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        “God, what does a fella have to do around here to— oh. Why, hello there, beautiful. I didn’t see you there.”

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how does core wheatley react to affection?? from anyone??

As a rule of thumb, Wheatley, after his core transfer ( particularly in his core body ), is rather inept as a whole when it comes to the topic of affection. This is more out of ignorance than any real distaste for the topic. Wheatley was only outfitted with as much knowledge of human affection as required, which essentially boiled down to methods to keep a subject calm in times of emergency. Due to a lack of limbs, none of these methods were physical in nature, and instead focus entirely on morale boosting in the form of vocal reassurance.

In his core body, Wheatley generally associates contact with pain. There is not much in the way that he can feel that isn’t pain, after all. Sensation and feeling is often used as a way to punish cores, and the most he can feel from a pair of careful hands is the knowledge that he is being touched or held. Pleasure from being touched isn’t something Wheatley naturally possesses, which is why it’s so overwhelming in his mobile unit.

This is perhaps a big indicator that Wheatley hasn’t experienced affection, human or otherwise, prior to being placed in a human-shaped body. Should any affection be spared his way, it would largely be met with confusion or even fear of being harmed, before dying away into something that much more resembles curiosity. ( It should be noted that Wheatley, particularly when off his railing, is very vulnerable in his core body, which is why he may appear to be so fearful when being touched. ) Being held or supported is always appreciated, especially due to being completely immobile off his rail, but careful touches like caressing, petting, or kissing aren’t understood and would largely gather confused responses initially.

Should Wheatley ever become accustomed to affection in his core, he would never come to appreciate them from a physical standpoint, due to the fact that he just isn’t outfitted to feel that sort of sensation in his body. It’d be much more appreciated mentally, especially if the individual lavishing him with attention takes pleasure in doing so. He appreciates the fact that he’d still be treated with care in his core, even if he can’t feel half of it. Wheatley is wholly used to being treated like a piece of machinery rather than individual, after all.

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Why do everyone hate Wheatley? He seems nice. (And my English isn't good I'm sorry)

He’s pretty cool up until the core transfer where he switches places with GLaDOS. Then he goes mad with power and tries to kill you. A lot.


Portal 2 - Core Transfer Scene with Cinematic Effects

A second Portal 2 video that looks like a movie. This person should get an award for their noclipping abilities 

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It was another night in Aperture, the turrets in sleep mode, only a few lights on to make sure nothing would happen, and the sounds of only a few crows flying around. While that was going on, something, or someone, was finished being created, covered with a cloth over a basket for now, just to keep whatever was in it safe. But the silence in the core manufacture and transfer room was interrupted by the sounds of a crying infant. Where was the noise coming from? Who knows. Maybe in the basket there was something in there. That would have to be found out. Wheatley must’ve built something before heading back into his area of the facility to get some rest.


I can’t remember this without feeling guilty. I didn’t know.. I’m sorry..