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Changing to block-less would let the Winter set become the core set if you guys wanted though. Then Core 2019 would last January 2019 to December 2019 and be fine.

We want the Core Set in the summer.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Fenris and Anders being more similar than either of them realize, except for their political stances. But you know what, the more I think about their characterization the more I find myself realizing and appreciating their differences–particularly, in the one thing that’s supposedly their main similarity: being runaways and rebelling against oppression.

Anders is practically a born rebel. He was a rebel long before Justice, long before he was even an adult. More than a decade before the story of da2 starts he was just a frightened 12 year old who was dragged to the Circle in chains, and he responded to this by swimming across a lake and evading Templars for months. And he showed the devil’s persistence as he got older, escaping over and over even in the face of repeated failure. Not even being thrown into solitary for a year stopped him from escaping again once he got the chance. Not only does Anders seem uniquely suited to rebellion, he seems uncrushable, and practically incapable of sitting down and shutting up in the long term, even if it was save him a lot of anguish.

Fenris… is about the opposite. While we don’t know much about his early life, I highly doubt Danarius would have selected a rebellious slave to be his bodyguard (since, you know, a rebellious slave in this position might kill him). Leto almost definitely yearned for freedom for himself, but he was (according to World of Thedas) quiet and unassuming for the most part. He gained freedom for his family via the least rebellious route imaginable, on Danarius’s own terms. And the memory loss only enhanced that. For years, he thought of nothing but following orders. When he escape, it wasn’t even intentional on his part, and he was ready to go back to slaughtering on Danarius’s command in a heartbeat after months of freedom. Freedom was practically forced upon him. 

And I think this causes a bit of a disconnect in audience perception. He’s so angry when Hawke meets him, so certain of himself and his principles, so firm in his independence… or is he?

If you romance Anders, he says “You’re the best thing in my life, but there are things more important than my life.” And he means it. Anders, for all his emotional dependency on Hawke, has goals outside of Hawke and will make decisions (aka chantryboom and being a part the whole mage underground) in spite of them, even in a romance.

If you romance Fenris, he says, “Nothing could be worse than living without you.” On the friendship path before the final battle, he will say you are the only friend he has ever had. These lines sound… worrying to my ears. They don’t sound like the lines of an independent person with goals outside of Hawke. 

In fact, Fenris’s independence and resistance–after more than six years of freedom–crumbles in an instant if you tell him you won’t help him fight Danarius. He could fight, he could decide he’d rather die than be a slave again. Instead, he just bows his head and follows. 

But this is not to rag on Fenris, or call him weak. He’s had to go through a whole journey to achieve the ability to be angry, and to fight back. It’s a pretty damn good plot, and it means he has a different kind of strength to grow your own wings like that instead of starting out with them. But my point is the contrast.

Anders lives and breathes freedom and independence; Fenris barely made it to this point. Anders rebels; Fenris survives. They both have a whole set of differences in character that run deeper than their political beliefs, and honestly this post just is talking about ONE of those differences.




If you’re a fan of Portal, I REALLY recommend you go watch it, it’s really good!

And a big congrats to the musical ensemble, lighting person(people??), and the turret company, you did a great job! :D 

And congrats to Geekenders themselves as well, AMAZING JOB! I really loved it! Great job with the acting and the costumes too, I loved those! You know what, great job with everything, aHH! What a great musical <3

you wanna kno somethin super special? saying u hate terfs doesn’t mean u hate women/lesbians, it just means u just hate terfs. nothin extra to read into there.


hockey edit meme: 2/4 lines/d-man duos

Zdeno Chara and Brandon Carlo :

“Nineteen years, eight months and eight days separate the 19-year-old Carlo and 39-year-old Chara, who was born on March 18, 1977 and is in his 20th year in the NHL.

“We haven’t really talked about it or anything,” Carlo smiled. "I’ve seen quite a few tweets that he was drafted in ‘96 and I was born in ‘96, so it’s pretty cool for me to be around a guy with that much experience in the league.“

“It’s exciting to have someone who literally when I started playing NHL, was born, and now, he’s on my right side,” Chara said with a big smile.

The tandem of Chara and Carlo is special, and Chara genuinely knows that.

“It’s kind of two contrasts - but I like it,” he smiled.” 

someone: the portal fandom is lacking in core OCs


so naturally I made the ✧MOTIVATIONAL CORE✧ who basically spits out motivational quotes at everyone like it’s nobody’s business. MOTIVATION!


glorypath: 꿈같은 일들이 계속 일어나고 있어요. 함께 해줘서 고마워요🌻