him lightly when he remained silent, “I love you.”

His eyes lit up a little staring at you. It was almost like he’d never heard those words before. You smiled at him a little when his hands found your sides, “Why do you believe in me?”

“Because Leonard Snart…” You nudged his nose with yours, “You believed in me first.”

He shut his eyes sighing, “I have to go…”

“I’ll be here when you get back.” You told him as he walked out. Your hands instinctively fell to your stomach, “Shit…”

By the time he got back you were in bed. You felt him sit down kicking off his shoes before pulling back the blanket getting underneath them. You rolled over putting your arms around him as he laid his head on your chest.

You didn’t ask him about it. You knew in the end he did what was best for everyone. Everyone was where they needed to be.

You were lulled to sleep listening to his breathing. It was nice…drifting away…falling….

You were falling.

Your arms swinging in the air trying to grab onto anything. You could hear your heart beating loudly in your ears the thumbs vibrating in your chest. You felt a cold hand grab your arm jerking you back.

You looked up looking into those blue eyes. She was gorgeous and fierce. She must’ve gotten everything from her father. She stared down at you, “Wake up!”

You jerked up gasping before leaning over the side of the bed getting sick. You felt Len’s hands on your arms, “Are you okay?”

You wiped your mouth nodding, “…bad dream.”

“It’s a little more than that, isn’t it?” He whispered rubbing your back as took in deep breaths.

You turned looking at him, “Len…”

“What is it?”  He brushed your hair from your face, “God, you’re so warm…”

You stared at him taking the deep breaths, “Len…I…”

Your hesitation gave you a few more moments as the ping from your door alerted that someone was outside. You looked at Len getting up opening the door. Dr. Stein looked at him smiling, “I’m sorry…I hope I’m not disturbing you…”

“Well actually…” Len glanced back at you getting up pulling on a long sleeve shirt.

“You’re not.” You interrupted him, “What’s going on? Is everything alright?”

“I’m hoping I have a solution.” The older gentleman smiled at you, “I would have waited, but I feel the faster we move on this, the better.”

“Of course.” You nodded walking out in the hall. You could feel Len’s eyes looking over you with concern. You glanced back at him and smiled, “I’m fine.”

“You got sick from a nightmare.” He took your arm holding you back a little, “Y/N…I’m not stupid…that’s not normal.”

“It’s been a stressful couple days.” You told him smiling, “But this is important…I don’t want jump around anymore. I want to be here with you.”

He took a deep breath in through his nose, “I…still feel like you’re keeping something from me.”

“I am.” You stopped looking at him, “I will tell you…I promise…I just…right now I want to figure this out.”

He sighed nodding slowly letting his hand slid down your arm to your hand, “We shouldn’t keep the doctor waiting.”

You smiled at him as you both walked after Stein. You were terrified of the conversation to come. You didn’t know what to anticipate with Len. You knew his family was important to him, but…you didn’t know about starting a family with him. You didn’t think he wanted that sort of trouble.

When you walked into Rip’s office he had the schematic of the time drive pulled up. You looked at it curiously, “Dr. Stein?”

He smiled at you, “Since being aboard the other time vessel, I stated to think of how these two ships are able to maintain their positions. It’s the time drive that connects to the core that tell the matter around it to not displace itself, correct?”

You smiled at him, “Yes…Dr. Stein…”

“It was right in front of us.” He told you, “My question, my dear, is do you have extra parts?”

Len watched you nod, “Wait…I don’t understand. How does that small spinning ball help you?”

“The cage around the ball is made of dark matter. The variance tubes around core are made of the same thing.” You told him, “Dark matter was proven to be a good containment system after the discovery of multiverses. It’s what holds space and time together.”

“Multiverses.” You looked over at Stein. He raised his hands shaking them, “Never mind…another time. If you can get me the pieces I think we can fashion your own cage to keep you anchored permanently.”

“I’ll be right back.” You smiled as you turned to leave, “We have work to do.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know how much sock knitting you do, but would you have any sock pattern suggestions? I've never knit socks before and I want to learn, but I want them to be pretty and not simply basic. I know basic stitches and can figure out most stitch patterns, it's just the sock construction that concerns me. Thanks!

Lucky for you, socks are endlessly customizable.

At their core socks are a tube with a ninety-degree angle knit in either by “turning the heel” (1, 2) and then knitting a gusset (3) or by knitting what’s often called an afterthought heel (4). Both methods have their advantages and drawbacks.

As far patterns go I would suggest you poke around the sock section of ravelry and then narrow it down by the parameters set by the weight/amount of yarn you want to use,the skills you want to focus on,etc. 



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